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The Right Resistance: Border crisis, COVID, racism, climate paranoia mark Biden’s first six months

We hear it a lot -- “Time flies,” and, “It seems like an eternity since (such and such) happened”. Or, “I can’t believe it’s been six months since Joe Biden was inaugurated”.

Okay, maybe not so much the last one. Though if you asked the average, hard-working “normal” person how long Donald Trump has been out of Washington and a Trump-hater the same question, you’d probably get “seems like forever” and “not long enough” as polar opposite responses. Hard as it is to fathom, the broken down, mentally slipping, hair sniffin’, shoulders massagin’, nude swimmin’, socialism promotin’, race baitin’ 78-year-old from Delaware has been residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for half a year now.

Gasoline prices have jumped well over a buck a gallon since and there are signs everywhere that inflation is primed to consume the middle class’s lifelong savings (where a recent survey indicated most people have no more than three months’ worth in reserve). The inflation bug is like an invasive horde of caterpillars consuming your expensive ornamental plants.

The political damage from Biden’s relatively brief (at least by geologic time) time on the job has been inestimable. Pundits always talk about a president’s first hundred days but then usually forget about what goes after. Senile Joe’s first c-note’s worth of sunsets included carrying out Trump’s plan to distribute the COVID-19 vaccines developed under “Operation Warp Speed”, bragging a lot about how great he was in pushing through a party-line $1.9 trillion slush package, dismantling any meaningful protections on the U.S./Mexico border and whipping the country into a frenzy over baseless accusations of systemic racism.

The sledding hasn’t been so smooth in 2021. We’re rapidly sliding down the slippery slope to self-destruction. Republicans should feature all of it in their campaigns. John Feehery wrote at The Hill:

“The American people aren’t stupid. They get what the Democrats have been up to. And while they may have been asleep at the switch in the last couple of years, when these progressives sneakily used George Soros money to win down-ballot elections, I think most voters will start to wise up. The message is simple. There are no law-and-order Democrats left. Vote them all out...

“Spending like a drunken-sailor, which seems to be the current fiscal policy of the Biden administration, is no way to hedge against inflation. It actually makes things worse. So, on this key quality of life measurement, the Democrats are going to get blamed. There are no fiscally responsible Democrats left. Vote them all out...

“...You can’t escape violence. You must pay more for basic consumer products. Your kids can’t escape leftist indoctrination and they must wear a mask while they listen to it. And you can’t even get a good shower. That’s the Democratic dystopia in a nutshell. Running against the Democratic dystopia should be an easy campaign for the GOP. Vote them all out.”

Yes indeed, vote them all out! All conservatives are anxious for the next opportunity to do so. Here in Virginia, we get a chance to make a dent in the Democratic juggernaut in just a few months. Some say that if the Old Dominion’s voters somehow wise-up and reverse a growing blue-trend that it could potentially scare on-the-fence “moderate” congressional Dems into jumping off the Biden bandwagon and therefore sink his agenda ship (sorry for the mixed metaphor!) before it even reaches the proverbial port.

No wonder liberals are throwing such a hissy-fit about so-called “voting rights” to try and prevent states from overseeing their electoral processes the way they should’ve been doing all along. Many a commentator has argued that Democrats were only pushing the “Jim Crow on steroids” narrative to keep their voter base motivated, but it’s really a virtual last-ditch effort to keep their power vessel intact before they receive their richly deserved kick in the caboose on Election Day 2022.

It's difficult to swallow how much has changed since Biden took his oath on January 20. Domestically speaking, most everything seems dramatically more expensive. We have people staying at home and avoiding returning to work because Biden, Chucky Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have made it more lucrative to do nothing (and collect unemployment) rather than earn an honest buck. COVID restrictions were lifted practically everywhere (but not in the airport -- stupid!) and businesses can’t get enough people to fill out a time card.

You’ve got phony and clueless coronavirus guru Dr. Anthony Fauci practically shouting at Sen. Rand Paul the other day when the Kentuckian -- who went to medical school himself -- accused the National Institutes of Health of paying for “gain of function” research at the Wuhan lab, and therefore having a hand in creating the pandemic that’s killed millions and tanked the world economy. Puny little Fauci ain’t lookin’ so cute and cuddly these days now that facts revealed the government’s in on the scam.

The still roving virus even has the Japanese so skittish that they’re threatening to cancel the Olympics (the opening ceremony is tonight) over the possibility of spreading infections. Vaccinated people (Texas Democrats?) are testing positive. But nobody’s getting that sick. Shouldn’t this tell you something? Still the drumbeat over mandatory vaccinations continues. Let’s see -- Wuhan lab plus increasing positive tests plus… not that deadly. Does it equal bad policy?

You’ve got illegal immigration at the border that’s overwhelmed the border patrol and stretched resources to the breaking point. The anxious migrants aren’t even slowing down during the intensely hot summer months, perhaps sensing that sooner or later the gringos up north are going to get wise and kick the amnesty crowd out of power. Donald Trump -- or at least his policies -- is smelling like a rose these days. Give senile Joe another six months and you could start seeing pitchforks and torches somewhere in the vicinity of Washington.

