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The Gates of Hell Crack Open Against The Canadian Truckers

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

In our January 17, 2021 article "They have opened the Gates of Hell and it’s a one-way passage" we explained the nexus between the development of Silicon Valley’s Far Left “tech stack” and the late Angelo Codavilla’s classic essay "Our Revolution’s Logic" in which he

explained that revolutions have their own logic and their own “spiral” of intensifying violence.

Now Zaid Jilani, a freelance journalist with a strong grounding in left-leaning politics and culture, has added a further analysis explaining how the “tech stack” has grown into what he says is a monolithic Far Left “blue stack” that openly conspires to destroy anyone and any organization that deviates from the ruling Far Left progressive ideology.

These operatives “successfully driving this push for ideological conformity across American life – progressive nonprofits, large portions of the news media, woke corporations, Democrats in government – can collectively be called the ‘blue stack,’ which represents an enforcement mechanism for the ruling ideology to express hegemony over American democracy.”

Wrote Mr. Jilani in “The Blue Stack Strikes Back” posted on Tablet Magazine:

The blue stack presents America’s elite with something they’ve always craved but has been out of reach in a liberal democracy: the power to swiftly crush ideological opponents by silencing them and destroying their livelihoods. Typically, American cultural, business, and communication systems have been too decentralized and too diffuse to allow one ideological faction to express power in that way. American elites, unlike their Chinese counterparts, have never had the ability to imprison people for wrong-think or derank undesirables in a social credit system.

But the alliance between the media, progressive activists, certain government officials and bureaucrats, technology firms, and other powerful institutions like business and banking now allows them to shape events through what Tablet’s Wesley Yang has called the vertical messaging apparatus. When a politically inconvenient story appears at an inopportune time—one about, say, the corruption of the Democratic presidential candidate’s son—the blue stack takes unified action to quickly suppress it.

The suppression of the Hunter Biden story and the recent attacks on Joe Rogan are examples of the blue stack in action, but they aren’t examples of the use of its fully integrated power, for that you’d have to look at the deplatforming and demonetizing of figures like Alex Jones and Roger Stone, who were banned from all the establishment social media platforms and from the online payment platforms, effectively depriving them of a livelihood.

And the blue stack is extending its tentacles even further, as Mr. Jilani explained:

… the goal of cutting off heretics from financial resources extends far beyond campaigns. The conservative author Michelle Malkin, who has long rankled the stack with her views on immigration, was told she and her husband can no longer rent community spaces hosted by Airbnb because she spoke at a conference that was hosted by an organization deemed a “hate group” by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Even booking yourself a vacation home now comes with an ideological litmus test.

And now the blue stack has been deployed against the peaceful protesters of Canada’s Freedom Convoy, who are protesting Canada’s forced vaccination and passport system.

The first attack was when Facebook deplatformed their Freedom Convoy group and banned the truckers from using the social media giant from organizing via Facebook groups. That was quickly followed by GoFundMe’s decision to confiscate and redistribute the over $8 million dollars donated to the group – a blatantly illegal move that was only thwarted by the threatened intervention of Republican Attorneys General, such as Florida’s Ashley Moody.

But when GiveSendGo stepped in to help fund the trucker protest, in addition to being attacked by the Trudeau government and TD Bank, it also suffered a well-coordinated denial of service attack on its fundraising platform that gave the Ontario government time to persuade a court to block the $8.4 million ($10.6 million Canadian) that was raised after the GoFundMe seizure.

The next strike was by the political and media members of the stack. Canada’s Far Left Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has, without evidence, relentlessly smeared the truckers as racists, white supremacists and claimed, without evidence that they are swastika-waving Nazis.

These unsupported claims have been relentlessly repeated through social media, especially Twitter.

Flash Update: Our friends at the Conservative Tree House report the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), a media entity funded by the Canadian government, announced on Sunday that “freedom” is a word used by extremist “far-right” groups. These are the same labeled groups the Canadian government has called racist and worse.

Yes, the official position from the Canadian state media [Article Here] is that freedom is racist.

The Canadian and American establishment media has, with equal relentlessness, repeated these baseless claims, and in some cases notable media figures have called for violence against the truckers. CNN “analyst” and former Obama counterterrorism official and Harvard JFK School of Government professor Juliette Kayyem called for the truckers’ tires to be slashed and their vehicles to be seized.

And when the Canadian truckers’ protest really started to bite economically in an unprecedented interference in the internal affairs of our neighbor to the North, President Joe Biden told Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to use his government’s federal powers to end the truck blockade of the Ambassador Bridge between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan.

Trudeau’s response was to threaten to suspend the commercial trucking licenses of the protesters. He further said the government would pursue charges that could come with jail time and hefty fines. The punishments would also prohibit protesters from ever traveling internationally again.

Got that? If you protest against the government’s forced vaccination and passport scheme you will be deprived of your livelihood and locked in your country, forever. That is exactly the Chinese Communist social credit scheme in one short sentence.

In our January 2021 column we observed:

Right now, the leadership class of the United States stands on the precipice, slipping toward the creation of an ever-more authoritarian society run, not by goosestepping storm troopers, but by kids in hoodies and T-shirts, sitting in front of computer screens.

What’s happened to the Canadian truckers shows the gates of Hell have opened a lot further in the year since January 2021. The “tech stack” we warned you about then has, with the relentless logic of revolution, morphed and grown into a “blue stack” that cannot be reasoned with and can’t be voted out, it can only be surrendered to or destroyed.

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Feb 14, 2022

Blue-collar workers and minorities are at last starting to realize that Republicans have always been on their side. Unionized laborers were Democrats because unions supported the Democrat party. Minorities supported Democrats because they had been bribed, and addicted to the government teat. They're now realizing they were screwed.


Feb 14, 2022

So an iron curtain has descended over North America? And it's made up of 18-wheelers whose tires have been slashed and drivers whose licenses have been suspended so that they couldn't move their trucks if the wanted to...Yo, Canada, your deliveries are going to be late...really really late. FJT...and for good measure, FJB.


Cliff CliffordG
Cliff CliffordG
Feb 14, 2022

The Canadian people have to face the FACT they they "elected" a corrupt COMMUNIST DICTATOR.(CASTRO's illegitimate son)

This CLUELESS MORON and his "cohorts", don't seem to realize, these "truckers" are the "LIFELINE" of the people, that transport the goods that feed this country, AND his fat worthless ass, and if he goes against THEM, and shuts them down, the whole country will more than likely revolt, when the food runs out, and no one will be delivering the "essentials"to the citizens. Kind of like cutting off his nose in spite of his face. Shows everyone the MENTALITY of the communist "left". Power-hungry communist dictators one and all.


Let's be honest here, if this protest was staged by BLM, you'd be shrieking bloody murder.

Replying to

OK, let's be honest.

1. I'm not thrilled that the truckers are blocking commerce. On the other hand, I'm even less thrilled at increasingly totalitarian government action that has cost many thousands their jobs, carriers, or businesses, as that same government now threatens the truckers with exactly that and more, instead of exploring a possible accomidation with the protesters, as any reasonable Democratic government would.

2. If BLM, ANTIFA, or the like were staging this protest (and it is a protest, you correctly admit), yes I would be shrieking bloody murder, because there would in all likelyhood be actual bloody murder, along with assults of varying kinds, looting, destructiion of property and fires. And BLM/ANTIFA would not be advocating for…

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