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The Right Resistance: Civil disobedience, red thongs, and what I really want for Christmas

With only a few shopping days left until Christmas, it’s time to finalize lists of potential gifts for loved ones and friends who’ve meant the most to us in the past year.

Whenever someone asks me what I want, I usually answer, “The things I want for Christmas aren’t found in a store and they don’t cost anything.” It’s a nice sounding answer, isn’t it? How about a little peace, love and affection for the holidays? Or an extra thought and prayer for those in need, or, most importantly, a little less commercialism and a little more reflection and devotion to the true “reason for the season”? Last time I checked, Santa Claus wasn’t born in a manger and the Disney Pixar movies have nothing to do with Christmas. This would bring Christmas back in line with the old days when department stores didn’t set up seasonal displays before Halloween and the airwaves weren’t constantly bombarded with ads about this or that electronic device that you can’t afford and probably couldn’t figure out how to work, anyway. But in essence, my above referenced request is not wholly true. After enduring a 2021 that was equal to, if not worse, than the inexplicably horrible year that was 2020, one of the things I earnestly want is a reversal of the current political fortunes, and that won’t be inexpensive. For those who complain about everything being politicized and divided between the two major parties these days, recent times should’ve proven -- in spades -- that decisions by elected officials impact all of our lives. And who makes those decisions? Policymakers. Whether we like it or not, politicians (at least the ones who win) are either Republicans or Democrats. So it’s time to work to get conservative Republicans elected at all levels of government in 2022. Not all conservatives are Republicans and not all Republicans are conservatives, but the occasional Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger and Lisa Murkowski notwithstanding, choosing a GOPer is better than a Democrat almost every time. As a side note, why doesn’t Tulsi Gabbard run as a Republican in impossibly blue Hawaii? She’s still a diehard liberal, but at least she talks to conservatives. Getting our way ten percent of the time would still beat getting our way none of the time like with the standard leftist Democrat. At any rate, the GOP’s electoral prospects appear to be improving every moment, due in large part to independents turning away from senile Joe Biden and the Democrats in droves. One sure sign of Democrat desperation is the party’s feet-first leap into the blame game concerning inflation. When liberals start pointing the finger at producers, watch out. Zachary Halaschak reported at The Washington Examiner:

“Democrats are increasingly blaming producers of goods for high prices as rising inflation drags down President Joe Biden's approval ratings and threatens the party's prospects.

“For most of this year, the messaging from the Left has been that high inflation, rather than being attributable to government spending or monetary policy, is merely a temporary phenomenon that will start decreasing. That notion has not turned out to be correct, and inflation clocked in at a 39-year high this month. Now, some Democrats are pointing their fingers at big business and corporate greed…

“The higher prices prompted President Joe Biden to call upon the Federal Trade Commission to launch an investigation into oil and gas companies. He claimed their ‘anti-consumer’ behavior is behind the inflated gasoline costs.”

This is nothing new. Every election cycle Democrats demonize energy companies for high prices whether the wholesale cost is way down or way up. Naturally, anyone who works for such a business is depicted as both greedy and not giving a hoot about polluting the environment. Oil companies are easy targets for the weak-minded, just as tobacco operations were the scapegoat for trying to make money off of selling… tobacco products.

Not to get off track, but where’s the outrage over the health issues associated with legalized marijuana? Is pot good and tobacco bad?

This feigned outrage makes a lot of sense, actually. Democrats are always searching for new avenues to pin liability on gun manufacturers when some (usually leftist) wacko pops a bolt and shoots up someplace where there are kids or a lot of people. I’m a little surprised liberals didn’t make a push to ban SUVs after the senseless Waukesha, Wisconsin murders over the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s the car’s fault, it drove itself!

Never mind that the perpetrator was a black supremacist who hated white people, a proven criminal who’d just been sprung from jail after he’d been arrested for… trying to run someone over.

By siccing the feds on oil companies, it appears to the gullible and uninformed that senile Joe and crew are actually doing something to relieve the pain ordinary folks are experiencing at the gas pump. According to Halaschak’s report, some Democrats are also going after meat producers for high prices for beef and poultry. None other than “Pocahontas” Liz Warren is on the case. If Pocahontas can’t do it, no one can!

