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Stop The Democrats’ $600,000 Per Congressman Pay Raise

Our friend Kevin Freeman, whose must-watch program Economic War Room is linked here,

has joined the battle against H.R. 1, the Democrats’ liberty killing federal takeover of elections. In the video Kevin highlights the critical details every American should know of this 791-page bill and how it will impact your family, your money, and your way of life.

As Kevin points out in his economic battle plan (that you can view and download here) Democrats recognize they are losing power at the state level, and they are scared. HR-1 is designed for the federal government to take formal control of the voting process and is part of the permanent Democrat takeover of the U.S. government. This is clearly in defiance of the intent of our founders as expressed in the American Constitution.

They want to ensure one-party rule going forward – and they want to make themselves rich in the process.

Based on official CBO estimates, more than $300 MILLION will go into politicians' campaigns - taken from taxpayers at a time when so many are struggling!

Our friends at Act For America highlighted that while the American people are suffering, Members of Congress, led by Schumer and Pelosi, have included a new rule in HR1 that allows elected representatives to draw a SECOND SALARY worth as much as $600,000 per year. This in addition to their current salary of $174,000 per year, plus expenses.

That's right: HR 1 will let political candidates and their family members take home taxpayer-funded salaries that could be FAR LARGER than the $1,400 checks COVID victims will get. Just as outrageous, this comes on top of the generous taxpayer-funded paychecks and perks lawmakers already give themselves!

This new rule would also be in addition to the current system of legalized corruption that allowed Democrats Rep. Ilhan Omar to pay nearly $2.8 million to her husband’s political consultancy firm in just two years and Rep. Maxine Waters to pay her family over $1.1 million for campaign work.

This outrage is on top of the assault on freedom of speech that we’ve told you about in previous articles, such as Democrats Will End Your Freedom Of Speech Next Week and The Battle Against H.R. 1 Moves To The Senate and Senators: Follow Rep. Bill Posey On H.R. 1. In addition to funding campaigns with $6 taxpayer dollars for each $1 in campaign donations, H.R. 1 - cosponsored by every Democrat in the House - gives the federal government unprecedented power over our elections and codifies some dangerous election practices via federal mandate.

Specifically, this legislation:

Bans state voter-ID laws nationwide.

Repeals virtually all state election fraud prevention laws

Mandates state universal mail-in ballots while prohibiting witness signatures.

Requires all states to allow ballot harvesting so that political operatives or special interest groups collect and turn in ballots.

Allows ballots arriving after Election Day to be counted up to 10 days after said election.

Creates a recipe for fraud by mandating same day registration while banning ID laws.

Takes everything wrong with the 2020 election and mandates it nationwide.

To summarize, in addition to Democrats wanting to create a permanent Democrat takeover of government by institutionalizing vote fraud, they are also taking care of themselves in this legislation to the tune of $600,000 per Democrat Congressman.

We have three ways you can help stop this outrage: First, review Kevin Freeman’s Battle Plan at his Economic War Room and then watch and share his incredible video indictment of H.R. 1. Second, go to Every Legal Vote’s Freeroots campaign and use the easy-to-use online tools to demand your Senators oppose H.R. 1. Finally, call the toll-free Capitol Switchboard (1-866-220-0044), to politely, but firmly, urge your Senators to oppose H.R. 1.

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The democrat party is no longer a real party it's a group of brain dead socialist's and opportunists that want to control the people, the political realm and make a lot of money while only working three or four month's a year. We need to stop allowing the politico's to give away our money to their political hacks. All congressmen are over paid for the amount of work they perform When congress began the people who served worked only three month's for three dollars per day. Today most of our politicians are mainly unqualified to serve and are millionaires when they leave office. We need a refresh on the congress, we the people need to demand term limits, two terms fo…

Mar 12, 2021
Replying to

You echo my thoughts.....Time to use term limits no retirement and use a moratorium to give pause for performance and another elected or appointed office.....Using consumption taxes and putting the budget on the ballot would give sway to the taxpayers and voters....


How can they continue to make these outrageous laws. They are destroying our nation while they are sitting like fat evil hogs on a hill. I wish they would be driven down the hill into the river like when Jesus cast out the demons from a person into pigs and they became wild and ran into the river. We need to get rid of these demonic act and start protecting our country and not their power and money. Please let "we the people" once again do the election. I think we see more of our needs and truths than those calling the shots today.


Typical Nazicrats, stealing money to reward themselves for committing serious crimes.


Everett Cain
Everett Cain
Mar 11, 2021

Our political representatives get paid plenty in salaries and for expenses already...legally and under the counter for some of them----enough is enough---Thanks---Everett T. Cain


Patricia K Wolford
Patricia K Wolford
Mar 11, 2021

Someone "PLEASE" give Nancy Pelosi a bottle of Gin and shove her in a closet.

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