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The Right Resistance: Ask senile Joe a stupid question about his 2024 plans and get a stupid answer

Senile president Joe Biden keeps insisting on it, but the establishment media isn’t taking yes for an answer.

I’m speaking of the oft-repeated inquiry into Biden’s plans for 2024. Week after week the poll number news only gets worse for the politically embattled chief executive, leading to more and more Democrats going public with their dissatisfaction with him and wishes that he would just remove himself from the race before it even starts and therefore make way for some other empty-headed liberal to fill the D spot on the ballot.

Heck, Democrats by the busload are acting as though they don’t want senile Joe anywhere near them, and it’s not just because the man has twice tested positive for the Chinese Communist Party (or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus in the past couple weeks. Biden has reportedly offered to fly to various states and campaign with fellow party members, and they’ve mostly just bowed out due to “scheduling conflicts”.

We can picture the reaction when a White House staffer calls the campaign headquarters of some Democrat in a tough race only to be informed that the candidate is “busy” that day and time. In reality, he or she is probably out pulling weeds in the garden or personally licking fundraising envelopes – whatever it takes to appear as though not meeting up wasn’t a personal slight.

Regardless, Biden concedes nothing. He says he still intends to go through with a reelection campaign. Jeff Mordock reported at The Washington Times:

“President Biden intends to run for reelection, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said [earlier this week], despite meager approval ratings and multiple surveys saying Democrats would prefer a new candidate in 2024. ‘The president has said he intends to run,’ Ms. Jean-Pierre said during the daily White House press briefing. ‘He’s said that multiple times, so there’s that. I’ll put that out there.’

“When asked about former President Trump suggesting that he’s prepared to run on the Republican ticket in 2024, Ms. Jean-Pierre quickly pivoted to talking about the Inflation Reduction Act. The proposal is a smaller revival of Mr. Biden‘s Build Back Better bill, which collapsed earlier this year.

“’We have some work today in the next couple of days and weeks,’ she said, referencing the inflation bill. ‘We are going to focus on that. We are not going to be distracted by what’s happening with the former president. That’s not our focus.’”

I’m certainly inclined to believe Ms. Jean-Pierre in this instance, which could mark the first time I’ve ever admitted to accepting anything she’s said as the truth. Of course, the Biden people would prefer to concentrate on the prospect of dumping hundreds of billions of additional slush dollars onto the already raging inflation fire engulfing this country.

More irresponsible spending certainly beats Democrats having to defend their broken-down doofus of a president. I bet congressional Democrats would much rather talk about the latest Mitch McConnell capitulation instead of dealing with repeated queries on Biden’s age, too. The president’s caretakers have been searching desperately for something – anything – positive from which to base a political comeback or at least to provide some forlorn hope that he isn’t destined to be a one-term president whether he likes it or not. The president’s recent bout(s) with COVID have shined a little brighter spotlight on his overall health, right? If the very ancient looking 79-year-old can survive the terrible plague that’s killed millions worldwide, he can do anything! Senile Joe can leap the White House fountain in a single bound! And he can whip Donald Trump in a fist fight just like he did to “Corn Pop” all those decades ago!

To most Americans, the fact that Biden got COVID, then supposedly beat it, then allegedly got it again a few days later only proved a few things. First, COVID really ain’t all that dangerous. It might’ve been a bigger threat two years ago when it was new and scary and there were no proven treatments at the outset of the pandemic, but even then, the mortality rate barely registered on the radar screen for people who couldn’t recite a laundry list of comorbidities off the top of their heads.

Now, with the virus seemingly everywhere and treatments much improved, can it be said that COVID is still the dominating health bugaboo that it once was? If senile Joe got it despite the intense protocols erected around him to “keep him safe”, then what’s to say about the ordinary Joe in middle America who doesn’t live in a sterile environment outfitted with enough plexiglass to block any organic attack?

Second, it’s abundantly clear that despite Joe Biden’s and the government’s own assurances, the COVID vaccines don’t do diddly squat to prevent infections. Wasn’t staving off the risk of infection one of, if not the most, salient argument for imposing vaccine and mask mandates in the first place? How many times were Americans lectured about a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” and told, rather condescendingly, that it was our civic and patriotic duty to take the jabs because then we wouldn’t get the bug and transfer it to some other poor unsuspecting schlep who had the temerity to get too close to us?

