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The Lincoln Project Sneak Attack On Conservative All Star Senator Mike Lee

Does the name Evan McMullin ring a bell with you? McMullin is the political zero who came out of nowhere in 2016 to run against President Trump as an Independent.

McMullin, whose experience in government would make him a great staffer in Liz Cheney’s congressional office, but hardly presidential material, was largely funded by Democrats and was the do-boy for the Lincoln Project’s John Weaver pedophile protection cabal.

McMullin’s entire strategy was not to sell himself as a national candidate, but to campaign in his alleged home state of Utah hard enough to deprive Donald Trump of Utah’s six Electoral College votes – a project in which he failed miserably garnering only 20% of the vote.

Now, McMullin is back with a similar attack on principled, limited government constitutional conservative Republican all-star Senator Mike Lee.

After his failed 2016 Presidential campaign, Evan McMullin is being put forward by the Lincoln Project, The Bulwark, MSNBC, the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin and the usual #NeverTrump crowd, and so is expected to have all the resources he needs to compete in this Senate race.

Progressives in Utah are running McMullin as an Independent, hoping that Democrat voters will jump to vote for him when the unknown Democrat candidates fail to mount a serious challenge to Mike Lee. This strategy is not as farfetched as it sounds and could make it a tough race for Senator Lee.

Mike Lee has been one of the most principled conservatives in the U.S. Senate. He has always conducted himself with class and dignity and he is standing strong against the disastrous Biden agenda.

McMullin’s platform, if you can call it that, is a call for the kind of “bipartisanship” that put conservatives in the congressional minority for much of the second half of the 20th century and inevitably leads to the growth of government and taxes and the retreat of liberty.

For those of us who are involved every day in the conservative movement such a “platform” is patent nonsense, to good people who like to think that being nice and compromising with folks with whom you disagree is the right way to govern it has a lot of appeal – even when history proves such behavior produces results they abhor.

So, let’s be very clear: If Mike Lee loses to Evan McMullin, Biden and the Progressive agenda will win. And McMullin’s agenda of “bipartisan compromise” means runaway spending, continual inflation, open borders, fentanyl and drugs, violent crime, cancel culture, and passage of the rest of the progressive wish list.

We strongly endorse Senator Mike Lee for reelection, and we urge conservatives across the county to support and contribute to his campaign. To make a contribution today, please click here. Individuals are able to give up to $8,700 to Senator Lee’s campaign. If you'd prefer to send a check, please click here to download the contribution form. Early money is key to victory, we urge CHQ readers and friends to contribute to Senator Mike Lee’s campaign today.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
14 oct 2021

joe biden, national international fxxx up, the entire world now is laughing at his lack of leadership, wants to change the United States, well he has, we have shortages across our Country, inflations across the Country, recession across the Country and the only surplus we have is illegal aliens,which he wants to raise taxes for, have them vote, even thou they are not Americans,and are disease ridden. Biden has fxxed up everything he has touch since being if office, now we have great inflation, leading into more recession, biden policies are archaic, as he is dolt, his policies are as he is, not in tune with the times, or advantage to the American people I said before a million time…

Me gusta

The clueless Republican Party is like a rookie cop and the Democrats, the criminals, (Not really an allegory, as Democrats truly are criminals.) the rookie keeps marveling at how the criminals get away with so much, when it's clear they are the bad guys!

Most rookies, unlike the Republicans, learn very quickly that the criminals DO NOT have rules, they do what ever they need to do to obtain their criminal gains, no restrictions, no limits, just get it and get away with it! Whereas the police are bound by laws, rules, duty, restrictions, regulations, ethics, integrity, honor, rules of evidence and so on.

The article above is but one example of back door tactics, devious and deceptive means to…

Me gusta
Contestando a

That one was easy, I was that rookie! To say one becomes quit cynical within the first year is an understatement. Still, one also learns from experience and if they make even the slightest effort, correlations can be seen, as well as causation.

It is all cause and effect and more often than not, we must work backwards to determine cause.

Me gusta
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