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The Right Resistance: 2024 Chicago DNC to showcase the logical outcome of Democrat rule

Nobody I know gives Democrats much credit for being public relations geniuses, but even the most skeptical among us must have been put off when it was announced last week that

the liberal party intends to hold its quadrennial presidential nominating convention in the epicenter of anti-police leftist activism, Chicago, Illinois.

The city’s reputation is bad enough, but the recent election of a dedicated leftist as mayor to succeed another incompetent Democrat excuse-making social do-gooder isn’t helping things. In today’s America, U.S. citizens are increasingly up-and-relocating to states with so-called sunnier and greener pastures, hardly anyone is choosing to move to dingy and dangerous Chicago, however.

What good is there to say about it? The Democrats blew it again, big time. In a piece titled “Chicago isn't the symbol Democrats want heading into the 2024 elections”, W. James Antle III wrote at The Washington Examiner last week:

“The Democrats’ choice of Chicago to host their 2024 national convention is likely to call attention to fissures within the party over policing and crime.

“Chicago is a major city and longtime Democratic bastion. It is also in the midst of a major crime wave that catapulted the incumbent mayor from office, only to elect a more liberal replacement with a history of support for defunding the police. The city is held up by Republicans as a symbol of Democratic mismanagement of urban areas, especially on crime. Incoming Mayor Brandon Johnson is espousing positions President Joe Biden has tried to distance Democrats from ahead of 2024.

“’I can speak to, and as we've done many times here, is speak to the president's record,’ White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters when asked about Johnson the day after he won. ‘[Biden] believes that we should fund the police and give law enforcement the resources they need for effective accountability and community policing.’”

Some of those “resources” should probably include moving expenses for policemen and area citizens who are fed up with the same-old-same-old liberal governance in what used to be one of America’s premier urban centers and have opted to move to red states – particularly Florida – because of rampant, un-prosecuted crime, sky-high taxes, horrific schools and a “woke” culture where criminals operate with little fear of official censure (or prison).

But Chicago isn’t much like a 1980’s John Hughes movie any longer. The deeply divided city (between rich and poor, at least) is symbolic of everything that’s wrong in America today. Its debt problems are notorious and the public employee pension bomb hasn’t even exploded yet. If you’re young and African-American, your chances of being murdered are probably much higher than dying of any other cause in the sprawling population center.

One can only imagine senile Joe Biden’s reaction when he heard that his party’s higher-ups decided on Chicago as the final resting place for his wayward political career. “Ah, Chi-town, I couldn’t-a chosen better myself. When does the football season start? Can we catch a Bears game when we’re in town? If not, a Cubbies matinee will do just as good. Just make sure everyone is wearing bulletproof vests and is armed to the hilt.

“Except for the decent law-abiding citizens who are protected by gun control laws, of course.”

Realistically speaking, what do Democrats hope to gain by holding their (most likely) big senile Joe Biden sendoff extravaganza in Chicago of all places, which has become ground zero in the murder wave sweeping the nation? Could it be that Democrats are already pondering a floor battle to elevate native daughter Michelle Obama to the nomination instead of the broken-down Delawarean should the dolt run and win the necessary delegates to be the nominee?

Everyone with a functioning brain – which obviously does not include Chicago’s own voters, who recently replaced national joke Mayor Lori Lightfoot with even a bigger leftist teacher’s union stooge, Brandon Johnson – realizes the Windy City is about as Democrat-supporting as cities get, and that says a lot. The entire state of Illinois is so dominated by Chicago politics that it would never give its electoral votes to a Republican, which bucks the moving towards the GOP trend in Middle America today!

“Big O” Barack Obama called Chicago his home, so perhaps Democrats would make him the centerpiece of their COVID-less 2024 pitch to America’s electorate, since they literally have nothing else but DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) fluff to “sell” to the vast majority of the legal voting folks.

