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The Right Resistance: ‘Daddy ball’ Joe Biden’s ‘G.I. bill for woke deadbeat Democrat voters’

Joe Biden is playing “Daddy ball” with the American higher education system. He’s playing favorites.

Any parent who’s put their children through youth sports understands that, once little Johnnie or Suzy (does this date me?) reaches a certain age or competition level that he or she will invariably be placed on a team where they won’t be used as much as you, their oh-so-objective observer, would have them playing according to their demonstrated abilities and intangibles.

The phenomenon is sometimes referred to as “Daddy ball”, whereby the coach or coaches’ sons and daughters take the lion’s share of playing time at the “fun” positions simply because, well, they’re the decision-makers’ children and those who fill out the line-up card are characteristically inclined to take advantage of their power and ensure they keep peace within their own families by placing their offspring at the forefront for everyone to see.

Merit has nothing to do with it. Life ain’t fair, remember?

That’s just the way it is. Inevitably there are times where the privileged kids can’t handle the pressure of being put in situations where their abilities might not match those of some players occupying the bench (to “wait their turn”), and the whole team suffers because of it. I’ve lived with the occurrence over the years by reasoning that I wouldn’t want to trade places with the coach, so whenever the worst happens, I’ve told my kids to just, “Learn to support your teammates.”

I’ve also whispered to the parent next to me in the same scenario, “I didn’t give up my Labor Day weekend to watch some other parent’s kids play baseball.”

That’s the way myself and responsible folks everywhere felt last week when senile President Joe Biden announced his plan to extinguish the student loan debt of millions of current or former higher education students, a move that has presumably brought smiles to the faces of limousine liberals everywhere through knowing that their children – and those of other liberal families – won’t be on the hook to make good on what they agreed to pay back all those years ago.

My thought was, “I don’t pay taxes so other parents’ kids can go to ‘Woke College X’ and have their heads filled with anti-American mush.”

Democrats have done it to America again, and senile Joe looked awful happy while playing “Daddy ball” with everyone else’s taxpayer experience. In a piece titled “Biden to the working class: Drop dead”, the Editors of the Washington Examiner wrote:

“The message to borrowers from this bailout is ‘borrow more money, you won’t have to pay it back.’ The message to universities from this bailout is ‘raise tuition costs, your students can now spend more.’ These messages create an immoral situation in which borrowers are encouraged to borrow more and universities are encouraged to charge more, all without any risk or consequence. Biden has shifted the risks and consequences to taxpayers. This is manifestly unfair.

“Finally, Biden’s student loan bailout needlessly rewards some of the most privileged while punishing everyone else. Just under 40% of Americans have college degrees. This means that the 60% get nothing from this giveaway, as do those who already paid off their loans. The trucker who took out a loan to buy his rig gets nothing. The cook who took out a loan for her food truck gets nothing. On average, college graduates earn $27,000 a year more than those with just a high school diploma, but Biden chose to enrich these very college graduates at the expense of those who didn’t attend and therefore earn less...

“Biden has not lifted a finger in the direction of these reforms. Instead, he has sent a clear message to everyone who doesn't have a college degree or who already paid off student loans: Drop dead.”

Some kids pay, some don’t, just like with Little League.

Joe Biden has been telling just about everyone who doesn’t agree with everything he says to “drop dead” for nearly 50 years now. The fact that he’s choosing his own voter “kids” – again – is no shocker. Senile Joe and his privileged liberal cohorts like to play favorites, and that’s exactly what they’ve done by throwing very expensive bones to their dog class of young socialist backers who think everything must be free as an entitlement along with healthcare, subsidized rent, subsidized electric cars and government sponsored mortgage loans.

There’s never been a better example of a big play to the gimme-gimme crowd than Joe’s “free” college. “Peggy the Moocher” must be proud! “Joe the plumber” famously asked then candidate Barack Obama about why wealth should be spread around; Joe Biden just does it without explaining, no questions answered.

Student loan forgiveness was a major bone of contention between the 2020 Democrat candidates vying for their party’s nomination. COVID provided the initial excuse for the government to suspend loan repayments and now senile Joe has taken the concept to its logical extreme by telling borrowers that they’ll be “forgiven” permanently.

It’s kind of like saying to a gentleman who just bought an expensive suit way outside his normal price range: “I know you can’t afford it, but it looks damn good on you, bud. Just ignore those credit card bills!”