Perhaps Democrats are running short on ways to blame everything on COVID. Word emerged last week that fuzzball Dr. Anthony Fauci is up to his old tricks again, sending out warnings against the “Omicron” variant of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus. Not a single person has died in the United States thus far from Omicron, but people must still be terrorized or else they won’t listen to the authorities!

If we had more Republicans, it’s possible Fauci’s leash would be much, much shorter and the constitutional violations would’ve been much, much fewer.

In his tyrannical glory, Fauci indicated that the best way to fight Omicron is to adhere to wearing masks indoors. Like we didn’t already do that for almost two years (where it’s mandated, that is) and the CCP virus in its different forms has still spread around the world a zillion times, including in places where masking is universal.

All the protocols in the world haven’t stopped the spread of COVID in the NFL this year, either. It’s almost getting comical to read the reports of team X having multiple players on the “list” of poor souls who contracted (or at least tested positive for) the bug. The aptly named Washington Football Team had over 20 players with the stupid COVID designation last week, including all but one of its defensive linemen. This is absurd… no one’s sick, but they’re being ruled out of games close to playoff time anyway.

It's conceivable if not probable that the teams who make the playoffs will have been aided by a non-football related set of unnecessary precautions. Anyone feel good about this? Rise up!

One particularly astute Florida man took to wearing a woman’s red thong over his face when in the airport and on flights until he was kicked off a United Airlines plane by the Ken and Karen crew. For added emphasis he also sported a “Let’s Go Brandon!” shirt. Talk about classic civil disobedience! Someone within the Republican party should get this guy’s contact information and beg him to run for office. He’s got the perfect prop for a campaign poster, doesn’t he?

Folks in tornado ravaged areas of the country also displayed a little civil disobedience of their own when senile president Joe visited their region last week, chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!” as the doddering dunce surveyed the damage. Who said everything is politicized these days?

What do I want for Christmas? A big slice of the old America back. A country where citizens from all walks of life banded together to select a political outsider to run on the Republican ticket, then elect him president. I want to see more citizens speaking common sense and defying the powers-that-be when it comes to COVID policy. We’ve all had more than enough experience with the pandemic throughout 2020 and 2021.

Like the red thong guy in Florida, we’re all qualified to assess for ourselves the level of danger and act accordingly. For those in the threatened health categories, continue to take added precautions to keep yourselves safe. For everyone else, do as much or as little as you feel compelled to do.

We all need to think about what it’s going to take to bring some semblance of sanity back to the nation we grew up in and still love despite the best efforts of the ruling class elites and the political establishment to destroy all hope and faith in people to live free and stop bowing down to the dictates and blather of men like senile Joe and fuzzball Fauci.

Here’s hoping that the coming year will result in much better political outcomes. We Virginians got the trend started last month, and it’s up to the rest of the country to reject the pandering and falsities of the Democrats just as we did in the Old Dominion. If more Republicans come to power in 2023, some of the damage can be reversed before it’s too late. As for the rest? Time will tell.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Dec 20, 2021

JOE MANCHIN JUST SAVED SOCIAL SECURITY AND THE DEMOCRATS ARE PISSED OFF, BIDEN AND THE DEMOCRATS ARE TRYING TO KILL SOCIAL SECURITY, HOW MUCH MONEY HAVE THE ILLEGALS PAID INTO SOCIAL SECURITY? ZERO DEMOCRATS ARE NO LONGER AMERICNS. The Democrats’ new spending bill is 2,135 pages and costs an estimated $1.75 trillion. A provision has been discovered tucked away on page 1,647.Democrats have likely kept this hidden over fears it could cause even greater disagreement over the bill. Steven Camarota, a researcher with the Center for Immigration Studies, confirmed to Fox News that he estimates this provision will lead to an extra $2.3 billion in payouts to illegal immigrants who have U.S.-born children. The provision would end the requirement of…

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