It's been keen to see all of the Democrats, with serious looks on their mugs, assuring the country that Biden has been isolating inside the White House so he won’t be a threat to those around him. What a great citizen Joe is! He cares about our safety! Senile Joe wouldn’t dream of checking himself into an elder care facility because he knows he’s now the equivalent of a fox in a henhouse!

Lastly, Joe’s COVID bout reveals in spades that all the trillions of dollars the federal government spent to combat the Chinese flu – along with the lockdowns, school closures, social distancing, mandatory changes in lifestyle, cancellations of family gatherings, sacking of Santa Claus (to not have kids sit on his knee for a picture), and, most of all, the over-the-top 2020 Democrat hype campaign was merely a phony pile of foul-smelling bovine excrement that they used to defeat Donald Trump.

Remember how Dr. Jill Biden gave her portion of the Democrat convention presentation from an empty classroom in a COVID abandoned school? It might just as well have been backstage at a shuttered Broadway musical venue for the sheer quantity of drama that it projected.

Here’s thinking that Joe’s COVID episode won’t make him look more sympathetic to a skeptical public and boost his approval ratings. If anything, Biden’s common cold-like wrestling with the dreaded novel coronavirus will make Americans even madder than they were before. Don’t be surprised if Biden’s poll numbers drop even further, though admittedly they don’t have much room to sink lower.

Needless to say, this episode isn’t bolstering Joe’s case for another term.

Another non-factor in Joe’s political future was the news from the other day that longtime post-bin Laden Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri was blown to bits on his Kabul (Afghanistan) wealthy-part-of-town hideout balcony by a pair of hellfire missiles fired from a drone well out of visibility. Americans, including myself, rejoiced at the elimination of another evil man from the face of the earth, but we don’t have Joe Biden to personally thank for it.

It was quite the setting to see senile Joe speaking from the second floor porch of the White House with the Washington monument in the background. The people in the distance probably didn’t realize that the old goat was outdoors speaking to the nation, but what else can you do if you’re a White House manager and the man still has COVID and, as Democrats, you have to maintain the appearance of taking “precautions” to prevent others from getting sick?

It's safe to say all Americans were gladdened by another U.S. military accomplishment, but there likely won’t be any “Zero Dark Thirty” type movies depicting SEAL Team six acting on years’ worth of intelligence to fly in on stealth helicopters to kill the hated terrorist stemming from it. What fun would it be to theatrically feature a drone doing the assassination?

Not even this major victory in the war against Islamic extremism will help poor old Joe’s political prospects, however. It shouldn’t be forgotten that Biden was the only one cautioning against the Osama bin Laden strike eleven years ago. Perhaps Joe gave the go-ahead this time because he’s so senile and “out of it” that he didn’t even comprehend what he was signing.

American voters are so outraged by Biden’s crappy policies and arrogant denial of responsibility for the state of the economy that they aren’t likely to remember this win for the good guys in the greater war against radical Islam. This certainly wasn’t a case where chopping off the head of the snake will kill the whole thing, either. Removing al-Zawahri is a big deal, but most realistic folks recognize that it’s next-extremist-up on the terrorism totem pole.

And it’s still a long way until the November elections. By then, this bit of news will be buried under the weight of a crushing recession, which Biden is largely to blame for. Citizens won’t be thinking about a military triumph that occurred on Joe’s watch, but they’ll certainly recall all his lies about COVID and the fact that his mask-wearing self couldn’t keep from being infected.

By all appearances, senile Joe Biden does intend to run again in 2024. There’s no reason for him and his Democrat mouthpieces to lie about such basic future plans. Senile Joe doesn’t want to end up at the top of the list of worst presidents of all-time, so look for more promises and assurances that he doesn’t intend to fade into the sunset. What will happen tomorrow in Joe’s orbit?

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Aug 07, 2022

In U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing this week, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) questioned Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley, the U.S. Department of State’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, as to why the Biden administration spent U.S. taxpayer dollars on a film festival in Portugal that promoted incest and sex with minors. As part of Biden’s “LGBTQ+ and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility efforts,” the State Department spent $10,000.00 promoting “Queer Lisboa,” a noted Portuguese film festival.( jOE BIDEN ONE SICK FXXX.)

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