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The Right Resistance: As far as Trump’s poll lead goes, conservatives hope nothing ever changes

We’ve all heard the old saying, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

While this feeling may not always be the case for the constantly morphing state of American politics in 2024, some entities never quite depart the status quo to introduce new and innovative strategies for candidates and parties, which only serves to highlight the uniqueness of individuals such as Donald J. Trump. The one-term president and unfortunate victim of very questionable vote count circumstances in 2020 hasn’t known a day in his life that was the same as the last, and his perpetual forward direction has everyone in America off balance. In a good way.


Perhaps it’s Trump’s unpredictability that draws folks to him, but his penchant for tossing curveballs and amazements both astounds and repels at the same time. Some conservatives would like to see evolution in this year’s presidential race – and particularly from their candidate -- while others would prefer the result in November come similarly close to the way it is today.


Democrats, for example, can’t make up their minds whether they plan to stand by senile Joe Biden for his final campaign or make a strong push to shove him aside before it’s too late for their 2024 electoral prospects. Polls have wavered a few points back and forth but Trump’s lead over the incumbent has been steady for months, even if the totality of pollsters can’t settle on a firm margin.


What gives? Not much, unfortunately for the liberal party. In a typically satisfying commentary titled “Democrats want the 2024 race to change — Republicans hope it doesn’t”, W. James Antle III wrote at the Washington Examiner last week:


“In past elections, it wasn’t clear who was ahead until after both parties’ conventions. This time, the first presidential debate will take place before either candidate is nominated. Trump will be sentenced days before Republicans gather in Milwaukee to nominate him for the third straight time.


“Nevertheless, it is Biden who is the subject of most of the contested convention talk, however improbable, not the former president facing the possibility of 136 years in prison, however remote, while clinging to a 1-point national lead. Maybe the race will change after the first debate. Or next month. Or the month after that. This could, after all, be the longest general election campaign in history. It is already a rematch of 2020.


“Under former President Barack Obama, Democrats billed themselves as the party of hope and change. Those words still apply to their aspirations for the 2024 presidential campaign. Republicans want it to stay the same.”


Pfft. Hope and change. Political observers with functioning intellects recognized the former leader of Hawaii’s “Choom Gang” probably dreamed up his slogan while reliving the best of his smoke-filled fantasies while surrounded by Democrat apparatchiks paid handsomely to turn people’s aspirations into marketable chunks for the gullible emotion-driven low-information masses to ingest.


The Obamas – both of them – used Barack’s good looks, golden speaking voice and rare ability to strut across stages wildly waving his hands a la Jeremiah Wright, to convey a sense of wellbeing among voters who desired more government control in their lives. They wanted their rulers to take care of them. And that’s what they got, punishing the productive at the same time.


Democrats seem to be craving the same set of Obama-like persuasive skills from senile Joe Biden now, but they’re not getting them. Along with trillions in extra spending, systematic dismantling of cultural traditions, a Justice Department that tracks down American citizens and ignores accountability for wrongdoing, Americans got inflation by the truckload, which has put them in a sour mood. Therefore, Democrats want change, as Antle insisted, and they pray economic figures will improve without really doing anything to inspire the progress, that prices on the store shelves will lower themselves and the good times of the “everything goes” Bill Clinton nineteen-nineties will return to spare them again.


Yes, Republicans want the hypothetical status quo -- that being Donald Trump and his straightforward, common-sense approach to policy. They want change, too – it would be nice not having illegal aliens streaming over the border or to hear Karine Jean-Pierre’s lies and incompetent blathers continuing to speak for the executive branch.


And, of course, the thought of Kamala Harris heading back west to plague California and worsen Gov. Gavin Newsom’s foibles wouldn’t be all that unwelcome, either.


Let’s not forget that the debate Antle alluded to is now less than two weeks away, which definitely has the capability of changing the race status quo for one of the participants, though it’s hard to envision a scenario where senile Joe Biden makes headway against Trump in that setting. Unless, of course, that Trump provides the opening himself, which he’s been known to do on occasion when he’s had a bad day.


But, all things considered, polls have been favorable in most ways this year for the good guys. Republicans do indeed hope the good times will last well into the fall. It will save liberty-lovers from needing to bend over backwards to convince the fence-sitters to actually go out and vote and that the differences between the parties actually means something. Donald Trump may be famous for his braggadocio or exaggerations, but his willingness to tell it like it is is welcome in politics.


