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The Right Resistance: Biden’s ‘sell your soul’ deal with pro-Hamas demonstrators finally comes due

Time for a little “soul” searching.

Here’s a particularly relevant set of questions for today’s presidential candidates regarding this year’s election and politics in general:


“Would you sell your soul to the devil to win the presidential election this year, one which all competitors have routinely labeled ‘the most important of our lifetime, if not in history?’”

Or, “Would you completely compromise your principles, everything you’ve purported to believe in, for the chance to earn a few thousand more votes in certain key places, theoretically allowing you to win a state and possibly putting you over the top in the electoral college?”

Or, “Would you sell your soul to ‘save democracy’?” (Whatever the heck that means)

Or, “Would you sell your historic legacy to preserve today’s female human beings’ ability to hire medical professionals to kill their unborn child and therefore win the election?”

Or, “Would you willingly sacrifice your greatest friend to please a constituency that could help you win that state’s electoral votes and remain in office as well as cement your place in the annals of history?”


There are more “sell your soul” type queries, but these will do for now. Politicians of all stripes and parties would seemingly sell their futures (religious or otherwise) to win an election. Being president, after all, comes with a prestigious set of perks and benefits, not all of which are easily quantified in this lifetime. Who knows, for example, whether George Washington was rewarded in eternity for being honest and duty-driven to a fault, but no doubt the “Father of our Country” made no such compromises of conscience in his years on earth.


But these highly difficult quandaries confront contemporary presidential contenders, particularly incumbent Democrat president senile Joe Biden, an already shaky chief executive who’s faced with a daily if not hourly personal need to appease crucial members of his voting coalition, none that he can afford to ignore or alienate – or do without.


Conservatives can’t help but chuckle – a little bit – at what’s happened on college campuses of late, namely the pitting of brain-dead moron pro-Palestinian “protesters” versus the obvious “good guys”, the pro-Israeli/anti-Hamas students who are simply working at their educations and to live life with the freedoms that America supposedly guarantees.


I think Thomas Jefferson called it “The Pursuit of Happiness” in the Declaration of Independence, something that’s hard to enjoy when you’ve got entitled, hopelessly misinformed and probably leftist-paid miscreants blocking your way, threatening your person and, in places, assaulting you – all of which is against the law.


But still the Biden administration is hesitant to do what’s right, them essentially selling their proverbial “souls” in hopes of appeasing a bloc of voters in certain places who could decide this November’s election in their favor.


In the process, is Joe Biden going too far? In an article titled “Spineless Biden won’t condemn antisemitic campus protests”, Tim Murtaugh wrote at The Washington Times recently:

“And when Mr. Biden was forced to address [the protests] himself in response to a shouted question, he refused to take a side and, in the end, both denounced and agreed with everyone. ‘I condemn the antisemites, and I also condemn those who don’t understand what’s going on with the Palestinians,’ he said.

“Why the cowardly response? Because Mr. Biden and his team are trying to judge whether it’s politically better to support Israel, the terrorists, both, or neither. It can all be traced back to Democratic Party politics in the great state of Michigan because Mr. Biden knows he needs the 15 electoral votes from there to win reelection.

“Mr. Biden can’t do the obvious right thing and condemn the plainly antisemitic uprising from within his own party because he can’t afford to antagonize the perpetually irate hard-core left. He specifically doesn’t want to offend supporters of Hamas, terrorist sympathizers though they are, because there is a high concentration of them in Dearborn, Michigan, and he needs their votes.”

It isn’t often when the crux of a “sell your soul” type issue is so plain to see, but thanks to the human vermin that’s making a mess of college campuses these days, everyone notices it now! It’s almost like putting on a pair of 3-D glasses in a 3-D theater and instantly recognizing what it is that everyone’s been oooing and awwwing about the whole time!

Seeing as the Democrat party has theoretically always been a supporter of Israel – at least until the reign of Barack Obama cast newfound favor and pandering to evil countries such as Iran – it should be a no-brainer to do so now. Morals and values are on the side of the people who condemn slaughter and tyranny, human-rights squelching scum that burns and dismembers little babies, takes hostages, murders indiscriminately and then cowers beneath the earth in U.S. funded tunnels to hide from judgment.

