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The Right Resistance: Can’t we just send Joe Biden and the Democrats to Ukraine permanently?

You’re not crazy – senile president Joe Biden really did visit Ukraine the other day, fittingly (or not?) on President’s Day in the United States.

For an American president who seemingly struggles with everything, including getting up in the morning, it must’ve been exhausting for the man to board Air Force One and make a secret journey across the ocean (and halfway around the world) only to then be forced to meet with the corrupted little opportunist and former comedian/actor Ukrainian president and talk about, well, sending more bombs and bullets to the embattled eastern European former Soviet republic.

Did the buddies-by-circumstance chat about Hunter Biden and Burisma over Chicken Kiev and Biden’s choice of imported non-alcoholic beverage? We’ll never know.

At any rate, Biden showing up in a different country while our own southern border remains a leaky sieve probably wasn’t the best move, politically speaking, for common sense challenged Joe. Even worse, there was also the matter of the hideous environmental disaster unfolding in northeastern Ohio that wasn’t getting its due share of attention from the Biden led executive branch.

Senile Joe can trek to Ukraine but he can’t help the folks in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico as well as those in the Buckeye State? It didn’t seem right. In a piece titled “Joe Biden Fiddles With World War In Ukraine As U.S. Border, Railways Burn”, Joy Pullmann wrote at The Federalist:

“While forcing his own people — and those whose migration keeps the cartels supplied with the billions to buy military-grade weaponry — to suffer murder, rape, and other heinous crimes, Biden is abroad encouraging ongoing violence in Ukraine.

“War is hell, especially for the vulnerable — women, children, and the elderly. But Democrats and their military-industrial complex believe death, rape, starvation, and continued demolishing of Ukranian homes and towns are a worthy trade for a shiny new excuse to open U.S. coffers wide to high-dollar campaign donors with no oversight. It’s no coincidence, surely, the dollar spigots are also flooding toward the very same country that supplied millions to politically influence Biden’s family — and, according to his family, to influence Biden himself…

“Biden’s weakness is the Democratic Party’s weakness is the U.S. foreign policy cabal’s weakness. And weakness invites aggression. Photo ops are not going to reduce the threat of a world war. Patently weak appearances by Biden in fact escalate the threat of world war.”

Can’t anyone in Democrat-land recognize this? Nudging Russia just one bit further while ignoring the pressing but possibly fixable issues here on the continent is just foolhardy. Here it is in plain language, Joe: Nuclear war is bad. Budding nonlinear war on the U.S. Mexico border is bad. Appointing unqualified people to oversee departments just because they’re homosexual (Pete Butt) is stupid, too.

The American people must wake up before the 2024 election. Or much sooner.

One wonders who was the Biden administration/campaign brain who thought it was a good idea to send the ancient and barely mentally (or physically) functioning old goat Biden into an active war zone for no apparent purpose other than to pass along greetings from the American public – and, of course, offer up more Yankee taxpayer funded loot to the corrupted leadership of Vladimir Putin’s fiercely resisting takeover target.

Lots of bad things can happen when the leader of Russia’s most powerful enemy (yes, I said enemy) drops out of the sky and is spotted taking public relations photos with the leader of Russia’s neighbor (that would be Volodymyr Zelenskyy). I can’t speak from experience but I’m guessing Putin’s espionage team has spies and thugs everywhere in that region awaiting orders from their dictator to activate.

In other words, while Putin himself probably didn’t receive advanced warning that senile Joe was on his way or had even landed, the Russians likely possessed the capability of discovering the intrusion shortly after it commenced. This wasn’t like Trump visiting the troops waging the war against ISIS on Christmas Day a few years ago, where the desert dwelling hidden enemy couldn’t get easy access to a kill shot.

Biden flew into the midst of a senseless war carried out by crazy and corrupted autocrats to do… what? To get a few more shots of senile Joe and Volodymyr shaking hands and yuk-king it up for the cameras – probably for use someday in an exhibit at the Biden presidential library (assuming there’d be such a place – who would visit?)? Or perhaps to see whether Ukraine has an illegal alien problem like the U.S. does – and to query the Ukrainians on what they’re doing to secure their own border?