The FBI would throw the protesters in jail and call them insurrectionists.

You’ve got vice president Kamala Harris proving to be every bit as crooked, nasty and incompetent as conservatives figured she would be. Placed in charge of the border situation by senile Joe (or whoever is pushing and pulling the levers of the executive branch), cackling Kamala changed the assignment to focus instead on studying the “causes” of illegal immigration and then made an embarrassing official visit to central America.

Harris spoke to Naval Academy graduates in May and tried to convince them that their greatest challenges as graduated officers was to battle climate change. Forget fighting the enemy, folks, just grab your solar panel and get after those rising oceans!

You’ve got detainees from the “mostly peaceful” January 6 capitol riot rotting in prison while they await trial -- sometime next year. Many, if not all of them, are being held in 23-hour-a-day solitary confinement. They’re deemed dangerous and called “domestic terrorists” by Joe Biden’s Justice Department despite none of them having carried guns or harmed anyone in any way. Some of them simply were caught on video (which isn’t being released to the public) walking through the building with Trump flags. For the sin of believing that the 2020 election was stolen, their lives are being ruined.

Evidence emerged that the FBI was deeply involved in infiltrating and monitoring the plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer a few months back. How complicit are the feds in the Jan. 6 event which senile Joe and Democrat congressional leaders have called the greatest threat to our republic since the Civil War? Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland has kept his vow to devote massive resources to hunting down the perpetrators on that day. What a waste.

Internationally, you’ve got Joe Biden continuing to beat up Russia for cyber dirty dealings but not doing a darn thing to censure China for committing even more serious crimes (does China have something on dumb ol’ Joe that is keeping him from getting tough with them?). Then there’s the American ruler’s decision to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord together with his vow to make America the world’s leaders in “clean” energy. Damn the costs! Who cares about the poor?

The ultimate insult came recently when Biden’s secretary of state, Antony Blinken, accepted a United Nations invitation to have the international body look into “racism” in our country. The other day the U.S. Women’s soccer team knelt at midfield to protest “racism”. The Democrats’ incessant pounding of the race issue has led to race relations being seen at a new all-time low. Call enough people racists and it starts wearing on them. Here’s thinking there will be a new low in viewership of the Olympic games if they turn into a “woke” carnival. Who wants to be lectured by stupid ball-kicking athletes?

It could be said Joe Biden’s accomplished a lot in his first six months. He’s turned what was once considered the freest (at least in terms of speech and expression) nation on earth into a fractured dystopia where citizens not only have to watch what they say, they have to watch their backs as well. Transformational change is what the Democrats want. The only way to fight back is do as Feehery suggested: vote them out.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Jul 26, 2021

Wanted for crimes against the United States, those who allowed invasion of our southern borders, against the laws of the United States, Wanted also those involved in transporting illegal aliens around the United States by plane, bus or other commercial carriers, against established State and Federal laws, Wanted those involved in the spread of the covid virus through out the United States in Lew of International laws, ignoring Home land security safety laws an National CDC prevention laws to protect against the spread of the any virus ,Wanted those who appropriated an allowed misuse of government funds not authorized by congress to help spread any virus with the infected illegal aliens, within the United States, against all established laws. Any…


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Jul 24, 2021

Joe Biden, do your best to fxxx up the Country, soon, the 2022 elections will be here, the forensic audits will be completed, Everyone in the world, will know you cheated to get elected, the American people will insist on your impeachment, the Republican House will comply. You can retreat to your basement, or old man's home but you will go down in history as the Clinton did as liar's, and traitor's for all of history to be remembered ,enjoy your ice cream and neglect of our Country for now, but your choices will return to bite the Biden family forever, your own words will condemn you, it's not who get's voted for, it's who does the counting. God Bless…


James Bryson
James Bryson
Jul 23, 2021

A fraudulent regime is a terrible thing to waste.

First you assemble the DC Establishment, the Deep State, the FNMedia, the Big Tech oligarchs, the Big Money Wall Street CCP agents, the Fake Pollsters... blend thoroughly with a CCP Plandemic...bake and eat.

Public trust has been obliterated.


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Jul 23, 2021

Here are the Biden's at their best, Who, will show up for Hunter's meeting on his art ? Mexican cartel representatives? Chinese fentanyl warlord representatives? anyone seeking political influence, an in general any one of the many pay to play buyers. All keep in secret because Hunter is above our Country's laws as is his father. Biden's idea of Nation security use the DOJ as a political arm of the democrat party. The Biden crime family has managed to have criminals avoid bail, avoid petty thief prosecution, like Hunter avoid federal arrest for lying on federal gun applications, attack the legal gun ownership Keep our southern borders open in violation of our Country laws. Biden crime family profits again.

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