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The big slap in the face, seen around the world! Ouch!

The big "slap" witnessed worldwide was not actor Will Smith's slap on comedian Chris Rock. That was mere "theatre" compared to the slap in the face all Americans experience with

current U.S. policies. All Americans experience the big slap when "leaders" (so-called) dismissively perpetuate brazenly grotesque lies, hypocrisy, and fraud!

When Biden and his administration attempt to assert that the economic pain we're experiencing is wholly due to "Putin," this is a grotesque lie! This lie is being proffered by people who are not serious. They have no intention of solving economic woes; they created them. Economic chaos was created when Biden decided to restrict oil production in the U.S. to cater to Marxist "green" environmentalists, irrespective of the harm all Americans will feel in trying to heat their homes and drive their cars. After progressively gaining momentum over the past year, many now experience a doubling of their grocery and gasoline costs! "Putin did it" is pure projection and a slap in the face of all Americans who began experiencing the pain of Biden's policies in the early spring of 2021.

When various "leaders" assert that their "defund the police" mantra is not encouraging more crimes, they are proffering a grotesque lie. Their denigration of law enforcement has caused more assaults, death, and destruction in our communities. Additionally, the "defund" movement has resulted in a significant increase in police ambushes and death. It is a slap in the face of all Americans who sees the carnage and feel the increased threats of crime and violence as they walk the streets of their respective communities. Attempts by city council members, city mayors, governors, and members of the House and Senate to obfuscate the obvious disastrous impact of the "defund" movement are cynical, hypocritical, and fraudulent.

The border crisis is really a crisis! One of Biden's most cynical and hypocritical policies is apparent when we observe that he commits to doing all he can to protect the sovereign borders of Ukraine. He commits to investing American "blood and treasure" (military and American tax dollars), while mostly un-securing and encouraging unvetted people from all over the world to readily "invade" U.S. borders. Then he and his DHS secretary assert that the U.S. borders are fully "secured"! Huh? This a whopper of a slap in the face of Americans! We see reports of the U.S. experiencing the highest level of "undocumented" entries in history, we see reports of "secret flights" taking illegal entrants to various states, we see reports of people having to endure inhumane assaults (including gratuitous rapes of girls and young women) and record drug-, human-, and sex-trafficking, but the Biden administration asserts that the border is fully secure and under control! Obviously, Ukraine's border and sovereignty mean more to Biden than the protection of the country he "leads."

The elitists who make up the Biden Administration are cynical hypocrites. Calling them liars is too soft; these people are wholly un-serious, demented destroyers of America. They actually believe that America is made up of stupid dupes and plebes who will ingest any abhorrent lie and talking point as truth. They obviously don't know the principled resolve of the American spirit, but I suspect they will find out this November. We are tired of being abused!

Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) finds degrading Americans with cynical, hypocritical lies detestable. Unfortunately, we can't do much about it at the moment; however, EBLM will continue to hold "leaders" accountable for reckless policies that harm Americans (especially if they disproportionally disaffect poor communities). EBLM will remain vigilant. Will you stand with us?

This article first appeared on American Thinker and is posted here with the kind permission of the author.

Kevin McGary: entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker. Serves as president of Every Black Life Matters, chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California, and executive with the Douglass Leadership Institute and the Northstar Leadership PAC.

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J Freed
J Freed
Apr 05, 2022

My money is on the Bog Guy failing to disclose his share so the IRS gets THEIR fair share. Left clamoring for Trump's tax returns (nothing burger)...time to see what Joe Brandon's look like.


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Apr 05, 2022

Chinese dirty money leads right to the big guy, Corruption right into the White House, DIRTY CHINESE MONEY??? How bout the clintons start giving that money back they got for pay to play??? We have a question for the Bidens, The question of the corruption ties to the Bidens, what position did Hunter Biden hold for the United States government ? now or in the past ? who authorized Hunter to hold and receive top secret cypto information on his computer? did he have such a Clarence? What happened to all the money Hunter received on behalf of the biden's ? WTF why are these people not considered traitors?


Mike M
Mike M
Apr 05, 2022

If you want to find out the truth about anything, simply take anything that a liberal says and believe exactly the opposite about it. You might not be exactly one hundred percent accurate but you will be very close.

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