Or maybe it’s because Democrats desire to conjure up pleasant images of their 1968 Democrat National Convention marked by mass leftist protests and violence! Here’s thinking the “woke” miscreants in today’s Democrat base – uncharged criminals, LGBTQIA+++ (whatever) “activists”, the proud folks from the Southern Poverty Law Center, limousine liberals, late night TV talk show hosts, the hags at “The View”, race hustlers, sex traffickers, gun grabbers, deep state higher-ups, illegal alien shepherd-ers, Mexican drug cartels, gang members, grifters of all varieties, abortion mongers, socialists of every predilection and a smidgen of “normal” people who haven’t yet gotten the message about what Democrats truly believe – could come together to stage one heck of a demonstration!

All police stand down for the Democrat voters!

Besides, why limit the 2024 Democrat national nominating fiesta to just Chicago? Kind of like they did in 2020, when the “official” meeting was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (not so ironically, the location selected by the RNC to host their own convention next year), liberals should fashion a “Democrat rot ‘round the nation tour” in various Democrat-run cities that are putrefying from the inside-out!

Democrats could, for example, set up satellite locations in the locales they’re most proud of, such as Los Angeles and San Francisco in The Golden State, Portland and Seattle in the once pristine and beautiful – and civilized – Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington, respectively) and then shift coasts to New York City and, drumroll please… Washington DC!

Can’t you just see it now? In the City by the Bay in California, Congresswoman and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi could venture onto the streets of one of the wealthiest (per capita) metropolises in the nation and get close up shots of piles of feces as well as widely noticeably used hypodermic needles and, if that wasn’t sufficient to rouse the typical Democrat backer, she could pan to closed down pharmacies and other businesses that shuttered their stores because, to the local order-keepers, petty theft and assault aren’t worth prosecuting.

Moreover, Vice President Kamala Harris could join Governor Gavin Newsom down south in Los Angeles where homeless tent city squatters appropriate every major boulevard, making going out for morning coffee (for visitors, of course) an adventure that rivals the most dangerous of thrill rides at nearby Disneyland! A friend who’d recently relocated to Florida relayed his spine-tingling journey amidst the decay of society to just pick up a good ol’ fashioned cup o’ Joe in the City of the Angels!

This isn’t to say Democrats have lost their touch in changing the subject away from places they’ve governed for decades and have permitted to decompose like the most unfortunate of victims of police pullback. Who’s neglected to notice that Democrats would much rather concentrate on keeping abortion clinics open than see their way to protecting life (unborn and otherwise). Similarly, as long as they maintain the teacher’s union’s hold on government school funding, who cares whether the kids in those violent districts learn to read and write?

Democrats often tout “climate change” as the gravest threat to the human race’s long-term viability, but how does the average resident of Chicago feel about that assessment? Is it more important to make a greater push to fund police forces and lock up criminals or to devote billions to electric car charging stations, windmills and solar panels?

Or how about letting the people of these blighted landscapes purchase firearms to safeguard their own persons, as is their right under the Constitution? Democrats hate guns, but they don’t seem to want to do anything about the illegal weapons used to murder hundreds every year in places like Chicago.

Seeing as education reform and crime are certain to be major topics of debate in the 2024 election, shouldn’t Democrats have taken their convention out of the news by holding it somewhere else? That way they wouldn’t even need to address homeless armies taking over downtowns or the drug problem that’s being made worse by America’s virtually open border with Mexico.

Democrats could then go on lying about everything that matters and turn their focus to fantasies based on “science” while scaring the bejesus out of anyone who values a strong economy, safe neighborhoods and a justice system that pursues criminals rather than political protesters.

There’s no sugarcoating it – Democrats bought the proverbial farm by opting to hold their 2024 convention in the running joke that is Chicago. Drawing more attention to the logical result of electing Democrats should come back on liberals in a negative way. The protests and violence that will ensue could make 1968 look like a church picnic by comparison. Democrats deserve to reap what they sow.

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