Or maybe senile Joe’s 2024 campaign minds hoped to appreciate how Biden would do on a quick but long trip as a test to measure the old fool’s stamina heading into a very crucial do-or-do-not decision coming soon?

When I first saw what Biden did the other day, I figured Putin opted not to try and take him out while the bumbler was within reach, mainly because keeping ol’ senile Joe standing erect and mumbling incoherently is much more valuable to the Russian war cause than taking the American chief to the floor and having Kamala Harris become president. Joe is imminently predictable. Kamala, not so much!

The biggest challenge for a president Kamala would be finding Ukraine and Russia on the map. Who knows – maybe she could be persuaded to use the big, big weapons that even Biden wouldn’t give the okay to. Why would Putin ever want to chance it?

Again, the larger question for Democrats is why would their party leader take such a risk for so little prospective political gain? Here’s thinking Biden and the Washington establishment (which certainly includes Republican Mitch McConnell and the remaining GOP neocons in power) will eventually regret their rhetoric over championing Ukraine, since they’re the ones who will ultimately be blamed for the calamity waiting to happen there.

Because American pols made it personal, Vladimir Putin would rather chew off his right arm than withdraw from Ukraine without major territorial concessions from the invaded country. Russia has the resources to keep the fight going for a long time… but does Ukraine? Anyone who’s ever played the boardgame “Axis and Allies” knows that the side with the most stuff – men, manufacturing capability, military innovation and money – almost always wins the conflict.

Putin has all of these things at his disposal. Despite reports that Russia is “losing” the war, this may or may not be true today, but will it still be correct a year from now? Does Putin figure to bow to political pressure from the western “world community” to exit nicely? Will Russia’s burgeoning alliance and commercial partnership with Red China make a difference?

You bet it will. China has every incentive to help keep the Russians viable in Ukraine because they understand that Biden – and therefore, the U.S. – will keep dumping billions into a war with no definition, no objective and no conditions for ending it. Senile Joe won’t even talk about the possibility of a negotiated peace with Russia retaining some of the land it conquered.

Biden is a moron for risking all of NATO’s capability over Ukraine. And senile Joe owns the results, too. Even the establishment media can’t fault Donald Trump for this one. If the war goes badly this year – and/or next – it will morph into a major U.S. campaign issue at a very inopportune time for Joe Biden. If he runs for reelection – and it looks as though he will – the Democrats will be stuck with him after the primaries are over.

This little “secret” stunt won’t look so promising then, will it?

Neither will the Biden administration’s continued neglect of the massive illegal immigration crisis along the line with Mexico (and increasingly, the northern border with Canada, too). It’s highly doubtful that the millions of Americans who are appalled at the federal government’s lack of response to the influx of throngs of illegal foreigners will result in Democrat victories next time around.

Liberals can only hide behind abortion and media scaremongering about Donald Trump, Gov. Ron DeSantis and the “woke” leftist cultural agenda for so long. Sooner or later they must answer for the policy droppings they’ve deposited during senile Joe’s tenure. And Democrats won’t be given credence for being environmentally sensitive when the very visible travesty in Ohio is there to refute the false impression.

Don’t forget that Speaker Kevin McCarthy has opened the video floodgates to what really happened on January 6, 2021. The other side of the “insurrection” story is about to be told. And all the Ukraine jaunts in the world aren’t going to help Biden then.

The headline from senile Joe Biden’s strange day-trip to Ukraine should’ve read: “Ill-advised surprise presidential visit to Ukraine to cost Democrats the White House and Senate in 2024”. The politically tone-deaf liberal party won’t be able to manufacture enough mail-in votes to steal the results in 2024. Or at least we can hope so.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins

Current world events are due to the Biden's corruption lack of ability to think and leadership. When Biden met with Putin he saw a corrupt old man, weak in resolve went back to Russia and attacked Ukraine. When China was given Afghanistan by the bought and paid for Biden crime family they could not contain their expansion ideas with little or no obstacles to worry about from the USA. Biden runs around Europe accomplishing nothing, Trump strengthen NATO had members become financially current for it's own defense and strength. After only two years in office Biden has done his best to kill America with his China first policy, shortages, weak Cabinet appointments, inflation, debt and no plan to resolve the…

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