The unfairness of this loan forgiveness scheme hurts everyone, including those who might not otherwise realize it. One true story will demonstrate: About seven or eight years ago I had a church friend in the military who was coming to the end of his re-enlistment period in the Navy and was weighing whether to leave the security of the service and go out on his own (he had a music related specialty and could stay in the ranks or work for any number of private entities), which potentially would’ve paid more but offered less job certainty. You know, the same thing every non-governmental employee faces every single day of his or her working life.

At any rate, said individual ultimately decided to re-up with the Navy based on a new recruiting incentive introduced by the Pentagon powers-that-be to aid in retention – the military was offering to pay for college for dependents of senior service members. Though my friend wouldn’t realize the benefit for a number of years, the certainty of knowing that his kids’ post-secondary education was already in the proverbial bag led him to make an important life decision.

As every employer realizes, in the long run, it’s cheaper to offer your best employees more money and stuff to keep them in place rather than hire a less costly worker who can’t perform at the same level and may turn out to be a loser, leaving after training at about the time when he or she might actually produce something of value for the business.

The military’s program to pay for the college educations of the kids of longtime personnel was such a benefit. How would my friend feel about it now that Joe Biden is paying for anyone whether they commited to serve or not? The post-WWII G.I. bill enticed millions of Americans to sign their life away (sometimes literally) to serve their country. Now, with one swoop of his executive pen guided by his gnarled old fingers, senile Joe Biden extended a G.I.-bill-type benefit to regular debtors regardless of what they’ve done or how they accumulated their student loan debt.

We’ll call Joe Biden’s loan forgiveness “The G.I. bill for woke deadbeat Democrat voters.”

Besides, why treat student loans differently than every other type of borrowing? How many times have most (or all) of us faced some sort of collision course with a payment due date and wished that ten grand would magically drop out of the sky to take care of it? What’s next, a Biden-inspired federal gift to pay off credit card debt? Or how about a mortgage forgiveness program where Chucky Schumer and Nancy Pelosi (and supported by senile Joe) put Uncle Sam on the dole to bailout some other identifiable class of Democrat donors and voters?

Don’t be shocked if liberals introduce a proposal to pay off the obligations of prison inmates as long as they can prove that their conviction resulted from being an oppressed minority or “victim” of systemic discrimination in America (translation: almost certain Democrat voter). Don’t liberals always claim that women only make a certain fraction of what men do for the same job (this is hogwash, by the way)? Well, BOOM! Free houses for all single women!

Judging by the recent experience of certain college-aged members in my own family, there are already numerous government programs to help applicants pay for their post-high school education. Any non-married adult who applies for college and is no longer a dependent on their parents’ tax returns qualifies for generous aid in the form of grants. They’ll take some loans on top of it all, but the payback is a tiny percentage of what they receive in value.

It's no secret that America’s higher education system is broken and far too many people have taken out loans they figure they’ll never need to pay back. Colleges and universities could help these souls by applying some of their endowments to the debts, but this solution makes way too much sense to actually implement. University heads likely plan on corrupt political panderers like Joe Biden and the Democrat congressional leadership to bail them out when the time comes.

And their waiting game worked this time. Unfortunately for future generations of students, the cost of education will only go up because of this. Will the government keep footing the bill?

My own daughter is in the final stages of paying off her student college debt. She was angry that the government opted to settle the loans of millions who didn’t work as hard as she did to fulfill her obligations. We can only hope the Democrats “pay” at the ballot box for this travesty of justice.

This is one experience with “Daddy ball” that I’d rather have avoided. Sometimes, not playing turns out to be a good thing, and I don’t want to watch some other parent’s kids get off Scot-free.

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I guess it depends on where you live. Having just returned from a visit with family in California, I have a new perspective on this. I argued that it was unfair and unwise to make working class people pay for someone else's college loans. My relatives are not college graduates and they work in what we refer to as blue collar jobs. However, they argued that it wasn't unreasonable since only people who earn $125,000 a year or less will be eligible for the bailouts and they're fine with that. In Texas, that's a high salary, but I guess in California it must not be. Hence, I have a new perspective.


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
01 сент. 2022 г.

Garland's letter to the DOJ, potential whilseblowers , went over like a fart in a divers helmet, this man is just an overrated ambulance chasing lawyer, in way over his skill level, direct the DOJ what a partisan democrat joke. Like most appointed biden officials they really cam't tell their ass from a whole in the ground. Again, we ask who is looking at those 150 corrupt biden family graft checks the federal banking authorities submitted for criminal review? Follow the money? Where does the buck stop with the biden crime family and that seem A ok with the DOJ / FBI.

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