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Take A Hard Look – 'Politics' Now Equates To Survival

This is written for all those Americans who still think that politics is a dirty word, and that it is something for somebody else to fix.

Whatever the reasons that politics turns you off – disgust, disinterest, religion, even just busy lives — I’m not listening, because none is valid. Politics is what runs AND RUINS our lives, like it or not. Get a hold of yourself and your neighbors and turn on the upstairs lights, while we still have the ability to do so, literally and figuratively.

Politics now means survival. You want to live? To enjoy the freedoms we once took for granted? Yeah, me, too.

I once despised and disparaged it too. (So, yes, I was part of the problem; doing my best, now to do penance.) I had a career in international banking, worked overseas, then came home to choices. I quit my career to have and raise children. I became busy with my family, driving the kids 10 miles, one way, to school, supporting them in their studies, activities, then driving them home at the end of 12+-hour days. I voted, but most often had no idea of for whom, except those at the top of the tickets. Life was good. We could make our lives, through our own efforts, pretty much the way we wanted them to be. I, like most, had no earthly idea of what was descending on us.

Now, that we can see clearly what’s coming – what has already arrived! – many still choose to close their eyes and stick fingers in their ears while humming loudly. This immature act doesn’t help a three-year-old, and won’t help us. Soon the light and sound from the implosions of our collapsing society will be too massive to be ignored.

Now, we are angry at the little things, the symptoms of the worsening civil collapse: rising prices, the horrible byproduct of our schools, family troubles, spiking crime rates, the waste of trillions of OUR hard-earned dollars on other countries while American needs are ignored.

Our military, once one of our greatest strengths and protections, is being destroyed and those who offered up their lives are mistreated in every possible way. We have but to look around.

The shards of a broken nation are there to see.

The pain we are feeling is from trying to live among the broken pieces, while pretending they aren’t really there. That kind of purposeful ignorance can and it will kill us. Intransigence has become deadly.

Look at the vaccines from hell, for one thing. Or, if you still think the pandemic was about curing a seasonal flu, look at the manufactured food and fuel shortages. Or, maybe the insanity of judges who rule in favor of the criminal who was just caught red- handed. Pick your shard.

We already know this. You don’t need me to tell you. Yet, most keep on doing nothing, walking barefooted on the broken pieces of our lives, expecting our bleeding feet to be healed, and our problems fixed in DC or our statehouses – where it all began.

We have turned complacency into an art form of self- destruction.

It’s way past time to get out your own first aid kit, stop the bleeding, and activate for your family and your friends. Nobody is out there to save you but YOU. Your elected officials abandoned you, to a greater or lesser degree, long ago.

We MUST get involved. Freedom is too precious a commodity to barter away for an extra evening in front of the TV, or because of a distaste for those who have used the political system to make this mess.

WE HAVE ALLOWED ALL THIS TO HAPPEN. I’m as tired of saying this as you are of hearing it.

* * *

So, Kat, after all this blather, what do we do?

Well, the possibilities are really limitless. Here are a few suggestions to get you on the road.

You know I advocate for the strength of local action. You have no greater influence than with your own people. In case you haven’t noticed, your elected federal and state representatives largely ignore you. POWER IS THE PEOPLE. Never let them forget that. WE want corrective action while that power can still be harnessed in peaceful channels.

Form or join a local action group in your own town. Start with a simple gathering of like-minded people in your own home or at a local community center. Share with them your thoughts and fears. I guarantee that many of them feel the same. Announce up front that party labels must be checked at the door because they have long since become meaningless. Freedom is a necessity for all.

Within such a group, there are specific jobs. They are each perfect for someone who is good at that particular thing: research, leadership, planners, foot soldiers, writers, even sign- makers. Make sure the tasks are assigned to those with the skill sets and the desires to do them on a regular basis. Don’t ask a shy researcher or a handicapped person to stand waving signs on the courthouse steps. They have other important jobs.

Freedom Pods, as designed by Tom DeWeese, have proven VERY effective in dealing with “local issues” which are in many cases, the poisonous residue of federal policies and programs. He has given us a map to power – how to strengthen our own and how to combat the unwelcome. See the website.

Another course of action is to learn which citizen groups are doing true GOOD work, and give to them. Patriot resources are, somehow, always more sparse that the deep dark money from the Globalists who want to take us down. Support good works with however much you can spare. Just a little from a lot can make the difference.

I know you’ve heard it all before. What have you done, though, on a regular basis?

Whatever you choose, JUST DO SOMETHING! I’ve shown you how devastatingly effective the enemy is, in positioning Marxists into local offices in every state. From the shock of their 2016 election fraud plans gone wrong, the Hillary Clinton Progressives (aka socialists/Marxists) have built an organization which has trained, funded and elected over 700 of their own to local offices in every state of the union. They call it, “Run for Something”.

I just wrote about it, in with my post-election commentary.

We were similarly shocked by the fraud in 2020, but have done nothing. This is the big difference between the sides, and what distresses me the most. It should scare you too. But don’t wait for our politicians. They have proven themselves utterly clueless, and that’s the nicest word I can find for them.

Here’s a good example of how and why to start your Freedom Pod. Get up to speed about this new movement, Hillary’s Run for Something, and their local players. Learn about the backgrounds and votes since in office, of the new local progressives. Make sure everyone else knows, too. Stay on them. It’s a really good place to start. You now have a Freedom Pod, in action.

They call their organization, “Run for Something”. I’m asking ours to be “DO Something”. The future is ours to save or destroy.

* * *

This piece is, once again, dedicated to all those who already “get it”, and are doing their best, whatever that may be. I’ve talked to everyone from busy activists to people in the later stages of terminal illnesses who are working with other patriots across the country. My love and respect to all of you in the trenches of our freedom fight. YOU are of the lineage of our founding fathers.

We all owe you our deepest appreciation and additional resources for the battle.

This article originally appeared on the American Policy Center website and appears here with the kind permission of the author, our friend Kat Stansell, Grassroots Outreach Director for APC. We urge CHQ readers and friends to consider starting a Freedom Pod in their home community.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Dec 18, 2022


Replying to

The left is doing all they can to destroy our republic. The Bidens are just one part of that effort along with the faux coronavirus "plandemic."


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Dec 17, 2022



Regarding my recent comment regarding electing good candidates, I think voters should be required to pass some kind of basic intelligence test every election cycle. Too many voters know virtually nothing about politics, but vote anyway. That leads to things like female voters selecting Clinton because he looked "hot."


Politics is survival? Then we are in big trouble. Look at how poor a job American voters do. The election of a guy like John Fetterman to the U.S. Senate is proof positive of that. The man can barely speak coherently--and we made him a senator? (Maybe president in 2024 or 2028 is next!)

And it's been like that for decades. How else do presidents like Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, B. Hussein Obama, and Joe Biden get elected? And both Bush 41 and Bush 43 aren't anything to write home about either.

Survival requires electing good candidates. If need be, third party and independent candidates. If we all in mass deserted both major parties, they would be forced to fie…

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