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Steve Stockman: Why Mark Levin’s Book Matters

Before I tell you why it’s important to read Mark Levin’s new book The Democrat Party Hates America, let me set the table with some advance insight and logic.

I taught and practice political campaigning for 50 years. Helping others win races is a great joy, especially against leftists. I’ve even demonstrated my skills in my own races.

In 1994, I beat all odds, defeating the “dean of the House,” 42-year incumbent Congressman Jack Brooks. The district had six Democrats for every one Republican. Incumbent Congressman Brooks outspent us twelve to one. Despite all those challenges, we won.

While not leaving politics altogether, I stopped actively running for political office in 2000. I felt an obligation to care for my father, a WWII veteran who had become ill with Alzheimer’s and other ailments. He passed, giving me another opportunity to run. After 20 years and again against all odds, I defeated 12 other candidates to win another U.S. Congressional seat.

I won in part by observing my opponents; they always tip their hands. I recently observed this hand-tipping by leading Democrats. Some of these observations have set off alarms for me. And concerns. Just as in 2020, Republicans are about to be played – again in 2024. Once again, it’s the secret cabal of Obama’s cult that is setting up the game.

Obama’s cabal of hardcore Marxists are treating Republicans like George McFly from Back to the Future or like Lucy’s pulling the football from Charlie Brown right before he kicks it.

I know this cabal well. Like other successful conservative political leaders in the Republican Party, I became a target of this cabal of miscreants: Obama, Eric Holder and Jack Smith.

If you look closer at this coming election, you’ll see Obama is tipping his hand. Obama the puppet master has set the stage and you can connect the dots. Now that Hunter Biden has been indicted, the groundwork is laid for Joe Biden’s exit. And yes, they are waiting until the last minute.

It’s an old campaign trick to wait to the last minute to switch races or candidates.

Karl Rove, the proud trickster against conservatives, switched out an opponent of mine and

installed a Bush friend in my 1998 Texas statewide race. Rove made the switch just hours before the filing deadline.

I learned this lesson well and used the same strategy against my opponents. And it works.

Polling numbers of new candidates are always good for a few weeks or even months – especially if the press is in your pocket.

Candidates do well until the spotlight takes the polish off, but it takes time. In the 2016 primary presidential election, a whole conga line of candidates took their turn at being number one.

While Obama is busy preparing a new puppet to install as president, the work to fix the election continues. His “wingman” Eric Holder isn’t ignoring the ballot box. He is clearing the way of those nasty laws that protect your vote. Holder is an expert at lawfare (strategic use of legal proceedings to change voting laws, intimidate or hinder an opponent) Holder is putting in place key people and laws to weaken voting oversight. Pressing Democrat leaders to install laws that allow illegal aliens to get drives license thereby allowing them to be handed a voter registration.

Obama learned this Chicago-style of ballot corruption from Mayor Daley’s longtime secretary, Iranian born Valerie Jarrett. Along with Jarrett, Obama focuses on “getting out the vote” (in Chicago it’s called, “stuffing the box”).

In tandem, they are mobilizing the masses via 501(c)(4) “nonprofits.” Obama does the fundraising for the nonprofits. In turn he has the money funneled to various groups to wash the money and “pocket” the votes. Same scheme as used with “Act Blue” that’s a money laundering operation first helped by Obama’s “Organizing for Action.”

Obama and the cabal will proceed unabated using any means necessary to acquire the necessary votes. Obama tipped his hand with setting the Democrat convention. If Biden was running for re-election, the logical place would be Pennsylvania to host the Democrat convention. It’s a swing state and his hometown. Yet, oddly, it’s not the chosen place for their convention. That’s because he is not running for re-election.

There is only one reason to hold a convention in Chicago: it’s Obama’s hometown. And there’s only one reason to have the first Democrat primary in South Carolina: the Obamas are royalty there.

And there is only one reason why lemmings at CNN and other liberal outlets are dumping on

Biden: to move in a new candidate. Those same liberals now promote “leaked” polling data

saying Michelle is the most popular Democrat. A well-played ballet performance to gaslight

America and you.

The Obamas miss the adulation and power of the White House. Obama famously claimed he was not interested in running for president. He even promised not to run for president if he won his Senate seat. That was obviously a lie. And now we see this same game yet again, except that it’s Michelle who “isn’t interested.”

The Obamas are watching the Republicans shadowbox with a non-candidate who is a brain-addled stalking horse. They must be laughing their heads off thinking that it’s just too easy.

Republicans must not put all their money and energy into defeating Obama’s strawman Joe Biden.

Republicans should not shadowbox but rather expose the entire Democrat party’s corruption, hypocrisy and weaknesses. To counter their demonic plan Republicans, need to shift focus.

Mark Levin has perhaps unintentionally provided a brilliant solution for a 2024 victory via his well-documented research into the systemic failures of a party whose goal is destroying you and America.

His book “The Democrat Party Hates America” is a roadmap to victory. It’s a handbook of unlimited material for political commercials and education. Let’s be prepared for the last-minute presidential switch and attack, not the candidate, but “The Party”.

Run a campaign against “The Party” so that whoever runs as a Democrat – whether Biden, Michelle Obama, or Governor Newsom, we will win by exposing the failures of their Democrat Party.

Mark’s book masterfully demonstrates why Democrats should not be in power. Be prepared to win by educating yourself and using Mark’s information for fodder and ads.

Attack the foundation of the Democrat Party’s radical, dangerous platform and agenda. Don’t focus exclusively on just Hunter and Joe. If you do, the Obamas will play Lucy and pull the football away. We can’t be useful idiots – again.

All Republicans should use Levin’s book to drive the message home of the destructive anti-American Marxist movement called the Democrat Party.

Obama encouraged his followers to push his agenda during our holidays. This year, let’s talk

about Levin’s book during the holidays including Yom Kippur, Thanksgiving, Ramadan,

Chanukah, Christmas and New Year celebrations.

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2 comentários

James Bryson
James Bryson
02 de out. de 2023

Mark Levin needs to recant his irrational, "ol’ buddy" support for treasonous Bill Barr.

Barr did more damage pretending to be “legitimate” than his Demonfraud counterparts openly raping the American Experiment.


I am reading Levin's book. I thought I knew a lot about Democrats past, but I'm finding that there's still much to learn. I hope somebody is putting copies of the book in front of all candidates. Of course, you can lead the horse to water, but you can't make him drink. But it would be a good thing if Republicans did drink this time. Stockman is right, we must wise up.

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