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The Right Resistance: Always a first time -- Crooked Hillary Clinton told the truth

Like a stealthy fox at dawn, the stimulating news passed by with nary a notice last week. None other than former First Lady, Government healthcare takeover advocate, New York

senator, Obama Secretary of State and 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton gave the go ahead for her party’s voters – and everyone, really – to consider senile president Joe Biden’s age in assessing his qualifications for office in 2024.

One imagines that reports of Hillary’s “confession” didn’t sit well with White House listeners, but if they were bothered by her candor, there was little indication from the powers-that-be – or from the man himself. For his part, Biden has been asked and provided an answer about his age for, well, a long time. Here’s thinking Biden’s advisors probably dedicate strategy meeting agenda time to the topic on a regular basis. They surmise the inquiries are coming and the president – or mouthpiece Karine Jean-Pierre – must be brought up to speed on the latest consultant-approved retort to keep the dogs off their tails.

Biden’s standard reply to the age issue – or whether he planned to run for reelection -- was something akin to “watch me”, meaning objective observers should assess his fitness for serving another four years with a skeptical eye so as to witness the old goat achieving accomplishment after accomplishment – like passing an enormous, inflation generating COVID “relief” bill at the beginning of his presidency or the “climate change” fluff stuffed into the badly mislabeled “Inflation Control Act”, or the pork laden “infrastructure” bill that the Democrat Congress passed with generous help from Mitch McConnell and establishment Republican senators.

Unfortunately for senile Joe, however, lots of voters also watch him shake hands with thin air, stumble up Air Force One’s steps, lie through his teeth about his life experiences and frequently mumble incoherent answers on issues that any high-level thinker should handle easily. Americans are also watching intently as the Republican House continues discovering and dissecting the undeniable corruption of Joe’s own family.

“Watch me” might not be the way to go for Joe any longer. It’s more like, “Look the other way” these days. Has illegal immigration ruined this country? Don’t look! Don’t look!

At any rate, Hillary said what she said, and now poor senile Joe will likely endure another wave of age inquiries. In an article titled “Hillary Clinton says 'people have every right to consider' Biden's age”, Julia Johnson reported at the Washington Examiner:

“Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton commented on President Joe Biden's advanced age, which has become a controversial issue as the 80-year-old's reelection bid ramps up. ’His age is an issue, and people have every right to consider it,’ she said, speaking at the Financial Times Weekend Festival … [last week].

“…[T]he Financial Times’ Edward Luce referenced a recent near-fall Biden had while at the G7 summit in Japan. He then prompted Clinton on whether this should be a concern. ‘It's a concern for anyone,’ she answered, noting that ‘we've had presidents who had fallen before who were a lot younger, and people didn't go into heart palpitations.’

“While she conceded that age is a fair concern when it comes to Biden, she pointed to a ‘great saying’ the president uses. ‘Don't judge my running against the Almighty but against the alternative,’ she recalled.”

The alternative? Presumably senile Joe – and Hillary -- was referring to Donald Trump, a man whose age is similar to Joe’s but who happens to be about a thousand times more lucid and articulate. I can’t remember the last time – if ever – that Trump felt he needed to reinforce something he said with “no joke” or “that’s my word as a Trump” figuring listeners wouldn’t believe it otherwise.

Most of what Trump said during his first term turned out to be the down-the-line truth and even the questionable utterances could be passed over as Trump-like exaggerations or self-promotion, which the lifelong celebrity is fond of doing. But no matter how much his enemies insist otherwise, Trump isn’t a soulless liar like Joe Biden, and that’s one personal trait that isn’t attributable to the president’s age.

Simply put, senile Joe’s been lying his whole life. How can you tell Joe Biden is lying? His lips are moving. No joke.

But Hillary Clinton thinks her colleague’s age is an issue? To be fair, later in the interview, the delusional woman did praise Biden’s record and stated that he deserved to be reelected. Since Hillary’s propensity for lying pretty much matches senile Joe’s, no one could tell if she was simply fibbing about the flattery part. Clinton probably figured that her family gravy train is somehow tethered to Biden’s “success” wagon, so she was compelled to say something nice about the dullard in that context.

