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The Right Resistance: Are Joe n’ Dr. Jill Biden having a marital spat about running in 2024?

“Really, you haven’t mentioned it at all?”

Such must’ve been the incredulous reaction of politically aware normal Americans last week to establishment media news reports that Dr. Jill Biden, a.k.a. president senile Joe Biden’s loyal wife, armchair advisor and reigning First Lady of the United States, claimed she and her husband had not gotten around to discussing plans to run for reelection in 2024. Never? Seriously? No late-night whispers behind closed doors in the White House family quarters where presumably even the Democrat thought-controlling brains of the deep state can’t monitor your conversations?

Or maybe the Justice Department goon squad only listened in when Donald Trump and Melania were in those rooms. If the Feds were willing to rifle through the former FLOTUS’s unmentionables (and Barron’s too?) at Mar-a-Lago, who knows what eavesdropping schemes they employed when Trump was president.

When coupled (pardon the pun) with senile Joe and his pals’ over-the-top “celebration” of the Inflation Reduction Act on the White House lawn last week just as the media was simultaneously reporting the awful inflation numbers for August, the revelation that the first couple (no pun here) hadn’t gotten down to details in their private exchanges made the two of them look even more out-of-touch than before. And that’s not easy to do.

I’m not about to play marriage counselor for the nation’s premier power couple (only because they happen to be president and first lady, no matter how they might’ve arrived at the designation), but shouldn’t joined-together-for-life partners talk to each other about what’s going to happen next year and the year after that? Add the fact that both of them are well past the usual retirement age and, again, it seems like they should share a little more, shouldn’t they?

Of course, both Democrats realize that senile Joe’s pension, along with proceeds from whatever business deals – or art shows – Hunter Biden’s got hidden in his hopper will impact how comfortable they’ll be in their ultra-Golden Years. One way or another, unlike the tens of millions of working and middle class Americans struggling to stay afloat in Biden’s inflation-riddled economy, senile Joe won’t have to worry about where his next meal will come from. One can only imagine future media photos of the former first couple happily cracking oysters and munching on crabcakes at their Delaware beach house after they depart from the public eye in 2025.

Or maybe the Bidens should plan ahead and put a bid down on property adjacent to the Obamas’ Martha’s Vineyard estate. After all, if Joe n’ Barack are such close associates, you would think a Democrat dynasty within the snooty elitest confines of Teddy Kennedy’s old stomping grounds would be rather apropos, wouldn’t it? But this venture would likely require some sort of financial boost. How much did Hunter make – and pass on to the “Big Guy” – in all of those Ukraine/China deals?

It must be nice being a Democrat. None of them have any shame.

But back to what Dr. Jill said about 2024 last week and how it impacts the real discussions on the next presidential election. Jack Philips reported at The Epoch Times:

“First Lady Jill Biden … revealed she has not discussed whether President Joe Biden should run again in 2024 amid questions around her husband’s age and health. When asked on the ‘Today’ show whether she had spoken about a 2024 presidential bid, the first lady said: ‘Not yet.’

“’He’s been a little bit too busy. Not yet, but I’m sure they’ll be discussions,’ Jill Biden remarked. But she suggested that he should run for office again. ‘You know, it is taxing,’ Biden added, saying, ‘I just think he needs to keep going.’”

“About a month ago, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted Biden would mount another presidential reelection campaign. ‘We’ll say this, we have said this before, it’s like we get it, we understand what the American people are feeling at this time. This is a number one priority, inflation has been a number one priority for this president. Lowering costs has been a number one priority for this president,’ Jean-Pierre told ABC’s ‘This Week’ in August, responding to various criticisms against the Biden administration. ‘He intends to run. He intends to run​,’ Jean-Pierre then stressed.”

I don’t know, reading this, do you get the impression that maybe senile Joe and his circle of family protectors and hired spin-masters are just being defensive, or are they covering something up? Biden certainly has been busy lately traveling around spreading more lies about how great his administration is doing on the economy and other topics in addition to attempting to depict every last Trump supporter as a fascist and a threat to “democracy”.

But you would think that there’s been a moment or two in there someplace for a little “pillow talk” with his main squeeze, wouldn’t you? Or who knows, all the hours-long rides both have been together on Air Force One flying to one of Joe’s appearances would also provide the perfect backdrop for them to sit down, be served a hearty, taxpayer funded meal from the president’s galley and hence set the tone for a heart-to-heart on important topics?

Here's what such a high-level Biden tête-à-tête might look and sound like:

On Air Force One on the way to another Democrat party campaign stop disguised as a public event, President Joe Biden rounds a corner looking for someone to eat lunch with. He’s carrying a tray with a neatly packaged warmed-up frozen meal along with an unmarked soda cup, and, of course, dessert. Upon spotting his wife perched on a comfortable lounge, Joe blubbers excitedly, “Hey, Dr. Jill, just the person I want to share chow time with. I ordered the cooking staff to freeze all of these pasta feasts with red sauce, so they put something together before we left. I’d told ‘em that I didn’t like the fancy stuff so I’m just hopin’ it’s a glob of plain spaghetti with Ragu on top. Sound appetizing?

“Get a gander at it! I’m so happy, if I had a tail, I’d wag it. Oops! And don’t forget the ice cream. Maybe we should eat that first so it doesn’t melt. Whaddaya think, Jack?” the chief executive asked in his best hyper happy child voice while beaming his toothy maniacal grin.

