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The Right Resistance: Americans don’t love Biden now because they never liked him to begin with

It’s uncanny -- listen to a country music station long enough and you’re bound to hear a tune lamenting lost love, be it the untimely death of a soulmate, or leaving a lover because he or

she was unfaithful, or getting flat out dumped by a significant other. There are no rules in love… and country song writers do their best to reflect the limitless possibilities.

But what about never having been loved in the first place? I don’t recall any artist singing about it. Maybe it’s too pathetic, even for the big hair and cowboy boot wearing music industry.

If there were such a type of song, senile president Joe Biden would definitely be the subject, along with the vast majority of Democrats currently in office on Capitol Hill. Poll after poll and survey after survey reveal the depth of the public’s resentment against today’s ruling party, and time and circumstances don’t appear to be making the feelings any less intense.

Liberals and Democrats were giddy last year when some American voters’ sentiments slowly turned against former President Donald Trump. The noxious establishment media whipped the flames of citizen fright and dissatisfaction with the Trump administration’s response to the burgeoning COVID-19 pandemic, and the soap opera finish to the election season only added to the overall malaise.

Nonetheless, there was a tremendous sense of love and devotion exhibited by Trump’s loyal supporters, right up to the very end. That affection is enduring too, so much so that the former White House occupant is well on the road to launching another campaign to save America. More on this below.

But what about senile Joe? Whatever feeling there was for Biden -- and I’d argue there never was any to start with -- is now gone, so much so that less than a quarter of the public wants him to run again. The standard media explanation follows that Joe is simply too old and mentally frail to add another four years to his already physically and intellectually challenged being. But what’s being discovered today in public opinion samples is fairly unprecedented. Not only do Americans not want Biden, they don’t love any of his would-be successors either.

“[N]o favorite has emerged among the large field of potential challengers to run against Biden in the 2024 primaries. The I&I/TIPP Poll gave respondents the names of 16 other possible candidates, asking ‘Who do you want to see run for president on the Democratic ticket in 2024?’

“… Biden was named by just 22% of those asked, while 12% mentioned Vice President Kamala Harris, whose abrasive style, lack of preparation, and revolving-door personnel changes have drawn criticism even from formerly friendly Democrats and the left-leaning media.”

For the math challenged, that’s a little over a third of voters favor the current White House team extending their political careers. Not much tenderness there, is there?

Jones continued, “None of the rest rose above low single-digits: Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg garnered 4%, while New York Rep. Andrea Ocasio-Cortez, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Rep. Joe Kennedy, and Georgia 2018 gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams each attracted 3% of the support. New Jersey Sen. Corey Booker, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet all got thumbs up from 2%.”

Only garnering 2 percent -- or less -- in a presidential field where the incumbent rates a horrific 22 percent isn’t exactly a “thumbs up” for anything. Unfortunately for them, all Democrats appear to be weighed down by the poor performance and horrific messaging of the Biden administration on the headline issues of the day, the Afghanistan withdrawal, runaway inflation, supply-chain snags, high energy prices, no control at the southern border, the possibility of armed conflict with Russia and China, “climate change” fantasies… the list goes on and on and on.

Political writers have had a field day trying to explain how Biden fell so far, so fast this year, blaming this or that issue, or his own party’s congressional struggles and bickering to pass his welfare boondoggles, or the staying power of the COVID pandemic and emerging evidence indicating that the government’s efforts to forestall the sickness haven’t done much to dampen its effects despite trillions of dollars appropriated in pursuit of a solution.

Life is hard at the top. For half a decade Democrats and their establishment media allies perched themselves on a fence like vultures sizing up a putrefying carcass, tossing pebbles, snickering at supposed slip-ups, rejoicing at staff turnover, ascribing labels (mostly, racist!) and putting words in Donald Trump’s mouth -- no easy task since the former president always had plenty to say.