This just goes to show Clinton’s decision to go public with her own personal thoughts on age doesn’t necessarily signal her contemplating another run. Hillary will turn 76 in October and age hasn’t been kind to the hag despite her staff’s efforts to keep her appearing fresh and capable. Here’s a sobering thought: if Clinton had won in 2016, she’d likely be halfway through her second term (having been easily reelected with a generous assist from the establishment media). Instead, poor ol’ Crooked Hill must confine herself to conducting interviews with any schlep who still gives a hoot about what she has to say, which isn’t many. But as perhaps the undisputed elder Democrat statesman not named Biden or her own philandering dolt of a husband, Big Bubba Bill, Crooked Hillary’s say still carries weight in liberal circles. We don’t hear much from her bulbous nosed “better half” these days, so it might be construed that the Democrats’ premier swamp power couple (can’t be the Obamas, since Michelle’s never held elected office before) are offering their blessing to the possibility of someone not named Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to challenge senile Joe.

Why is this? Why is Clinton opening the door? Because if she really didn’t want Biden’s age to be an issue to talk about, she could’ve just as easily said “let’s leave Joe’s numerical age out of it” – and that would be that. By suggesting age is fair game, however, Hillary seemingly leaves open the possibility of welcoming a younger, fresher and more electable intra-party challenger.

Strangely enough, it’s arguable that both parties are hung up on electability this year. All the hubbub over Biden’s age is indicative of worries that age will be too much of a drawback in 2024. If senile Joe were ten years younger, for example, there wouldn’t be any discussion of his position in life being a hindrance to reelection. Biden would still be on the top end of the spectrum for older presidents, but no one would think he’s either destined for another four years in the White House – or a quick jaunt to a dementia ward.

Another oddity -- age seems to be somewhat of a disqualifier for the voters, but not for Democrats themselves. Average Americans see senile Joe for who he really is, namely an old-for-his-numerical-age man whose every movement betrays his deteriorating mental and physical condition. Democrat office holders, on the other hand, view Biden and his crew of speechwriters, (light) schedule makers and personal caretakers as more than capable of getting them whatever they desire – the complete transformation of America into a socialist dystopia that even a western European government would admire.

That’s especially true now that Republicans hold the House of Representatives, because Democrats’ expectations for great legislative success are extremely low. Therefore, knowing that the easily manipulatable senile Joe wields the executive order pen is very comforting to them. Democrats don’t care about the means to an end as long as the results equal more pork for their constituents (student loan forgiveness?), more environmental regulations/shackles to place on businesses, more illegal aliens (future Democrat supporters?) and more emphasis on prosecuting political enemies rather than actual criminals.

All of these things are easily accomplished without worry for Biden’s age – it’s irrelevant.

A final factor constantly nagging at Democrats who might otherwise be open to the prospect of kicking Biden to the side due to age is the utter lack of up-and-coming talent at the state or national level. Establishment media talkers toss out California’s Gavin Newsom’s name as a presidential possibility, but Newsom isn’t marketable to a national electorate. It’s highly doubtful Americans are hungry for a greasy hairdo “woke” COVID lockdown proponent who’s so hypocritical that he faced a recall election in his own state.

Likewise, there just isn’t anyone – young, at least – who stands out as the next Democrat in line. If Biden were somehow convinced to leave voluntarily, who would be waiting in the wings? Certainly not Kamala Harris. Democrats have waged a hide-Kamala-type campaign virtually since the beginning of Biden’s and her term.

Michelle Obama’s name keeps popping up among the desperate, but there’s also no sign that Barack’s controlling wife is itching to step back into the political spotlight. By all appearances, the Obamas are enjoying the largesse expunged from their White House connections. Why would Michelle leave Martha’s Vineyard behind to spend summers in Washington again?

Hillary Clinton was honest – and right – for once when she admitted that Americans have every right to consider senile Joe Biden’s age in the two-horse presidential race coming up in the latter part of next year. Surveys suggest most people aren’t liking Biden’s leadership, and his physical stature isn’t going to improve. Just like with the country, it will only get worse.

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robert sanders
robert sanders
May 31, 2023


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My being somewhat less than a year younger than Biden, I don't think age is important. Democrats see the number, but they don't see the mental state. Yes, Biden was always dishonest, but he is now failing physically and mentally. This article is right, however, that the Democrats don't have any viable up-and-comers within their ranks. They literally are the party of old geezers. They should be dropping off in sizable numbers very soon, especially if they actually did receive the mRNA jabs. Let's see what happens next.

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