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The Right Resistance: Biden COVID plan would vaccinate the world and bankrupt the U.S.

When the news broke late last week, we should have all immediately felt better about the emerging hype concerning the newest and latest COVID-19 threat, the notorious (but not all that dangerous) omicron variant.

Why the good feelings? Joe Biden said he has a plan to address, attack and beat it, that’s why!

Rather than simply sitting back in his comfortable White House surroundings kicking up his feet and enjoying another scoop of ice cream on the public dole, our nation’s chief executive took to aggressively promoting his administration’s scheme to combat and eventually defeat the dreaded Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus and its various mutations, thereby setting Americans free from much worry and gnashing of teeth during the cold months!

In doing so, senile Joe positioned himself in front of cheerful Christmas decorations and talked about how the federal government -- which must possess an unlimited supply of cash and resources -- is hard at work plotting to kick some virus rear-end. Much has been written about how ol’ hair sniffin’ Joe needed something like the pandemic to take attention away from America’s real threats to the pursuit of happiness during this holiday season -- rapidly increasing inflation and nightly news images of gangs of thugs raiding department stores!

“I pledged to always be straight with the American people and tell you the truth. Here’s the truth about the new omicron variant: While it is a cause for concern, it is not a cause for panic. Experts say that COVID-19 cases will continue to rise in the weeks ahead this winter, and that we will see more omicron cases here in the United States in the days, weeks and months ahead. Our best scientists and doctors are on the case and gathering data, but early indications are that our vaccines will provide a measure of protection against this strain. We have the tools to protect ourselves and battle this virus, and I’m laying out a plan to do just that this winter.

“We are going to fight COVID-19 not with shutdowns or lockdowns – but with more widespread vaccinations, boosters, testing and more. We will beat it back with science and speed, not chaos and confusion – just as we did in the spring and again with the more powerful delta variant in the summer and fall…”

More on Joe’s actual plan in a moment. What exactly did Biden mean when he wrote “beating it back with science, not chaos and confusion”? This was clearly a dig at those who the Biden people see as “anti-science”, which includes all Republicans (except Mitt Romney) and specifically alludes to governors like Ron DeSantis and also former President Donald Trump.

At least according to Biden and co., Democrats own science. Annoying fuzzball Dr. Anthony Fauci said last week that “those who criticize me are really criticizing science” because everything he’s done to combat COVID has been science-based and specifically fashioned to save lives. Logically, then, it’s science that’s killed more people under senile Joe’s reign than succumbed on Donald Trump’s watch.

Fauci’s is the science that has school kids continuing to wear masks in class even when it’s been statistically proven that young people are at almost no risk from COVID and when they’re not sick, their teachers aren’t susceptible to it either. But that science be damned! Senile Joe and fuzzball are on the job, so chaos and confusion are on the run!

The only confusion I’ve seen regarding the pandemic has to do with why small businesses still can’t find enough people to work for them, and why citizens continue to wear masks in their cars… driving by themselves. Couldn’t the regime send senile Joe out to speak in front of one of the White House Christmas trees and tell people that they shouldn’t be unnecessarily afraid?

I recently returned from a trip to the west coast. On the fully-packed flights home I was seated next to folks who looked to be about half my age. They pulled-up their masks between sips of drink and munching on the meager airline snacks, dutifully doing their part to contain the spread of the CCP virus. Is this the “chaos and confusion” Biden referred to?

At any rate, here’s what senile Joe has in store for us:

“There are six key actions in my plan for this winter. 1. All adults should get a booster shot six months after they got vaccinated…; 2. We are expanding our efforts to vaccinate children ages 5 and up and keep our schools open…; 3. We are making free at-home tests available…; 4. We will increase ‘Surge Response Teams’…; 5. We are increasing the availability of new medicines, including monoclonal antibody treatments that have been shown to reduce the risk of hospitalization…; and, 6. In order to beat this pandemic at home, we have to beat this pandemic globally.” [emphasis added]

Booster shots, blah, blah, blah. Where is the “science” that indicates booster shots are any more effective in keeping people from a COVID-induced trip to the hospital? And at-home testing? Are they serious? Imagine waking up in the morning with a bit of a dry cough and going into the bathroom, saying something to the effect of, “Honey, where did you say those dang COVID test kits are kept? I coughed a couple times and I want to make sure that I’m clean before going to the kids’ Christmas play this afternoon. Hurry it up, will ya?”

