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The Right Resistance: Black? Check! Woman? Check! Breyer’s replacement is… Kamala Harris!

At last, a safe, legal and convenient place to stash Kamala Harris’s living being.

When the news broke on Wednesday that 83-year-old Bill Clinton appointed liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was finally planning to retire (in June, after the current term ends), a flare was launched in Democrat-world signifying immense relief, a tinge of celebration and, where the senile Joe Biden administration was concerned, a shred of hope that perhaps the president’s pathetic approval ratings could be turned around prior to the federal midterm elections later this year. Not only will senile Joe now enjoy an opportunity to anoint the newest brain on the 9-member lifetime appointed high court bench, he was simultaneously handed the perfect scenario for jettisoning a heavy and intractable glob of ballast from his administration, a person who often makes him look even worse than he already is -- his cackling, maniacally grinning, nonsense spattering mistake of a vice president, the former senator from California, Kamala Harris! One can only imagine the buzz around the White House today as longtime Democrats drop in, bat an eyelash or two at Jen Psaki and then ask to speak to the president about the highest profile job opening in the land. Prospective black robe wearers could include the vice president herself, but more than likely everyone who makes his or her case for the Biden nod will conclude the pitch with, “If not me, how about Kamala Harris?” The Constitution bars easy removal of the president and/or vice president, but what if the second in command was tapped by the president to fulfill another important constitutional duty? There is no historical precedent for such a switch, but the Biden people may have just inherited the ticket to realizing their political dreams without having to do anything dirty, underhanded or uncomfortable to Harris, like impeaching her or supporting a party-wide petition commanding the woman to go away. Talk about a no brainer. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! A man who’s been hearing and deciding cases for close to three decades decided to run away from one of the world’s most powerful institutions. Honor him! (cough, cough). John Kruzel reported at The Hill:

“The timing of Breyer's departure is consistent with the modern trend of Supreme Court justices stepping down when the White House is controlled by the same party behind their nomination, a dynamic known as ‘strategic retirement.’ “With Democrats holding a razor-thin majority in the Senate, the question of Breyer’s possible retirement had gripped Washington, particularly liberal activists and progressive lawmakers. Many liberals had pointed to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death in September 2020 and subsequent confirmation of conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett in the waning days of the Trump administration as a cautionary tale for Breyer, and urged him to avoid what they view as Ginsburg's severe miscalculation...

“… President Biden has made no secret of his desire to diversify the bench, pledging during the 2020 campaign to nominate the first Black female Supreme Court justice. Many believe that among his short-listers is Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, a former Breyer clerk who was recently confirmed to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.”

Who? Never heard the name before, but assuming that the judge is indeed a woman with pigmented skin, Ketanji’s already satisfied the senile race-obsessed president’s short list of qualifications for an official nomination from him. Kruzel’s article didn’t mention it, but there are numerous black females in Congress who could also check the right boxes for the old goat.

How about Maxine Waters? Or Ayanna Pressley? Or Cori Bush? Or the infamous hat-wearing nutcase from Florida, Rep. Frederica Wilson? Wilson turns 80 this year and Waters is sneaking up on 84 years-old (in August), but in Democrat-land, 80 is the new… 60, isn’t it? In a pinch, maybe Biden could convince Massachusetts Senator and affirmative action crusader Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren to do it. The faux native American’s a little younger than the others and could change her claimed ethnicity to black for the occasion, couldn’t she?

All joking aside, Kamala Harris is the perfect fit here. For a president who can’t apologize enough for being born white -- and a man -- Biden is perpetually seeking opportunities to trailblaze for XX chromosome possessors and humans of color. Again, Harris more than qualifies in both respects. Add in the fact that she’s used the system to get ahead and slept her way to initial success, and she’s the right one!

There are a LOT of issues at play here. A Supreme Court opening carries with it so many interesting connotations, doesn’t it? Probably second only to the selection of a running mate, appointing a new member of the highest court in the land provides an opportunity for a spineless idiot like the current president to score points with his woke base, allowing him to perhaps bypass -- albeit temporarily -- all the problems he’s currently encountering with the base to bring them back over to his side.

By the surface looks of it -- and by reality -- Breyer was a an old white man, typifying the type of ruling class member Democrats love to disparage but usually choose to elect. Let’s not forget that the two most recent finalists for the party presidential nomination were similar in demographic characteristics to Breyer -- approaching 80-years old (or older), pale as a banshee in an amusement park funhouse and clearly eligible for admittance to a care facility for over a decade.