But never once did they offer a credible alternative that anti-Trumpers yearned for, like that long lost love crooned about and cried over in a country song. The 2020 campaign and election were about many things, but never before has the “Anyone but [add name here]” side been burned as badly as they were last year. Democrats were so desperate for a living body still eligible to be president (which eliminated Barack Obama and Bill Clinton) to be able to run against Trump that they settled for a geriatric half-century swamp dweller placeholder candidate who didn’t show his face in public and was only able to prevail because of mail-in voting and the presence of wishy-washy RINO governors and legislatures in certain states.

Biden was buoyed by the fact every single one of his fellow competitors was worse than him in the voters’ minds. Bernie Sanders isn’t even a Democrat -- he’s technically an Independent, though he switched his affiliation for his presidential campaigns. He’s as kooky as his bug-eyed looks and his supporters -- universally known as the “Bernie bros” -- are just as wacked out as he is.

They didn’t want Kamala Harris either, despite the California senator’s visible ethnicity and gender bona fides. Senator Elizabeth Warren would be a cartoon caricature in any satirist’s portfolio if she weren’t an actual living, breathing liberal politician. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg (on Biden’s team) was just gay enough to set him apart from the miserable collection of wannabes known as Democrat presidential candidates.

But now, at four percent support, what future does the former mayor of a medium-sized midwestern city (South Bend) even have?

Voters didn’t love any of them. No love to begin with, no love lost. Joe Biden is the sole survivor of a campaign where candidates eliminated themselves because they, as a group, were so wholly unlikable, incapable, irrational, unrealistic, unaccomplished, uncharismatic and unviable that they couldn’t win an election for fourth grade class president much less the leader of the whole shebang in Washington.

Americans don’t want Biden to run again because he’s Joe Biden, not because he’s approaching eighty years old, has lost a step (or a hundred) in the forty-yard dash of life or due to his corrupt family and lackluster political skills. They want to be rid of Biden because he’s always been a blowhard who lived off the taxpayers’ dime and made quite a career out of using colloquial language and passing himself off as an everyman.

What they really desire is someone like Trump, even if some conservatives aren’t sure whether they want him to run again. According to Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows, the movement leader has all-but decided he’s got to go for it to rescue America from the political freakshow that is the Biden administration.

In his recently released book, Meadows indicated Trump is bent on correcting one of the biggest problem areas from his first term, which is joyous news to his biggest fans. “During our frequent phone calls, he often tells me that he wishes he knew then what we know now, namely that when you’re running the White House, personnel is key. He says that he wishes he could go back and root out all the political appointees who worked privately to undermine his agenda. We can’t do that. But we can make sure that we don’t make the same mistake the second time around.”

One can only hope if Trump does run again, and wins -- again -- that he’ll have already prepared a solid roster of “players” who will be ready to hit the ground in a dead-on sprint. No more interviewing Mitt Romney for the Secretary of State position or elevating GOP establishmentarians to positions of influence and prominence in his hemisphere.

The media will label them “yes men (and women)”, but who’s in charge? Is there a better person to Make America Great Again than Donald Trump? I doubt conservatives will ask Bill Kristol, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, anyone with a last name of McCain (at least the late senator’s family), Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell or Jonah Goldberg for their input.

American voters in 2024 will not lament Joe Biden as a lost love (like in a country song) because they never much liked him to begin with. Biden’s political fortunes are falling almost as fast as Donald Trump’s are rising. People are fed up with leaders who wouldn’t recognize good policy if it smacked them in the face. Think of that the next time you’re searching for a radio station.

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Biden couldn't even resist talking about himself when he delivered a message at the memorial for Bob Dole. He used Dole's vote for Amtrak as a stepping off place. Who the hell goes to a memorial service and talks about anybody but the deceased?

Replying to

Biden has always been a scum bag. Amtrak is hardly a raging success either. I am still steamed about Biden's scuttling of Robert Bork's 1987 Supreme Court nomination (with the help of the worst Kennedy, Ted). And how he is doing his darn best to rival B.O. as our worst president ever.


So the reason they voted for Biden is . . . ?

Replying to

True. But those Biden voters do not believe there was any election fraud. So Biden is their boy. They own him. And they still should be asking themselves why they voted for this cognitive C-in-C. (And Speaker Pelosi is almost as bad!)

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