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The Right Resistance: 2024 3rd-Party candidate equals nameless, faceless ‘None of the Above’

Sick of politics yet?

We’ve all seen those bumper stickers and signs showing former presidents allegedly asking, “Miss Me Yet?” or something of the kind. It’s human nature to long for the good ol’ days under a previous regime when everything was orderly, politicians got along swimmingly and Americans simply went about their business doing what they do and not having much to worry about in terms of the government purposely ruining the future.

Those days are gone, unfortunately, as more and more voters tell pollsters they’re fed up with the status quo in politics, and they just don’t want to take it anymore. Citizens seem particularly perturbed with party presidential nominees-to-be, desiring change at the top and rarely getting it. This unease was reflected in a recent survey which revealed an astonishingly high percentage of voters would go outside the traditional two-party system in search of a satisfying solution.

In an article titled “Stunning 38% would vote third party in Trump-Biden election”, the inimitable Paul Bedard reported at the Washington Examiner earlier this week:

“Voters continue to express weariness with the likely possibility of a 2024 rerun of the 2020 election, and more than a third would be open to supporting a third-party candidate as a result. The latest Rasmussen Reports survey said that 38% would vote third party, including half of black and half of independent voters, if it turns into a three-way contest. And so would 42% of Democrats and 35% of Republicans, said the pollster.

“While there is no major third-party candidate or ticket yet, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has openly talked about running, and he has recently been tied to retiring Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT). The results may be viewed as a blow to Biden and Trump, who remain locked in the Rasmussen poll despite sinking support overall for Biden's and Trump’s legal crises.

“But party faithful appear ready to stick by their man if no third-party candidate emerges.”

And there you have it. Talk of a third-party candidate stealing a major share of the presidential election vote is yet another ritual playing of the “I despise both of them” political dance tune we hear every four years. The eternally angry and disgruntled lot talk big until a third-party name is actually mentioned, and then it’s more like, “Uh, well, I’d consider a third-party man or woman as long as it’s not such and such or so and so…”

To quote Shakespeare, as I’ve been known to do, it’s “… a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” (From Macbeth). The idiot here is clearly Joe Biden, but the election is much too important to simply go back-and-forth over third-party sound and fury.

Seriously, I’d like to see a cross-section of people who suggest they’d vote for Joe Manchin if it’s Trump and Biden again on the ballot. What would Manchin’s platform be – “Vote for me, I’m not them!” Or Mitt Romney? Would any Obama-loving Democrat suddenly forget about the distaste they still harbor for the 2012 Republican nominee? I don’t see it. It just ain’t gonna happen, no matter how earnestly survey participants dangle third-party disloyalty over a year out from the voting.

Other factors in addition could give the potential third-party voter pause, such as, would Trump’s selection of a new running mate and/or Biden’s decision on whether to retain Kamala Harris in that position persuade those people who indicated they’d vote third party next year if it’s a 2020 rematch?

It’s an interesting question, because, as everyone knows (or should know), the upcoming quadrennial presidential balloting isn’t just for the top of the ticket. The reliably suspect establishment media craves a hate-fest between the always controversy-stimulating Trump and decrepit and corrupted old goat Biden because they figure they’ll have more than enough to write about or feature on their cable news shows for seven or eight months straight (i.e., the period from the de facto end of the primaries to the general election and beyond).

Rather than delving down to the nitty-gritty of policy departures between the two major party candidates, the talkers prefer skimming off the surface of personality conflicts between Democrats and Republicans. Why do Joe Manchin or Mitt Romney attract reporters whenever they reveal in advance that they’re about to say something unappealing about the candidates of their respective parties?

It's been said a million times, but the 2024 election involves more than Donald Trump’s legal problems, or his continued combativeness about the 2020 election as well as Joe Biden’s age and his own presidential-son inspired legal woes. Everyone makes a big deal out of Trump being embroiled in court dates and the wrangling between the government’s lawyers and his own, but how about senile Joe being asked daily about elements of the GOP House’s impeachment inquiry?

The establishment media’s race to the bottom would only remain interesting for so long before folks wise up and consider what it would mean to cast their votes for a third-party stooge who is destined to lose. The president’s all-powerful modern role means he or she presides over the entirety of government administration. Who the president is matters a lot, much more than just being the one to appear at official functions or greet foreign visitors.