In other words, dispensing with an old white man is keen in Democrat-land.

The timing of Breyer’s announcement will certainly draw commentary, especially in light of the way Ruth Bader Ginsburg went out in the fall of 2020, just as the critical presidential race was reaching the home stretch. But the circumstances aren’t exactly the same. Ginsburg had been sick -- literally -- for years and made no mention of wanting to retire despite frequently chiming in on politics and clearly suggesting she wanted to be replaced by a liberal Democrat.

Breyer appears to be in good health and had resisted, numerous times, outright pleas from the Democrat left to clear out while there was still time to replace him with a collectivist Constitution-ignoring leftist like fellow justices (Obama appointees) Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. These outcome-oriented jurists cast aside the actual text of the founding documents to decide cases based on politics and their feelings of the particular day.

The originalist side was bolstered by Donald Trump, of course, who added Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett to the Court. None of them have been perfect -- as Kavanaugh’s recent ruling on vaccine mandates for healthcare workers revealed -- but all were welcome additions for conservatives considering their respective ages and judicial records.

The confirmation fights for each were legendary. Gorsuch, who filled the seat of the departed Justice Antonin Scalia, was clearly qualified. But instead of saving the fight for a more winnable situation, Democrats chose the occasion to filibuster his nomination, which emboldened the Republican controlled senate to exercise the “nuclear option” to kill the 60-vote requirement for Supreme Court justices. The choice was so clear even John McCain voted to kill it.

Kavanaugh was selected to replace eternal swing vote casting Justice Anthony Kennedy, and liberals weren’t about to let him be confirmed without staging a furious and embarrassing smear campaign to try and defeat his nomination. Not even dredging up wild and hopelessly contrived stories from his past derailed Kavanaugh’s final tally, however. The Democrats’ antics -- including Kamala Harris’s -- were so extreme that even Lindsey Graham yelled at them.

Barrett’s confirmation was rather tame by comparison. Maybe it’s because she’s a mother of seven and a woman. One couldn’t help but think Democrats weren’t going to go overboard a month before the presidential election. But a precedent was set.

Now, Democrats face the task of confirming Breyer’s replacement with a 50-50 tied senate. Mitch McConnell no longer controls the senate calendar, but he might be able to get his caucus onboard to unanimously oppose (doubtful with Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins) the new nomination, which would require Majority Leader “Chucky” Schumer to hold every vote of his own party. It should be noted that Senator Joe Manchin voted to confirm the first two of Trump’s appointees (he didn’t vote for Barrett because he said it was too close to the election). Will he vote to pass an ultra-liberal elevated by Biden, too?

Manchin’s unpredictability provides another argument in favor of Biden choosing Kamala Harris for the seat. The West Virginian wouldn’t dare be the deciding vote against his former senate colleague, would he? Manchin can justify his position against welfare and “climate change” spending, but could he get away with killing the nomination of his own vice president?

Democrats are dying to be rid of cackling Kamala, but everyone has limits.

Senile president Joe Biden’s interesting first year-plus just got a little more perplexing with his impending nomination to replace the retiring liberal Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court. Will Joe hear the roars of desperate Democrats to appoint Kamala Harris to the position? Or will he choose a different affirmative action wildcard? America awaits his decision.

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4 comentarios

28 ene 2022

If this happens, I believe all things will brake lose. When it does, our country will be in big trouble. Our advisories are standing by waiting for this to happen, so they can totally destroy our country.

Me gusta

Mike M
Mike M
28 ene 2022

It's not really up to Bite-Me Biden. He's going to nominate whoever George Soros and his false god Fuehrer Obama tells him to. But my money is on the following scenario:

Willie Brown's ex girlfriend is nominated by Bite-Me Biden for the Supreme Court. RINO's like Mittens Romney, Mushbrain Murchowski and Compromise Collins vote to confirm her because they're scared sh**less of being called a racist. Michael aka Michelle Obama is picked for VP and "she" gets the job for the same reason. Nazi PeeLousy and her Communist cronies invoke the 25th Amendment on Biden and send him to a nice retirement home in Delaware. Michael aka Michelle Obama appoints somebody like Sheila Jacka*s-Lee as VP and according to the…

Me gusta
Mike M
Mike M
28 ene 2022
Contestando a

You might be right. Either one of them would be an absolute disaster. Which of course is exactly what the liberals aka Communists want.

Me gusta
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