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Speaker McCarthy’s Political Death Wish

We have often observed that Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy isn’t too bright, but he

can be devious as Hell when it serves his interests.

So, we are trying to figure out exactly what interest is being served by McCarthy’s apparent rejection of a plan to fund the government worked out between the House Freedom Caucus and the generally much more “moderate” Republican Main Street Caucus.

As Rep. Scott Perry tweeted:

Any plan that has support “across the House Republican Conference” is bound to have some compromises and be narrower than we would want, but we’re open to at least seeing it before saying NO.

Here’s what’s on the table in the #NoSecurityNoFunding package according to our friend Rep. Chip Roy:

Regarding govt funding. In 12 days, funding expires. The question is what we demand to fund it. My position is we must get substantive wins on - among other things - the border, DOD wokeness, DOJ weaponization, & spending cuts to support funding. #NoSecurityNoFunding

On the table is a 30 DAY funding extension at an 8% cut to non-defense, non-veterans federal bureaucracy… something we’ve never been able to do… that would include, importantly an 8% cut to DOJ funding as a first step to stop its abuses…

Along with border security in the form of most of HR2 (The Secure the Border Act) & spending riders to implement it. Recall that this bill resulted from our efforts in the spring to accomplish what we’ve NEVER done (including 2018 with all GOP control)… pass a security-only border bill…

Along with a Defense Appropriations bill that does NOT include a Ukraine Supplemental, includes riders to defund abortion tourism, trans surgeries, Diversity Officers, CRT, & more…. And continuing to fund Veterans at current levels….

In short, this bill is only 30 DAYS (30 days), & would fund troops, fund vets, cut federal bureaucracy 8% more than ever been cut including weaponized DOJ, force strongest border security ever, & re-focus military on mission over social engineering. #NoSecurityNoFunding

Here’s a link to the original tweet thread since we had to edit it slightly for clarity.

When asked if he supported the plan McCarthy was evasive. When asked if the House could pass such a plan McCarthy told reporters, “I don’t know… But this was something devised by bottom up. Let’s see where we’ll get to.”

So, Members talking and negotiating among themselves work out a plan that spans the spectrum of ideological nuance among Republicans, and the Speaker’s response is something akin to “muh”?

But let’s be clear, there are plenty of House conservatives, including some Freedom Caucus members, who don’t like the plan.

Rep. Eli Crane came out as a NO.

Rep. Matt Gaetz told a reporter, “This bill is a gift to Joe Biden. I’m opposed.”

Rep. Ana Paulina Luna tweeted “In case it wasn’t clear, I’m a HARD NO on the CR.”

Rep. Victoria Spartz scorched it.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene also is a “NO!” in part because the bill would continue to fund special counsel Jack Smith’s office.

And plenty of conservatives outside of Congress aren’t happy either, with social media sentiment like this:

@Katiescarlet2 tweeted: Shut it down.

@akaJeffRiggs tweeted: On the right track but not specific enough. as i have said for weeks the answer is for Republican House members not to pass any of the remaining 11 appropriations bills and any continuing resolutions until all Trump indictments are either dismissed or put on hold until January 21, 2025. Let the govt shut down on Oct. 1.

@StayFree76 tweeted: It's vague. What does it mean when you say, "address the unprecedented weaponization of the Justice Dept," & "will oppose any blank check for Ukraine"? It sounds like the DOJ will get a strongly-worded letter, & you'll write a check to Ukraine if the dems jump through some hoops.

So, has Speaker McCarthy’s principle-free speakership finally got him caught between a rock and a hard place with no way out?

Not really.

We like the idea of a strategic government shutdown – as in give conservatives X or we’re not voting for the appropriations bills.

However, there’s bound to be a Senate Democrat plan that will fund the government at Biden levels and do nothing about the disaster at our southern border, permit the Department of Justice to continue persecuting Donald Trump and his supporters, keep spending money on indoctrinating our service members with the “woke” ideology of Cultural Marxism, keep the unlimited spigot of military aid to Ukraine open, and fund a host of other Biden Democrat abominations.

Our suggestion to Speaker McCarthy is to have some principles and act before that happens. We suggest he put down a statement of principles by bringing the House Freedom Caucus – Main Street Caucus plan to the floor and then give Republican Representatives Crane, Luna, Taylor – Greene, Gaetz, and the other GOP critics a vote on their issues on the condition they vote for the final bill.

If he doesn’t act decisively and put his weight behind this GOP plan with broad, but not yet majority support, what’s going to happen is the inevitable Mitch McConnell – Chuck Schumer middle of the night Christmas Eve spending package that will be passed with Democrat votes and mark the effective end of McCarthy’s speakership.

Getting on board with the #NoSecurityNoFunding package and working to get a majority behind it is really the only way Kevin McCarthy can remain Speaker, the alternative leads to the inevitable win for Biden, Schumer and McConnell and the collapse of Kevin McCarthy’s ability to lead the House Republican Conference.

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Derby Ulloa
Derby Ulloa
Sep 20, 2023

Trump was very STUPID to endorse McCarthy. McCarthy is a RINO.

Derby Ulloa
Derby Ulloa
Sep 22, 2023
Replying to

Trump can only vote in Florida, but he has endorsed candidates all over the country. His endorsement DOES matter. He should not endorse RINOs like McCarthy , period.


James Bryson
James Bryson
Sep 20, 2023

McCarthy is a feckless, complicit, cowardly, UniParty, swamp scum. How many demonstrations do we need?

Replying to

McCarthy was a terrible choice for speaker. Conservatives got hosed, and caved way too quickly. The Uniparty is winning easily.

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