Simply put, the 2024 election is more vital than a name or a personality. A third-party candidate, assuming there would be one, is only a figurehead or placeholder, supposedly a “moderate” guy or gal who gets along with fellow politicians and swamp dwellers from both sides. Put this person in power and his or her true colors will pop out like a peacock in full bloom.

Joe Manchin is a liberal. Is that really what the Trump-bashers want for their president? Besides, Manchin will be 77-years-old on Election Day next year. Would he solve the age issue for those worried about an elderly president? Who would the third-party candidate choose for a running mate or cabinet officers? Would the potentials need to check certain demographic boxes to qualify for consideration?

For his part, Trump recently admitted he likes “the concept” of selecting a woman to be his vice president, which must have brought a smile to Nikki Haley’s face, but he also conceded that he hasn’t thought too much about the running mate subject yet. Many of the female-veep centered rumors these days revolve around South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, a woman who’s flat-out admitted she’d be open to “the concept” too, were Trump to make an overture sometime next year.

Here's thinking Trump would offer Noem (or someone like her) the opportunity because he thought she’d help in his Make America Great Again mission, and, that Kristi would enhance what he’s already done – and even add to it. Would Noem sway a percentage of disgruntled women voters away from the Democrats and senile Joe Biden’s camp? If so, how many? Would Noem’s presence make a percentage point’s difference in states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona? Would certainty provide folks motivation to vote for Trump?

Trump talked about the abortion issue at last weekend’s Pray Vote Stand summit in Washington, D.C. (given by the Family Research Council). Could or would Trump task Noem with presenting his administration’s policy proposals on the issue? Abortion-mongers don’t care whether “ban” talk comes from a woman or a man, but surveys show lots of people are open to restrictions on abortion, such as limiting post first-trimester abortions to those involving the life of the mother, or in cases of rape or incest.

Arguing for a total ban on abortion is a goal of the pro-Life movement, but politically speaking, a ban wouldn’t be a winner for Republicans. One step at a time. Save the lives we can now and educate the public. Speaking of this issue… what is Joe Manchin’s position? Does he have one on the record?

There is a plethora of similar mysteries with third-party candidates.

Recently, for example, it was revealed that the federal budget deficit and interest on the national debt is growing at an alarming pace. Would people change their minds about third-party voting if they heard their candidate’s plans for dealing with it? What about the war in Ukraine? The situation with China’s aggression in the far east? How does he or she feel about NATO?

Next week (on Wednesday) is the second Republican presidential primary debate -- minus frontrunner Donald Trump, of course. All of the candidates in attendance, more or less, will face questions on issues important to voters in the next election. Why should a third-party candidate escape the normal vetting process that Republicans and Democrats have to endure?

Trump was already president, ditto for senile Joe Biden. We understand – or should understand – where they are in their issue stances. Would the potential third-party voters ascertain that candidate X matches up with their thoughts on the challenges of our century? Would he or she complete the wall? Would they attack the Mexican drug cartels? Or, what to do with the long-term budgetary issues with Social Security and Medicare? So many questions in need of answers to queries more specific than “If the 2024 election comes down to Trump vs. Biden or a third-party candidate, whom would you vote for?” When Americans surmise the choices presented to them in late fall of next year, they’ll need as much information on the candidates as they can possibly get.

A third-party candidate, right now, is about the same as “None of the above”. It can’t hold. It won’t hold.

Happy Birthday Richard Viguerie!

Legendary conservative leader Richard Viguerie’s 90th birthday is tomorrow. While it’s challenging for any of us to make an inclusive list of non-family members who’ve made a difference in our lives, Mr. Viguerie is one who’s certainly impacted mine – and all conservatives, for that matter. America owes a debt of gratitude to Richard for pioneering conservative political direct mail fundraising and using his considerable talents and initiative to further the cause of liberty, religious freedom and limited government.

We don’t need to wonder whether Mr. Viguerie made this world a better place. He’s already proved it.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Viguerie – and many, many more.

Here’s a snippet from Viguerie’s recent appearance at Freedom Fest:

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