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The Nashville Transgender Terrorist’s Manifesto

Thanks to conservative media personality Steven Crowder the efforts of Nashville’s Democrat city leaders to suppress the writings of transgender terrorist Audrey Elizabeth Hale have

been at least partially thwarted.

Monday, Crowder released three pages of the long-withheld manifesto and it shows that Hale was not some deranged lunatic, as the establishment media would like us to believe, but a methodical, well-organized terrorist with clear political views and the objective of killing as many children at the Covenant School as possible.

Here’s a screenshot of Steven Crowder’s Twitter (X) feed followed by enlargements of the three pages so you can read them and assess for yourself.

The first page ends with the chilling self-exhortation, “God let my wrath take over my anxiety.”

The second page is a vitriolic statement of hate for “white privilege” and declaration of a one-woman class war:

Kill those kids!!!

Those crackers going to private fancy schools with those fancy kwakis (sic) + sports backpacks w/thier (sic) daddies mustangs + convertables (sic)

And at the bottom of the page:

Wanna kill all you little crackers!!! Bunch of little faggots w/your white privlages (sic)

The third page of Hale’s manifesto released by Steven Crowder is a detailed timeline for the attack that would make any Special Operations command proud in its methodical planning right down to checking the parking lot for security and making a final videotape statement.

In the immediate aftermath of Hale’s terrorist attack on Covenant School the New York Sun reported a transgender female in a bulletproof vest and pink face mask posted social media pictures standing in front of a transgender pride flag while holding a semi-automatic rifle, with several other guns in holsters at her waist. “Kill christcucks. Behead christcucks,” said the tweet, a vulgar reference to Christians.

These violent images should surprise no one, because transgender ideology has long advocated violence against those who oppose it, and advocacy has begat normalization and “intersectionality” with the rest of the Far-Left pantheon of Democratic Party allies – Marxist class warriors and “white privilege” race-haters.

Radical Leftist groups like Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA and the LGBTQIA+ Movement love violence and use it as their preferred means of conflict resolution, observed writer and podcaster Michael Baxter. Indeed, there’s even a network of radical transgender gun groups that go by the name ‘Pink Pistols’. So, given the Left’s well-document love of violence to advance their social and cultural causes, release of just these three pages of her manifesto demonstrates that transgender killer Audrey Hale is not a one-off nutjob, but the first terrorist motivated by transgender ideology who was willing to die for the cause.

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The media's interests are not served here. They only want white-on-black crime. And this will put the heat on the LGBTQ crowd.


Big Brother wants to keep us in the dark. Just wait until the election in a year . . .


And folks are wondering why the Hunter Biden laptop from hell was shrouded in mystery

. . . !


What is more criminal--this sick individual's warped manifesto . . . or the powers that be obfuscating it for seven or eight months . . . ? And where was the Fourth Estate? Journalism is dead, folks.

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