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The Right Resistance: ‘Bipartisan’ Joe Biden would substitute ‘politicians’ in ‘We the People’

Okay, you’ve got my attention. Okay, I’m mad now. Okay, I’m really mad now. Okay, no joke, I’m really, really mad now. Okay, I’ve had it -- I’m gonna kick your you-know-what.

That’s what senile president Joe Biden has sounded like his entire political career, but particularly lately.

Witnessing the political back-and-forth between Democrats and Republicans, it’s almost as though there are different stages of political anger. Like a Saturn V rocket taking off, there’s an initial stage where it’s kinda slow and looks like the beast will barely clear the launch tower. Then the vehicle gradually accelerates and moves out of sight. Final stages boost the speed until the outer atmosphere is breached. By the time the craft docks and prepares for the ultimate destination, a last stage fires and they’re headed away from the earth faster than a bullet from a gun.

Though not a perfect analogy, political anger builds until the last straw is reached and the two parties engage in verbal fisticuffs. Or worse. Thankfully it hasn’t come to actual brawls, and don’t mention January 6, 2021 as an example of a skirmish gone too far.

Democrats are obviously in the latter phases of anger in today’s political situation. They started out a year ago quite giddy over senile Joe Biden’s alleged victory in the 2020 presidential election. Then they took office and expected Americans to greet them at every issue intersection with bouquets of fresh flowers and sweet-smelling incense to usher in the new regime. Then, when things didn’t go quite as planned with their agenda, they lost control.

They got mad. At first their anger was confined to a couple members of their own party. When Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema and West Virginia senator Joe Manchin announced they wouldn’t bend on changing the upper chamber’s filibuster tradition for regular legislation, leftist activists threw tantrums. They followed Sinema around and chased her into a public restroom and picketed outside a wedding she was officiating.

Manchin received similar treatment. Leftist nutcases in kayaks and rowboats surrounded his houseboat and gave him no peace. They approached him -- and blocked him -- while in his car (a Maserati, no less!) and wouldn’t let him leave for work. They made life so difficult poor ol’ Joe must’ve felt just like Ted Cruz dining at a restaurant.

The anger boiled over. The final rocket stage was lit. Common decency and niceties went out the window.

Despite his lofty “I’ll be bipartisan and moderate” rhetoric, senile president Joe Biden acted irritated from day one. He said Republicans were obstructionists and didn’t care about the country; and that they gave safe harbor to white supremacists and resisted the government’s efforts to combat the serious threat of domestic terrorism. Democrats saved their foulest angst for former president Donald Trump. The media depicted Trump as a man always on the edge of an outburst.

Anger, anger, anger. And now, in the opening phases of Joe Biden year #2, they say it ain’t going to be about bipartisanship any longer.

“President Biden made bipartisanship the backbone of his 2020 campaign, but with this year set to be dominated by the midterm elections, he is pivoting away from work with Republicans. The president, who has adopted a stronger tone with the GOP since the start of the year, said in no uncertain terms this week that the Republican Party had changed, even since he was vice president.

“It is a party that is unrecognizable to him, he said at a press conference earlier this week, drawing lines of division between the two parties. ‘I did not anticipate that there’d be such a stalwart effort to make sure that the most important thing was that President Biden didn’t get anything done,’ Biden said during the news conference, also adding of the Obama years, ‘they weren’t nearly as obstructionist as they are now.’

“He cited a number of Republicans previously willing to work across party lines including the late Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) and ‘even, back in those days,’ Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.).”

Hmpf. Biden doesn’t want “bipartisan” anything. He demands submission and acquiescence. You might even call it surrender. Acceptance by his opponents of whatever he and his ideological brethren say is best for the country, which, as Joe’s first year in office revealed, was a complete federal takeover of the election system, appropriating trillions in welfare programs, scaring people over a flu bug, launching a justice department bent on punishing American citizens for what they believe -- and doing it all with a bow, a smile and a “by your leave.”

And, if Joe didn’t get it, he got mad, then really mad, then really, really mad, then possibly physical. Watch Biden long enough and his body starts shaking and convulsing like a Saturn V rocket taking off. Okay, maybe not. But he acts like one.

Many a political commentator has suggested Biden emulates Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his varied attempts to transform the country into a European-style socialist democracy. But by his speech and mannerisms, senile Joe prefers being treated more like King George III -- back when the British monarchy had real power.

His “bipartisan” crapola is all a ruse. Biden really wants RINOs, traitors, go-along-to-get-along types, the personification of wishy-washiness. John Kasich in the flesh. John McCain is dead, having passed away just before Labor Day in 2018 (has it really been three and a half years already?). Lindsey Graham used to be the symbol of RINO-ism until he became good friends with Donald Trump and the outsider president taught the South Carolinian a thing or two about fighting for principles and winning. Graham is indeed a (mostly) changed man (though he did go all-in on the “bipartisan” infrastructure sellout).