But was any of this year’s race unanticipated? The more things change… well, they don’t always stay static.


First of all, it’s surprising that anyone’s surprised by the fact public opinion hasn’t moved much. Sure, there’ve been more than the usual left-inspired episodes surrounding the Republican nominee-to-be’s ever-evolving lawfare political circus and the 45th president’s usual cast of witch-hunters keeping the liberal side of the spectrum enthused and entertained by ensuring that Trump remains teetering on the precipice of possible disaster, always seemingly astride a sinkhole waiting for the bad folks at MSNBC to finally push him into the abyss.


But by the same token, the purveyors of conservative media follow the headlines waiting for the slightest fresh senile Joe bobble that would shatter the proverbial camel’s back and change Americans’ minds so as to welcome the second reemergence of MAGA’s favorite president.


It was entertaining to watch as America’s 81-year-old senior care facility patient-in-waiting stumbled and bumbled through his ceremonial duties at the recent D-day anniversary commemoration in Normandy, France, seeing as Biden’s cognitive deterioration appeared to have accelerated rather than happening in stops and starts. Democrats can’t wait to get Hunter Biden’s dad away from the cameras at such moments, allegedly pretending not to notice what everyone else is gawking at in unison.


Biden’s few remaining supporters don’t see the proverbial Emperor’s Clothes, the swindlers having worked their magic to ensure Biden’s handlers are kept in the dark. It’s all a stage production. And it isn’t working.


Having just returned from my first-ever visit to Rome, I could easily envision how fifty thousand Romans at the old Coliseum sized-up the contestants in the ring and issued judgments with thumbs up or down based on the whims of the mob. Only here in America in 2024, half of those fascinated onlookers in the arena give ups or downs based on the antics of the broken-down president or the more-than-capable former president who is despised not because of his personality alone, but due to establishment media conjecture and hatred of his anti-elite philosophies.


Second, no matter how many times senile Joe speaks with a Democrat constituency, the message is always the same. Democrats rely on lies and deception to convince voters to back them, and their scare tactics aren’t fooling anyone right now.


Biden’s handful of addresses to black audiences the past month were greeted with discernible skepticism from the attendees – and the polls play out the appearances. Senile Joe’s speech last week shortly after the announcement of son Hunter’s gun conviction was particularly hypocritical (with the ancient leftist lecturing about the evils of gun owners, of course). The more the old dolt thundered about “gun violence” while side-stepping his own offspring’s complicity, it became glaring. And sad. Was this an elephant in a room for poor old senile Joe?


More like a whole zoo’s worth.


Democrats tried passing off Hunter’s criminal difficulties as though Trump’s were worse, the difference being the Republican’s key trial testimony originated from a porn star and a sleazy confessed perjurer who carried a vendetta for his former employer – and copped to it. A proven liar.


Lastly, the more things change in the 2024 race – if indeed they ever do – the more they’ll stay the same because Democrats don’t care, at all, about how bad Biden’s mental condition has become as long as his lackeys deliver on the leftwing fringe’s agenda. And Democrats double don’t mind if America is the laughing stock of the world at solemn occasions like D-Day.


To them, there’s no love for senile Joe the way there was for the Obamas. Biden’s not even likeable, and that’s the way it’s always been with Democrats.


Simply stated, Biden’s been a means to an end for advocates of leftism since he first burst on the DC swamp scene over a half century ago and began lying, plagiarizing, sniffing coiffures, molesting staffers, losing his brain (two brain surgeries), massaging shoulders, swimming nude in front of Secret Service personnel who basically were dutybound to watch him, butt covering for his son and family, guzzling ice cream and shuffling along the tune of family businesses that made him a rich man on a senator’s salary.


His only utility to Democrats involves bringing home the bacon. Or soy bacon, or whatever meat-hating liberals favor in our times.


Though yes, it could be said that the more things change the more they stay the same in most aspects of life – and it’s definitely true in politics – not every evolution is desirable. Republicans and conservatives would be more than content to see today’s polls continue on to November. Can we take another 5 ½ months of this stagnant bog? Absolutely.

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One small point. Your next to last sentence should read 4 1/2 months.

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