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The Right Resistance: ‘Clueless Joe’ Biden tears down Border Wall of Dreams, illegal aliens come

The saying was made universally famous by the 1989 baseball themed movie, “Field of Dreams” where the main character, Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella, played by Kevin Costner, is beckoned by a mysterious voice to plow under his cornfield to build a baseball diamond in hope of attracting the ghostly remnants of the sport’s vaunted past (most notably “Shoeless Joe” Jackson). Of course, Costner’s character does as commanded and the spirits do indeed visit the Hawkeye State, almost if on cue. Would you expect otherwise? Unlike most films I refer to in this column, I wasn’t a huge fan of “Field of Dreams” despite it having deep midwestern corn country roots (like I do), an actor I am partial to and a premise that’s right out of the handbook of American history lore. Who can say? It didn’t work for me. Too unrealistic, perhaps? At any rate, the celebrated saying is just as relevant these days because the opposite happens to be true, too. “Tear it down (or in this case, don’t finish it) and they will come.” Put another way, if you have a president -- now played by “Clueless Joe” Biden -- who opts to change or ignore federal immigration law with the stroke of his executive pen, then lots and lots of illegal immigrants start coming. No apparitions involved in this one, “Clueless Joe”. These people are playing for real, and there’s no sign they intend to go back from which they came like the obedient spooks did in “Field of Dreams.” Anna Giaritelli reported at The Washington Examiner last week:

“The Biden administration is facing a rapidly developing problem at the U.S.-Mexico border as a result of one Mexican region’s refusal to take back Central American families who were apprehended illegally crossing into the United States. “Border Patrol agents working in the southern border’s busiest region for illegal migration stopped returning to Mexico families with children 12 years old and younger and were so overwhelmed that they began to release families out of the backdoors of holding stations … “The Biden administration does not yet have a solution when it comes to responding to a large influx of people on the border though it opposes the widespread use of detention, especially on families or children. It recently announced it would no longer force asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico for months while their cases progress through the U.S. legal system.”

It’s déjà vu all over again. Grab a kid -- doesn’t matter if he or she is actually your child -- face east and real sudden-like, turn left. Caravan or not, they’re making their way here, all because of “Clueless Joe”!

This was all imminently predictable. Joe Biden campaigned on the notion of official compassion and amnesty for illegal immigrants and among his first executive actions was canceling construction on the U.S./Mexico border wall that President Donald Trump worked so hard to get through Congress (as everyone knows, Nancy and Chucky wouldn’t pass it, so Trump found other means to pay for it) as well as to announce that deportations would be halted for his first 100 days as White House occupant.

Giaritelli’s report is certainly worth reading in its entirety. There’s a huge stepped-up migration of central American whole family units since it became widely accepted (at least in the media) that Joe Biden won the election. Because of the Democrats’ demagoguing the issue during Trump’s four years as president, U.S. immigration authorities no longer separate families. The court system can’t handle the numbers, either. Now these “undocumenteds” are basically being released into America without anything inhibiting them from venturing further into the interior of the fruited plain.

It doesn’t take a lawyer or even anyone with a reasonably functioning intellect to figure that telling a certain class of people -- illegal immigrants -- that they’ll enjoy a three-plus month law-enforcement-free holiday in the welfare kingdom that is the United States… Well, someone had to realize they’d be heading towards the promised land in droves, wouldn’t they?

If you didn’t know better, you’d think “Clueless Joe’s” people sponsored ads in the impacted countries beckoning families to make the journey without fear of being stopped at the border and subsequently returned to their homelands with shame on their faces and their worldly goods strapped to their backs.

Like a timeshare sales pitch, a free vacation is waiting for you! Olé!

Couple this with the fact “Clueless Joe” decreed that we can’t deport anybody and it’s Cinco de Mayo -- or whatever holiday the newcomers choose to observe -- everywhere you look. The detention facilities are way past capacity and the border patrol is powerless to do anything about it. Now that Mexico is showing signs of ceasing cooperation on slowing down or stopping central American migrants, there’s a heck of a problem, isn’t there?

Keep in mind this is happening among a greater push by “Clueless Joe’s” administration to crack down on COVID-19 violators who happen to be American citizens. If you’re on federal property and not wearing a mask, the feds might very well haul you off to the pokey, but if you’re an illegal non-citizen, they’ll catch and release you without question!

Testing? What testing? We don’t need no stinking testing!

Perhaps the solution for Biden and company is to send Dr. Anthony Fauci down to the border and have him visit detention facilities to pass out masks and lecture the illegal immigrants to observe proper social distancing. He can say something like, “President ‘Clueless Joe’ says it’s your patriotic duty to wear a face covering -- I don’t know how to say it in Spanish -- and you’re showing that you care about your neighbor by not going to parties and stuff like that.”

Unfortunately for us, this is no laughing matter. We’re all re-learning the old adage that politics is policy, and if American voters had been told the truth about what would happen by the heinous and biased establishment media that they might’ve acted differently in casting their ballots. There’s a tangible difference between Donald Trump’s and Joe Biden’s immigration agendas. We’re seeing it now.

The former wanted a fair system to admit deserving legal immigrants and to deny admission to those who skirt the system. The latter wants it known that any perpetrator can stay here regardless of COVID status or official permission to be in the country.

It just goes to show, if you don’t build it (or finish it), they will come. Can’t someone just get it through to “Clueless Joe”?

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4 comentarios

Welcome to the Obama 3rd term.

Me gusta

Can’t someone just get it through to “Clueless Joe”?

Wrong question. Clueless Joe isn't in charge. He is being manipulated by someone else via Susan Rice. Whoever the actual ruler is, he or she doesn't care about immigration or much of anything else. Destroying the Republic is all that matters. Using logic to try to convince someone that we need to go a different direction is a fools errand. We're going to have to take a tougher approach. I shudder to think what that might entail.

Me gusta

Already, in just a few short weeks, we have seen an administration that has done more damage to the United States than even any two term administration. The Democrats, in their drive to destroy all the great achievements of President Trump are not doing so out of pure spite, it would be almost comforting if that were so. Clearly, they do not want our nation to prosper or even survive, as it has for over 240 years.

Prosperity is adverse to their goals, detrimental to their efforts to make all in the nation dependent upon the government for every basic need, as absolute control IS absolute power.

Do any actually wonder about the intent of globalist Bill Gates being the…

Me gusta

James Bryson
James Bryson
09 feb 2021

A stolen election, "complicity" by SCOTUS/lower courts, the Department of Injustice, the FBI, DHS, the Uniparty Congress, the Deep State intelligence agencies, the DNCFNMedia, soulless globalist business lackeys (money over God, money over patriotism, money over ALL), the CCP buying and selling American governance and for the grace of God, the forces of darkness would appear to have overthrown the American Experiment.

Me gusta
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