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Stand With Sen. Tuberville: No Promotions For Officers Who Support Cultural Marxism In Our Military

Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama has been waging a lonely fight against Biden’s efforts to embed Cultural Marxism in our military services through the promotion of “woke” officers.

One would think that all Republican Senators, even RINOs like Mitt Romney, would recognize the danger of allowing the military to be the vehicle through which the Left imposes its will upon American society – but if you did, you’d be wrong.

As our friend Frank Gaffney explained in one of his must-listen Secure Freedom Minutes:

Five Republican Senators used floor time yesterday to denounce one of their colleagues, Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville – endorsing Biden administration claims that the man known as “Coach” and his “hold” blocking the wholesale approval of promotions for senior officers are endangering national security.

In fact, Coach Tuberville’s hold, initially prompted by the Defense Department’s illegal use of taxpayer money for abortion-related expenditures, has rendered a profound service to the military and the nation. His time-out on promotions has afforded an opportunity to examine and reject officers who embrace the subversive cultural Marxist agenda “fundamentally transforming” our armed forces.

Invaluable research on nearly thirty of those nominees reveals that – despite hectoring by the Senate GOP’s “controlled opposition” and their institution’s failure to vet them properly – it is these officers’ brand of so-called “woke” leadership that imperils national security, not Coach’s objections to it.

Among those who took to the floor to castigate Senator Tuberville, we have to call out Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska as being a particularly craven apologist for promoting political officers who are incompetent as managers and enthusiastic about the Marxist make-over of America’s armed forces.

Many of the officers whose promotions are on hold aggressively championed such Marxist strategies for dividing-and-conquering America as: Critical Race Theory; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion; the LGBTQ+ agenda; transgender accommodations; and climate change as the greatest threat facing our country.

Yet, they are being defended by many alleged Republicans in the Senate who spent hours Wednesday evening defaming Senator Tuberville for simply demanding a straight recorded vote on their nominations for flag office.

Click here for a list of some of the “woke” officers now on hold, and their problematic positions on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, race-based promotion, promoting LGBTQ+ “pride” celebrations in the military, celebrating George Floyd, engaging in politics while in uniform, and promoting equity over equality, to name but a few of their positions calling for further scrutiny.

The American people, who overwhelmingly revere our men and women in uniform and rely upon them to secure us, do not want Marxists to further penetrate and take-down the armed services. And they don’t want their Senators to vote to facilitate such a perilous and, to use Barack Obama’s ominous phrase, “fundamental transformation.”

That is especially true at a moment when the Chinese Communist Party is manifestly preparing for a shooting war against us – and can only be emboldened by the success here of its friends’ divisive subversion in our ranks.

The Capitol Switchboard is (202-224-3121), call today and tell your Senators you want them to support Senator Tommy Tuberville’s hold on the promotions of “woke” Cultural Marxist officers in all service branches.

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I mentioned the Supreme Court as a possible problem because of the bogus 14th Amendment challenges to President Trump. We could be in big trouble, folks.

Me gusta

The Supreme Court is another potential liability. Thomas and Alito are the only reliable conservatives on the court. Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett are disappointments as is Chief Justicc e Roberts.

Me gusta

At this point, I am not sure if it is worth standing with any Republicans other than President Trump. The GOP has been a colossal disappointment since at least 1964. They are the reason Biden is in the White House. They deserted President Trump. Robert Bork must be rolling over in his grave. He would have been a GREAT Supreme Court Justice.

Me gusta
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