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Stop The Marxist Takedown Of Our Military

The United States Senate recently voted to make "woke" Cultural Marxist Air Force General Charles “C.Q.” Brown the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the top officer in the U.S. military.

All but eleven senators supported that promotion even though they were on notice that Gen. Brown appears to be even more political, incompetent as a manager and enthusiastic about the Marxist make-over of America’s armed forces than the disastrous incumbent, General Mark Milley.

Unfortunately, all other things being equal, a majority of senators will likely approve still more of these so-called “woke” admirals and generals.

Unless YOU act by contacting Senators TODAY!

If you are like most Americans, you revere our men and women in uniform and rely upon them to secure us. You do not want Marxists to further penetrate – let alone take-down – the armed services. And you don’t want your Senators voting to facilitate such a perilous and, to use Barack Obama’s ominous phrase, “fundamental transformation” of our military.

That is especially true at a moment when the Chinese Communist Party is manifestly preparing for a shooting war against us – and can only be emboldened by the success here of its friends’ divisive subversion in our ranks.

In order to educate Americans on the threat posed by the spread of Cultural Marxism in our military, our friends at conducted an educational telethon, which is now available online. Use the links to watch the speaker’s presentation, or watch through this link to Rumble:

FRANK GAFFNEY Master of Ceremony Founder and Executive Chairman, Center for Security Policy; Vice-chair, Committee on the Present Danger: China


Dr. CAROL SWAIN Award-winning political scientist and former tenured professor at Princeton and Vanderbilt Universities |

Dr. RON SCOTT President and CEO of STARRS |

Lt Gen WILLIAM “JERRY” BOYKIN U.S. Army (Ret.): Former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense; former Commander, Delta Force |

JENNY BETH MARTIN Co-Founder and National Coordinator, Tea Party Patriots |

Hon. J. KENNETH BLACKWELL Former Secretary of State of Ohio |

CHARLES “SAM” FADDIS Former Career Clandestine Service Officer, Central Intelligence Agency; Army veteran; author, “The Decline and Fall of the CIA”; editor, AndMagazine at Substack |

Hon. ROBERT CHARLES, Esq. Former Assistant Secretary of State for Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs; former U.S. Navy intelligence officer |

Major Gen JOSEPH W. ARBUCKLE U.S. Army (Ret.), Vice Chair, STARRS; Founder, Flag Officers 4 America |

ELAINE DONNELLY Founder and President of the Center for Military Readiness |

DAVID PYNE Vivek Ramaswamy for President Campaign Surrogate; Former Deputy Director of National Operations for the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security |

KRIS ULLMAN President of Eagle Forum |

ERIC EARLY U.S. Senate Candidate from California, Co-owner and Managing Partner of a nationally recognized law firm |

Captain JAMES FANELL, U.S. Navy (Ret.), Former Director of Intelligence and Information Operations, U.S. Pacific Fleet |

KEN ABRAMOWITZ Founder, Save the West; Chairman, Citizens for National Security (CFNS) |

ANN SCHOCKETT Founder, More Like Us; Immediate Past President of the National Federation of Republican Women |

Lt Gen ROBERT D. “ROD” BISHOP U.S. Air Force (Ret.), Chairman of STARRS (Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services) |

E.W. JACKSON Marine Corps veteran, retired attorney and graduate of Harvard Law School, American politician, podcast host and commentator |

CHRISTINE REAGAN National Grass Roots Director for Act for America |

Lt Col TOMMY WALLER U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.), President and CEO of the Center for Security Policy (CSP, 2023, CSP Director of Infrastructure Security until 2021 |

RON ARMSTRONG President, Stand Up Michigan |

If you want our troops to be capable of deterring aggression and, failing that, trained, equipped and prepared to defeat enemies who perpetrate it, please take a minute to remind your senators that they swore a solemn oath to “support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” If they are to faithfully uphold that promise, they must oppose the promotion of senior uniformed leaders who chose to ravage, rather than restore, our military.

Act NOW! Use this link to contact your Senators TODAY to oppose the confirmation of any more Cultural Marxist flag officers.

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