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‘Take Our Border Back’ Convoy Heads to Texas

Updated: Jan 28

"Fellow citizens and compatriots ... I call on you in the name of liberty, of patriotism and everything dear to the American character to come to our aid with all dispatch," Pete

Chambers, one of the ‘Take Our Border Back’ coalition’s leaders, wrote on the "Take Our Border Back" website.

The convoys (there are actually three routes planned so far) will connect both coasts with the Texas border, where millions of illegal aliens have crossed since Joe Biden became president and opened the southern border.


One of the most interesting aspects of this bottom-up grassroots phenomenon is its declaration and statemen of principles:

The multi-state convoy is set to begin today and arrive at the rally sites on Feb. 3, Take Our Border Back wrote in a press release.


The convoy will span cities from Virginia Beach, VA to Eagle Pass, Texas, to Arizona and California.


The truck gathering will branch off and hold rallies in Arizona, California and Texas, the press release reported by Sarah Rumpf-Whitten of FOX News said.


The convoy aims to "send a message" to local, state and federal officials to close the border and deport all illegal immigrants in its plan to "shed light" on open borders.


"Call for immediate action to secure our borders before irreversible serious consequences befall our nation," the press release said. "All are welcome to participate- peacefully!"


As of Saturday afternoon, the convoy’s crowdfunding effort through the website GiveSendGo received more than $90,000 to support the effort.


The group wants peaceful rallies, but organizers are concerned the demonstrations could get out of hand.


“We realize we may have infiltrators. There may be some people who try to subvert us, who jump in the convoy — provocateurs,” organizer Scotty Saks said according to reporting by the New York Post.


Editor’s note: If Ray Epps, FBI agent Todd Reineck, or former agent Steven M. D’Antuono or anyone who says they were part of J6 but haven’t been prosecuted shows up, throw your truck in reverse.


The rallies are coming amid escalating tensions between the Biden administration and Texas over the state’s efforts to secure the border.


This week, a divided Supreme Court lifted a temporary restraining order prohibiting Border Patrol agents from cutting through razor wire Texas officials had installed along a 30-mile stretch near Eagle Pass, which has been overwhelmed by illegal aliens surging through Biden’s open border at truly crisis levels.


On Thursday, 25 Republican governors signed a letter backing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who has continued to lay the sharp barrier to dissuade migrants from crossing through high-traffic sites despite the top court’s ruling.


In December, Customs and Border Protection agents had a record-breaking 302,034 migrant encounters at the southern border, according to data released Friday and reported by FOX News.


“This is a biblical, monumental moment that’s been put together by God,” one convoy organizer said on a recent planning call infiltrated and reported by VICE. “We are besieged on all sides by dark forces of evil,” said another. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God. It is time for the remnant to rise.” (The remnant, from the Book of Revelation, are the ones who remain faithful to Jesus Christ in times of crisis).


The organizers’ current plan is for the convoy to depart Virginia Beach on Monday and snake down through the southeast, stopping over in Jacksonville, Florida before making its way to several stops along the border. The convoy will then split up for separate rallies on Feb. 3, one near Eagle Pass, Texas, a second in Yuma, Arizona, and a third in San Ysidro, California.


There’s a constitutional powder keg sitting on the Texas border and Joe Biden and the Democrats are waving matches. We applaud the patriotism and guts of the organizers. But they should not fool themselves about how authoritarian and reckless today’s Democrats are. As we explained in our column “How Joe Biden Starts The American Civil War 2.0” Democrats don’t care how fed up and resentful average Americans are with their DEI and open borders policies – they want a confrontation.

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Conservatives need a new party. The GOP is run by RINOs for RINOs. The Founders Party of America would serve us well. Check out their website:


Truckers are the backbone of American society. We pray for their success in keeping things peaceful. However, we are not Pollyanna. We have a thoroughly corrupt DOJ, FBI and DHS. The rallies will be infiltrated in the manner that J6 was infiltrated. During the next 11 months, some of our brave truckers are likely to face the same persecution that the J6 detainees are facing. Assuming that we can elect Donald Trump, it will stop in January next. That assumes that the Democrats don't find some way to prevent the election from taking place. I put nothing past them.

Replying to

Unfortunately, this could be the start of a civil war also.

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