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Tell Your Senators To Vote YES On Cruz No Vaccine Mandate and No Mask Mandates Bills

Senator Ted Cruz has introduced the No Vaccine Mandates Act (S.2686) and the No Mask Mandates Act (S.2685). To pass these bills to stop liberty-crushing vaccine and mask

mandates we need conservatives across the nation to tell their Senators to vote YES on the bills.

One easy way to send your Senators that message is to use the Americans for Limited Government take action tool.

The latest CNBC All-America Economic Survey found the public nearly evenly divided on the issue of vaccine mandates countrywide — whether they should exist at all and especially where they should exist.

The poll of 802 Americans taken from July 24-28 found 49% favoring vaccine mandates and 46% opposing — a difference that’s within the survey’s 3.5 percentage point margin of error. Five percent said they were unsure.

The CNBC poll tells us that those of us who value science and liberty must make our voices heard NOW.

And that’s why we are encouraging CHQ readers to use the Americans for Limited Government take action tool to contact their Senators to demand they support the Cruz No Vaccine Mandates Act and No Mask Mandates Act.

The No Mask Mandates Act ends the Biden administration's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mask mandate for all Americans-regardless of vaccination status. The No Vaccine Mandates Act would require people administering a COVID-19 vaccine to first obtain the patient's informed consent or, if the patient is a child, the informed consent of a parent or guardian. The bill also imposes civil penalties for violating a patient's right by vaccinating against COVID-19 without consent.

Upon introduction of these bills, Sen. Cruz said:

"Thanks to vaccinations and the natural immunity of Americans who have recovered from COVID-19, America is reopening. America is recovering, our kids are going back to school, and small businesses are returning as our nation's economic heartbeat. At the same time, President Biden is imposing unscientific and burdensome mandates to control Americans' lives.

"We as a country have taken extraordinary steps to defeat this disease, and I'm proud we've taken these steps. Unfortunately, we have also imposed enormous harms on our economy and people's lives and livelihoods, and we need to balance all of this appropriately. My view on vaccines is simple. I got the vaccine because it was the right choice for me. But I also believe in individual freedom. No one should force anyone to take the vaccine-including the federal government or an employer. Americans should have the choice to make their own medical decisions in consultation with their doctor.

"To protect the rights and privacy of Americans, I've introduced legislation that would prohibit federal COVID mandates. This means no mask mandates, no vaccine mandates, and no vaccine passports. My legislation also provides civil rights protections for employees from their employers, to stop discrimination based on vaccination status. The American people must have the freedom to exercise personal choice when it comes to protecting their health and the health of their families."

The No Vaccine Mandates Act contains several important provisions to protect the health privacy and liberty of Americans, including:

No vaccine mandates: This bill protects the right of personal autonomy and advance informed consent by prohibiting vaccine mandates, making it unlawful to require someone to receive any COVID-19 vaccine originally approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) without first obtaining the patient's informed consent. That includes all COVID-19 vaccines currently approved in the United States.

Protects Parents Rights: The bill protects the rights of parents and guardians by requiring any person or entity administering the vaccine to obtain parental consent before administering a COVID vaccine to individuals under 18 years of age. Under this bill, schools cannot give underage students a vaccine without first getting legal guardians' permission.

Sen. Cruz has led the fight against COVID mandates in the Senate. In May, Sen. Cruz introduced the No Vaccine Passports Act to stop the federal government from establishing COVID-19 vaccine passports or working with third parties to establish their vaccine passports, such as airlines or other global entities.

Don’t wait, use the Americans for Limited Government take action tool to contact your Senators to demand they support the Cruz No Vaccine Mandates Act and No Mask Mandates Act TODAY.

Read the full text of the No Vaccine Mandates Act here and the No Mask Mandates Act here.

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Phillip Owens
Phillip Owens
Sep 07, 2021

The job of the government is not to become the family physician and be a dictator of individual health, your job is to provide legislation that will improve the condition of the country and the citizens who reside therein.

Your actions beyond that point although you deem them worthy are dictatorial and have no place in our society! The actions of the current administration have all been negative to the wellbeing of the country and the citizens who reside therein! The current administration has abandoned the American Public for what appears to be personal and political gains, this action is totally despicable and unacceptable to the American public, regardless of how the mainstream media and the current administration spin it!


Better pull back the curtain on all this. There's an "elite" group of people that want all the power and money. They created this virus to allow all the exceptions that resulted in criminal actions that stole the election. This then resulted in fear mongering, masks, vaccines that aren't vaccines, therapeutics withheld from our people, deaths from the vaccine that aren't being reported. Now we have disputes between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, CRT and divisions that keep us all from looking at what's really going on. To top that all off we are suffering from the "mockingbird media" that withholds truth from our citizens. Sounds a lot like Germany in WWII. The "Great Reset" is what these "elites" are…


Sep 03, 2021

What happened to MY BODY, MY CHOICE!!! ? It only counts when killing babies, I see.


This is the problem We have two groups of people (and yes, this is highly simplified but it gets the point across).

Group 1: This is a deadly pandemic and we should do everything we can to stop it in its tracks. People are dying by the tens of thousands, and this requires extraordinary actions that, even if it infringes on some freedoms, just makes common and scientific sense to do. If resisters need to be forced, than so be it. The vaccines are safe and effective. Masking, social distancing and lockdowns are just common sense.

Group 2: Yes the C-19 is real and dangerous, and yes people are dying, but it's not that dangerous, (I'm not even sure it…

Margo Victoria
Margo Victoria
Sep 03, 2021
Replying to

This whole thing is NOT ABOUT ANY "VIRUS".... NO, it's all about CONTROL. It was planned in 2010 via Rockefeller Foundation (NOT NICE PEOPLE.. NOR OUR FRIENDS). C-19 is not a virus... it's a bioweapon. The Covid test is a bioweapon.. if you get tested, you get Covid. The Covid (FAKE) "vaccine" is a BIOWEAPON. Vaccines take 10-20 years to create and test for efficacy and SAFETY. This Covid "vaccine" took 9 months and into arms. First time EVER an mRNA "vaccine" has been used. TOTALLY *EXPERIMENTAL.* Manufacturers are 100% IMMUNE FROM LIABILITY. It's NOT FDA APPROVED. Guarantee it's not FDA approved. Not this early in the game. Frankly, the FDA is vastly CORRUPT anyway. Look at all the processed…


Cliff CliffordG
Cliff CliffordG
Sep 02, 2021

It has already been PROVEN that wearing "face diapers" do NOT work. They are only a "feel good" approach to make the "sheelples" THINK they are doing something, and the TRUTH is: the "mandate" is another method by the "government" to CONTROL you. People need to breathe AIR that GOD intended, not "re-breathe their own CO-2 that is PROVEN to cause oxygen deprivation, and irreversible brain damage. MY "oxygen levels" at the doctor's office went fro 98% to 75% after "face diapers" were the "RULE" in order to see my doctor. I also told him that I refuse to participate in the "dr"flip-flop fauci/bill gates/ FRAUD obama , /clinton/ DNC/ soros/ "big pharma" financed, "population control experiment" and did N…

Replying to


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