I’m a little surprised Biden didn’t mention Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins as “bipartisan” Republicans in his monologue. Each has crossed the aisle repeatedly in recent years to frustrate Republican efforts to pass elements of the Trump agenda. And weren’t there seven GOPers who voted to convict Trump in the stupid second impeachment trial? They were: Richard Burr (R-NC), Bill Cassidy (R-LA), Susan Collins (R-ME), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Mitt Romney (R-UT), Ben Sasse (R-NE) and Pat Toomey (R-PA).

Murkowski is the only one up for reelection in 2022. Several of them are retiring. Talk about “bipartisanship” as a group. What a joke.

Besides, isn’t there a “bipartisan” tendency to employ heated and uncompromising rhetoric towards Vladimir Putin and Russia over the Ukraine situation? Lots of legislators from both sides of the aisle display all the bellicosity and righteous anger they can muster to warn that the U.S. must not allow the Russians to invade its eastern European neighbor. They seek to admit Ukraine to NATO, which would be a mistake of historic proportions. When it comes to war, stupidity is “bipartisan” indeed.

By insisting that it is in the best interests of the United States to risk war with Russia over territory that is much more vital to the latter than the former, both parties share a “bipartisan” guilt. Mr. “bipartisan”, John McCain, was probably the worst offender, along with Democrat senator Joseph Lieberman. Different parties, same willingness to spill American blood… for what?

So why is senile Joe so mad at Republicans now? He never appeared upset when some of the aforementioned RINOs joined their Democrat colleagues to sink headlining GOP agenda items such as Trump’s border wall, repealing and replacing Obamacare and numerous budgetary items or reforms. Stop acting holier than thou, senile Joe.

Bipartisan for thee, but not for me.

Realists don’t expect “bipartisan” anything, and it was ingenuine of Biden to state that Republicans are the ones blowing the gaping holes in his success blanket. The half-century DC swamp dweller -- Biden’s never had a “real” job his entire life -- should’ve never promised something he couldn’t deliver. Despite being dense and a lot past his prime, Biden should’ve figured Republicans wouldn’t just roll over and submit to his whims in the name of naked “bipartisanship”. Who governs like that?

George W. Bush isn’t president any longer. Barack Obama couldn’t care less whether Republicans joined him on anything or not. Neither did Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid or, now, Chucky Schumer. You don’t see Democrats running with their tails between their legs to the nearest “bipartisan” Republican office to light up a peace pipe and blow smoke rings, do you?

Instead, they just get angry. And point fingers. And bellyache and moan about how the other side isn’t cooperating or being “bipartisan” or nice to them. Whatever happened to having a beer together, or inviting all of the elites to a backyard barbecue?

Donald Trump never emphasized “bipartisanship” in his campaign platform because his ideas were inclusive of the American people, not self-interested politicians. The ruling class establishment still hasn’t gotten used to the notion that the people are sovereign under the Constitution. It’s “We the People,” not “We the politicians,” … isn’t it?

Something even simpleton Joe Biden should be able to comprehend.

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From the leftist dictionary:

Divisive: Disagreeing with a leftist.

Moderate: Wanting clarification before admitting you are wrong and submitting to a leftist.

Terrorist: Actively pushing back against leftist ideas.

Bipartisan: Bending over for the leftist.

Patriot: Communist.

Trator: Patriot.

Systemic Racism: Traditional American values.

Racism: A tool to be used by leftists to divide other people. Also, a tool to oppress your political rivals.

Racist: A term to be used as a weapon against anyone that makes a valid argument against leftist ideas.

Disinformation: Any factual information, idea or point of view, that goes against the current leftist narrative. Note that today's narrative can be different than yesterday's narrative.

Criminal: A leftist constituency, provided they restrict their criminal activity to…

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Mike M
Mike M
27. Jan. 2022
Antwort an

Man you summed it up perfectly!

Gefällt mir

Mike M
Mike M
26. Jan. 2022

Bear in mind that at heart all liberals are two things:

1. Without exception all liberals are unmitigated Communist hypocrites. I fully grant you that some of them don't recognize that but their actions and their beliefs speak louder than their words. And their beliefs are to them what religion is to other people. And if you challenge who and what a person believes then you in essence are challenging who and what they are at their deepest level.

2. Without exception all liberals are at heart spoiled four-year-old brats. A spoiled four-year-old brat doesn't know how to do anything except whine and cry and throw a hissy fit when he doesn't get his way. And the more he gets…

Gefällt mir
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