Yet Biden still won’t say much about it. Perhaps silence and waffling was part of the “sell your soul” deal he made with ultra-leftist voters to prop-up and kowtow to one definable set of Democrat voters. In doing so, Biden’s lost his “soul” in the overall scheme of things. In case you haven’t been paying attention all these years, there are a plethora of prominent Jewish Democrat liberals in Congress.

The late Dianne Feinstein was Jewish. Chuckie Schumer is Jewish. Trump impeachment farce pushers Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff (running for Senate in California) are Jewish. The list goes on and on. What do they all now think of how Biden is handling the matter, playing to both sides?

Is senile Joe Biden so terrified that “The Squad” gals and bros will speak out disapprovingly of him that he’s willing to go against what he’s always professed to believe just to possibly keep himself in play for an election? Sell out his friends? Deny principles? Is the issue that unclear to honest common-sense people with access to a search engine?

We’ve all heard a ton of comparisons between this season’s leftist-inspired protests and violence to the incredibly turbulent year of 1968, where anti-Vietnam War protests disrupted and reflected badly on the Democrat national convention in Chicago (non-ironically, the site of 2024’s Democrat convention also). The visuals of police in semi-pitched battles with hippy leftist losers weren’t lost on voters later that year when Richard Nixon was swept into office just two terms removed from the “next generation” Democrat presidency of John F. Kennedy.

The scene in Chicago was galaxies away from JFK’s admonition to “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” The times of post WWII patriotic unity back then was completely gone. Social movements don’t always result in left-leaning victories.

Senile Joe Biden didn’t ask for any of this even if he’s being forced to endure the residual effects of his domestic and Middle East policies. By weakening America’s Trump-like stances on Iran and its proxies, Biden opened the door to last year’s attacks on October 7th. Who knows, maybe the devil’s come calling for his soul and senile Joe is merely trying to lie his way out of another desperate bargain he made.

Or it also could be that senile Joe’s made one too many deals with one too many soul buyers and can’t shift his assets around like Sam Bankman-Fried in vain hope of satisfying everyone before they all become wise to what he’s been up to. Democrats are renowned for making promises they can’t ever hope to fulfill, and Biden’s among the most proficient at selling his political soul for votes.

How else would a speech challenged son of a used car salesman without any real-world work experience have lasted for all these years in the swamp and become rich at the same time?

The truth is, the Democrats’ support for Israel has always been conditional. They sought harmony in the Middle East, but they wanted it with no price attached. The Democrats’ attempts to bring the two competing political entities together has been couched in the terms of “peace”, which essentially, to them, meant the absence of war.

Democrats sought “peace” through pressuring the Israelis to bow to the wishes of the Palestinians. In the process, Democrats appeared to forget that the Israelis were the ones who held the power in the first place, yet demonstrated remarkable moderation over the decades by not simply annihilating the pesky Palestinians whenever the occasion arose to do so. And it arose a lot.

Time and again the Israelis pulled back from total victory on the battlefield because of so-called international disapproval of what they could have done – should have done. How many long dead Israelis would still be alive today if their leaders had just gone in and “finished the job” of punishing their enemies to the point where the threat no longer existed?

Instead, Israel endured endless rocket attacks, SCUD missiles during the Iraq War (why? Israel was not a party to the war). Terrorist suicide bombers and needed to remain on perpetual alert to safeguard citizens from the enemy within. How many of today’s brain dulled “From the River to the Sea” chanting idiots are aware of any of these facts?

Senile Joe Biden should remember. He’s been around long enough. Which side has been uncooperative every time? What deal with the devil has senile Joe consummated to prevent him from granting his permission for Israel to do whatever it takes to make certain that another October 7 never happens again?

Right is right and wrong is wrong. The America-hating leftists who have infested college campuses, public spaces, bridges and intersections are illegitimate. The only reason they haven’t been dealt with more strongly is because Donald Trump isn’t president and senile Joe Biden appears to have sold out to the possibility he would lose votes if he did the correct, moral thing here.

We can only hope voters – and his other “soul” creditors -- call Biden’s bluff in November.

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