“Joe, I told you I don’t like it when you call me Jack,” Jill Biden replied tersely, trying not to sound irritated so as to dampen her hubby’s precocious enthusiasm. The president had been depressed a lot lately, worried about his pathetic poll numbers and the fact his affirmative action vice president pick was turning out to be a real ticket-dragging dud. The fragile man and his already overtaxed cognitive ability didn’t need her female emotions piled on to the burden.

And the normally deferential White House press corps had been asking him and his official administration mouthpiece, Karine Jean-Pierre, about inflation a lot lately. Biden hadn’t had to pay for anything himself for fifty years, so how the heck could anyone expect him to know anything about how much stuff costs?

“Sit down, Joe,” Jill commanded as though she wore the true proverbial pants in the relationship. “We haven’t had much chance to chat lately, since you’ve been so busy calling your political enemies names and acting like a little Hitler. And the times we are together you just nod off whether we’re in bed or not. It’s about time we confronted the reality that you’re turning 80 in a couple months, yet still you jump around and try to act like you’re twenty. I swear, honey, that mouth of yours must not have an ‘off’ switch, because it’s always flapping,” the first lady observed nonchalantly.

“Okay, doc. Whaddaya wanna talk with me about? Didn’t I tell you to direct all inquiries about anything other than the dinner menu to my staff? I don’t decide jack crap for myself these days, and I really miss having Hunter around to do the talking for me. He didn’t speak a word of Ukrainian yet he still was able to jigger a sweet deal with the European suckers using only facial expressions, fist bumps, flatulence, grunts and hand gestures. He’s a chip off the ol’ block, ain’t he?” Joe asked his spouse matter-of-factly.

Try as she might, Dr. Jill couldn’t suppress her sigh as she contemplated whether to broach the important subject of their future now or simply place it on the backburner like she’d done for years. Damning the consequences, the first lady opted to query, “Dang-it, Joe, are we running for reelection in 2024 or not? The ladies I meet at campaign events are starting to talk and the last thing I want to do is have to speak in your stead at one of the party rallies. I might compare Hispanics to breakfast tacos again or something just as insensitive to a different Democrat constituency. If I never give another speech, it’ll be okay with me.

“Speaking of, the breakfast tacos on this flying bucket o’ bolts SUCK, Joe. Can’t you do something about that before the next overseas summit?”

The president flashed an instinctive constipated-looking face before replying, “Don’t worry babe, my handlers don’t want you to speak again – ever -- and that includes just normal, everyday conversation,” Joe said reassuringly, disregarding Dr. Jill’s mouth dropping open from his guileless rudeness. “As far as 2024 goes, heck yeah, I’m gonna run again. Wild asses – or in your case, wild horses or donkeys -- couldn’t stop me from wanting to beat that MAGA fascist jerk Donald Trump again.

“There’re all these election deniers talking about fraudulent mail-in ballots and the like and, what about them voting machines? They say I wasn’t even elected King of these United States… I meant president.”

Dr. Jill frowned as she received the answer she thought she’d get, yet the news wasn’t any more welcome despite her salient premonition. “Joe, are you sure you’re up to it? All these Democrats are telling me through private channels that they consider you a broken-down used-up old goat who can barely feed himself let alone do another four years of this.”

Jill waved her hand pointing to all the communications equipment onboard Air Force One, the blinking lights and audible beeps alone were mesmerizing. She continued, “I thought you being president would be ultimately cool but it’s turned out to be one embarrassing, legacy crushing faux pas after another. I’m not sure I want to spend our retirement years getting picked apart by those awful Republicans. I’m not no Michelle Obama, put it that way. I’m just a schoolteacher with a phony degree, and, like you, an uncanny ability to f—k things up (Barack Obama’s words).”

Hearing this, Joe’s blood pressure visibly elevated with bodily fluids rushing to his face and he began grimacing and shouting. “Look, lady, I’m not gonna not run for reelection because Trump and those other MAGA fascists say I shouldn’t! I’m not too old to do it – everyone else is TOO YOUNG! I’m not too dumb -- everybody else is too dang SMART! I’m not too corrupt. Those schleps are too frickin’ CLEAN! ...”

Dr. Jill realized Joe could probably go on for an hour with his recriminations against anyone who ever doubted him. It happened a lot. The dunce was obviously bent on ruining himself – and her along with him – so the first lady decided to end the conversation prematurely and just bring the issue up again when the two of them were alone together at some point. Even if he’d said he was planning on actually going through with it, they could always use health as a convenient excuse to back out when common sense finally prevailed.

“Whatever you decide, Joe.” Jill replied patiently. Having been married to the hot-tempered dufus for 45 years now, she was used to his volatile personality and penchant for plagiarism and hyperbole.

Joe Biden finished his ice cream and decided he wasn’t hungry for the linguine, so he located the nearest POTUS trash receptacle and angrily tossed in the entire tray, silverware and all, while mumbling about what a mistake it had been to marry someone who would question him to his face... “I can’t even get respect from my own wife” he said to the lifeless cabin.


No one but the president and first lady themselves would know whether the subject of running in 2024 was brought up between them, though I’m guessing if Joe Biden were asked separately that he would say, “Of course I’ve talked about it with Dr. Jill – what do you think I am, a moron?” Any way we answer would get us in trouble, so maybe it’s best to just to move on and concentrate on inflation, crime and the lack of a border down south.

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