How reliable are the tests? Isn’t this just another way to sustain the paranoia over the CCP virus? Why not make home test kits available for Strep throat too? If there’s a positive result, do you call the school? Stay home from the office? Isolate yourself in the basement? This is crazy.

Though all of Joe’s “actions” deserve a thorough treatment, the final one -- beating the pandemic globally -- is perhaps the most offensive. At first glance, many folks will nod their heads and think, ‘How nice, we’re going to vaccinate the world as we do ourselves. It’s just as Christ commanded to love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.’

But wait a second… that’s an awful lot of American paid-for love, which presents a problem. Who’s disbursing to vaccinate the world? Statistics say we’re rapidly approaching 8 billion souls on this planet, which means that’s a ton of COVID vaccine to produce and put on Uncle Sam’s credit card. Here’s guessing that some of the trillions already appropriated to combat the pandemic covers a fraction of this Yankee faux generosity, but what about the governments of these nations? Is there no responsibility there?

Did the oppressive capitalism of the United States make the world so poor that corrupt third world countries can’t afford to chip in for their vaccines? Or is this a gigantic tax motive for senile Joe and his congressional colleagues to make up for the nearly $400 billion debt cluster his welfare proposals would create?

Further, who gets temporal priority for the shots? With the hyper race conscious liberal Democrat sensibilities, won’t tribesmen from Botswana come before blonde haired, blue eyed Norwegians? Are we going to pay for jabs for the Iranian mullahs, too? The Taliban in Afghanistan? How about the countries controlled by the Chinese communists? Can we personally sign up to vaccinate Kim Jong Un? If the virus originated on the Asia continent, all those people are going to need to accept the shots or it’ll spread like wildfire.

Also, according to the statistics, just over five and a quarter million people have died from COVID worldwide (the U.S. leads the world. Is this the Biden version of America First?). As I’ve repeatedly argued, over five million dead is a lot, but compared with the total population of the globe, it doesn’t even add up to a rounding error. Why are U.S. taxpayers to pay the toll for making sure some sheep herder in Madagascar receives the vaccine?

Besides, doesn’t part of Biden’s “Build Back (More) Better” agenda involve dumping hundreds of billions into battling the dreaded, earth-heating and killing “climate change” monster? If “climate change” is such an immediate threat, why would we divert resources that could be directed at renewable energy into paying filthy-rich pharmaceutical companies to manufacture more serum for foreign populations?

Other countries have their own rules for dealing with COVID. There has been a plethora of media reports about the totalitarian lockdowns in places like Australia, formerly free bastions where citizens lost their freedom of choice and movement. Clearly, if universal vaccines are the solution, as senile Joe insists that they are, what about these individual nations’ rules?

Would he accept religious exemptions?

Isn’t COVID -- and the hysteria accompanying it -- just a sign of misplaced values? Seems to me that other chronic diseases haven’t taken a vacation during the pandemic. If the United States is borrowing trillions to cover the costs of stamping out an aggressive flu bug (if it’s even that dangerous), then why aren’t we, as a society, working harder to find cures for the various forms of cancer, or Lupus, or Parkinson’s disease, or Alzheimer’s disease?

Joe Biden’s announcement of his “plan” to confront COVID-19 over the winter was nothing but a PR stunt intended to steal attention away from all his other failed policies. By now, informed people recognize a Democrat snow job when they see and hear one. Biden’s glaring incompetence can’t be disguised or covered up.

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And wee can also rely on Biden's "Build Back Worse" insanity to further bankrupt us . . . !

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