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The Right Resistance: Dark and dank days at the White House as America wakes up to Joe Biden

Last week, deep within the White House, storm clouds gathered:

“It’s bound to improve”, mythical Democrat president senile Joe Biden advisor number one said to the silent and stagnant air, trying to sound upbeat while simultaneously working to disguise his disappointment at the latest poll showing his commander in chief badly lagging in the all too important voter enthusiasm category.

“But nobody seems to like us now,” shot back senile Joe himself, seated at one end of a very long meeting room conference table, his hands nervously drumming on the surface as though he were trying (in vain) to get the rhythm of a funeral march down pat. The half-century career swamp dweller couldn’t get it out of his deteriorating cranium that his tried-and-true methods of wowing crowds – namely gritting his teeth, shouting a lot, making insulting jokes and forgetting lots of names – just didn’t seem to work anymore. Why don’t Americans get it?

Biden continued despondently, “What did I ever do to ask for this? I’ve served the people honorably, living off a civil servant’s salary for what, a hundred years? I’ve never saved a dime my whole life and nobody’s ever given me anything, either. Hunter is a boy scout compared with most children. All I’m asking is for four more years in this old broken-down house that slaves built to finish the job I started. Is that too much to ask the voters?

“Where’s Speaker Nancy Pelosi? Can’t we call her up and tell her to pass another trillion or two for our supporters? Or how about Dianne Feinstein? Last time I talked with her, we were on about the same mental wavelength. Or that new guy, the dude from Pennsylvania, John Fetterman. No one understands a word he says either, and no one’s calling for his recall.”

The solemn gathering was summoned by “Dr.” Jill Biden in a hope that bringing together a collection of yes-men and yes-gals would brighten her husband’s spirits, which had been worse than usual of late. Despite senile Joe’s best efforts to paint a sunny picture on an otherwise dingy canvas, the populace wasn’t taking to his “half of America is great and the other half are MAGA-extremists” message. The poll that Democrat advisor number one referred to was from CNN, of all places, where two-thirds of respondents indicated it would be a horrible or negative thing for senile Joe to get a second term.

“We could always use the 25th Amendment to ease your pain, Joe”, Kamala Harris said buoyantly, announcing her presence by pounding her fists on the table and doing her best angry feminist impression. “All we’d need to do is get half your cabinet to agree with me that you are bat-guano crazy and the hurt would end right then and there”, the vice president cackled while searching every face in the room for the approval she hoped would be there. But nobody came to her defense.

Most of the rest just stared blankly at the ceiling or at the floor, not knowing quite what to say, all realizing that their stay in power would end late next year if something didn’t alter the balance. Not even the usually reliable establishment media was on their side this time. “It’ll improve, you’ll see,” Advisor number one reassured the rest. “We’ve got lots of money to run ads about our ‘accomplishments’ on ‘reproductive health rights’, climate change, transgenderism and racism – you know, the stuff people care about. Then there’s the leftist billionaires out spending to dredge up waves of new voters through mail-in ballots. Trump and DeSantis are so busy lofting nonsensical bombs at each other, Republicans don’t even notice that we’re cooking the voting rules behind their backs again.

“Don’t wrinkle your brow, Mr. B. Everything’s gonna be okay. Our voters will be there on Election Day whether they know it or not,” the man concluded confidently.

Democrats had better hope they can fix another election, because the American people are turning against senile Joe in a big way. In an article titled “Biden’s reelection run is not thrilling Democratic voters”, Seth McLaughlin reported at The Washington Times recently:

“A CNN poll released [before the Memorial Day weekend] has all sorts of warning signs for Mr. Biden, including the fact that 57% [of voters] have an unfavorable view of him. Another bad harbinger: Roughly 40% of Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents don’t want Mr. Biden as the party’s 2024 presidential nominee. Anti-vaccine crusader Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gets 20% support and new age self-help guru Marianne Williamson pulls in 8% of the vote, with another 8% just wanting ‘someone else.’ Mr. Kennedy and Ms. Williamson are considered longshots — at best.

“Meanwhile, 14% of those voters said they would not support Mr. Biden ‘under any circumstances.’

“The poll included more bad news for the 80-year-old commander-in-chief with 66% of respondents saying it would either be ‘a disaster’ or a ‘setback’ for the nation if Mr. Biden won reelection, compared to 56% who said the same things about the prospect of former President Donald Trump returning to the White House.”

In other words, the numbers for Trump among liberals aren’t great either, but the former president enjoys a ten-point advantage in the all-important “disaster” or “a setback” category. Unfortunately for the Democrats, however, Biden’s reputation with the public isn’t likely to improve between now and November of next year, while Trump’s could conceivably inch up to the point where the “plug your nose” portion of the electorate will be solidly in the Republican’s favor.

The mythical scene depicted above is just that – not real – but these types of conversations are almost certainly taking place on a regular basis, because facts don’t lie. As argued many times before, all that matters now for Biden is the 2024 election, for his political life and legacy depends on it. Whereas Barack Obama used to joke that senile Joe was the only one around who’d never lost an election, Biden doesn’t want to start a new trend at the age of 81 (his age on Election Day next year).

At the same time, Biden seems oblivious to the harsh numbers, which are some worse than Trump’s at the same point of the latter’s presidency four years ago. The old Delawarean Democrat enjoyed his first two years largely due to a friendly Congress and a federal court system that moves so slowly that his executive order avalanche continued unhindered for most of that time.

While Democrats battled it out on Capitol Hill – begging and pleading Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to go along with the socialists on the big items – Biden positioned himself as his party’s chief cheerleader, freeing him up to make polemic speeches in Philadelphia (on the evil MAGA Republicans) and Georgia (about the new state elections reform law being “Jim Crow” revisited) to rally the empty-brained and uninformed to his cause.

It could also be said the conservative majority on the Supreme Court unwittingly rescued Biden and Democrats from the midterm disaster that was almost surely coming by returning the abortion issue back to the states where it belongs. Liberals predictably hyperventilated at the federalism notion and demagogued the issue to death. Republicans won the 2022 “popular vote” by three million votes, but the balance of power in Congress shifted only slightly.

Nevertheless, senile Joe and his Democrat pals at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue realize they’re not going to get anything “big” out of this Congress this term, and if the debt ceiling “negotiations” were any indication, Republicans are a lot closer to being united than they’ve been in a long time. The Democrat salad days of getting everything they wanted in the name of squashing COVID are over.

Is it possible for Biden to recover? Here’s thinking as time goes on and the Republicans determine their winner (most likely Trump) that Democrats will rally around their nominee the way they always do. Nationally speaking, Democrats still enjoy a registration advantage and the billions being dumped into leftist organizations will ensure that the Democrat “machine” will churn out votes in the rubber-stamp inner cities for president.

Therefore, today’s polls that show Biden badly lagging among even his own party’s voters will turn around… some. The binary nature of United States elections tends to move that way. The economy will most likely worsen, the misery index will rise and folks will complain about the direction of the country going the wrong way – but Democrats never fret about such things.

Another factor in Biden’s pathetic poll numbers is the fact he never was as likable as the establishment media portrayed him to be. Senile Joe is no “everyman” – he’s a corrupted lying career politician who’s never had a real job yet lectures hard-working Americans on how to live, what to think and what to value. Senile Joe’s adopting and championing of the left’s “woke” agenda won’t make him popular. If anything, the opposite will happen.

No one except for senile Joe Biden’s inner circle really knows what they’re talking about in the White House these days, and the secrets aren’t likely to get out unless his polling figures improve and there’s something positive to tout – or at least spin to try and make him look good. Biden’s “popularity” has always been a sham, and Democrats are struggling to accept reality.

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02 de jun. de 2023

Perhaps in an effort to clean up his image, Little Biden has given his DOJ the green light to let the pious Mike Pence off the hook in his classified documents case. It should be known that Biden was never after Pence; his target was and remains Trump. Pence, having talked trash about Trump taking documents home, had decided to verify himself that he hadn't taken anything. Turns out he did take documents, too, except he doesn't have the defense that Trump as President does.

Therefore it is curious that the illegitimate Biden DOJ is gonna clear Pence (and presumably clear Biden himself, although as President he is currently immune to being charged) but not Trump. The whole episode never…


02 de jun. de 2023

This thug, Little Joe Biden, is finished. I was gonna mention this poll the other day. From FNN, of all people! To clarify for FNN, it already was a disaster to have this thug usurp the Presidency. Everything has been worse since he took over. So much so, that even Donald Trump is winning in this FNN poll when it comes to his victory being a setback or disaster. Combine this poll, plus others that have Trump up nationally over Thug Biden, and Thug Biden's weak, low energy campaign launch, where he failed to name a single accomplishment and failed to say what he wants to do in a new term. He's finished. He also took a dive right in…

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