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The Right Resistance: Democrat 2024 presidential candidate menu choices churn the stomach

“I’m not sure, I think I need a couple more minutes to decide.”

We’ve all been in a restaurant scenario where, once the party is seated, the server makes repeated visits to the table and one or more members of the group equivocates and stonewalls on what to order, sending the poor waiter or waitress schlepping back to obscurity due to someone’s indecision or just plain laziness. After a couple semi-desperate attempts to pin down the holdout(s), he or she then gives up asking and doesn’t return until beckoned to do so by an impatient leader of the hungry contingent. Essentially, everyone waits while one or two souls deliberate.

Democrats only wish it were that simple in choosing a 2024 presidential candidate. With one recent survey revealing that there were more people selecting “Not Sure” than chose senile incumbent president Joe Biden (28-19%) as their candidate of choice in the next national election, liberals surely realize they have a heck of a problem on their hands. It’s almost as though America’s voters are collectively patronizing an eating establishment, perusing the menu of Democrat candidate offerings and sending the server away repeatedly while trying to narrow down the least of multiple evils.

And it’s not as though the entrees and appetizers are all that enticing, either. If they were food items, most would consider Democrat candidates overpriced, ill-proportioned, loaded with fat grams and flab, low on protein and simply drippy, runny and high in carbs, the type of meal that leaves the poor consumer with a tummy ache and a serious case of indigestion. No wonder not many citizens were able to lock down their Democrat preference on the first go-round.

It goes without saying that the prospect of Joe Biden making another run two years from now isn’t getting anyone excited -- and scares many folks to death. But the Democrats’ problems go much deeper than just the ethically compromised bumbler in chief. Those who would be next-in-line aren’t filling the gap, either. Unlike in the Republican party, where there are almost too many good possibilities to try and cull down to one winner, the Democrat bench is barren and sad.

Two of the would-be Biden replacements recently hinted that they’re not ruling out the possibility of vying for the White House again if the doddering Delaware dolt ultimately opts to retire to the pasture or nearest elder care facility after one term. Brace yourself for the second -- or third -- coming of the Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren and Bernie Sanders traveling circus.

Maybe senile Joe running for reelection doesn’t sound so bad after all, when you consider the alternatives. Hanna Trudo reported at The Hill:

“Two of the Senate’s highest-profile progressives are attracting presidential speculation — again.

“Roughly two years after Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) suspended their White House bids to back Joe Biden as the party’s nominee, they are getting attention for what some Democrats say resemble early national campaigns-in-waiting. Neither senator has announced another bid or even come close to it. They’ve faithfully backed the president’s agenda, worked the halls of Congress and said they want to see him thrive.

“But as Biden’s approval rating fails to crack the low 40s, Sanders and Warren — who are both up for reelection in 2024 — are pushing him in new ways, raising questions about their own maneuvers in the process. ‘No one really knows if Biden is going to run or not run,’ said Cooper Teboe, a donor adviser to progressive candidates. ‘People are trying to stake claim if he does not.’”

Pfft. Yeah, sure, “Feel The Bern” Sanders and “Pocahontas” really want to see Biden thrive. You can’t tell me that both of them -- and every other Democrat who thinks he or she would be a better and more effective president than Hunter Biden’s rear-end covering daddy -- isn’t constantly watching the TV news coverage of their party figurehead shaking hands with the air or alternately whispering into microphones and then shouting and ranting like a lunatic.

Every time the 79-year-old fool shuffles his feet, mangles a word or says something so cringeworthy that Jen Psaki and crew need to correct with major damage control in real time, Biden’s potential rivals lick their chops.

Both of the leftist northeasterners publicly called off their 2020 campaigns comparatively early in the nominating process, Warren after failing to win any early states and generally lagging behind three or four of the other candidates in each location while Sanders more or less stopped his campaign when the COVID lockdowns were instituted. Democrats then retreated behind their masks and cowered in their bunkers waiting out the public relations storm while Donald Trump was pounced on by the media, which falsely and unfairly blamed him for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus’s spread.

Neither, to my recollection, played prominent roles in the 2020 post-primary presidential campaign. There was some speculation that senile Joe was considering adding the faux Native American Warren to his national ticket as his running mate, but that conjecture faded fairly rapidly once the George Floyd incident and riots all-but forced him to choose a dark-skinned minority woman (he’d already indicated he would go-female if he won the nomination) or face the wrath of the outraged intolerant identity politics crowd.

Senile Joe must’ve thrown in some sort of concessions or assurances to get Bernie Sanders’ endorsement. It could explain why the administration turned so hard left after inauguration day.

Who knows what Bernie and Liz did after shutting down their presidential campaigns? Liberal politicians never completely lose their ambitions, they just kind of set them aside until the next perceived opportunity arises. If it can be said that Donald Trump didn’t need politics and ran for president at age 70 to Make America Great Again, people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren need the spotlight and swamp tumbles in order to feel loved and appreciated.

Since Biden became president, both Bernie and Liz have been fairly vocal with their frustrations over the lack of progress on the Democrat socialist agenda. With senile Joe having been at the helm for over fifteen months now and the Marxist cultural and socialist transformative campaigns thwarted at almost every turn, these two must feel especially put off and lied to by the Democrat establishment as embodied by Joe Biden. And time is running out for Democrats to take advantage of their majority power in Congress, too. Liberals talk about squelching the exploding inflation problem with more and more federal spending, but no one outside of the White House and party headquarters is clamoring for Joe Biden’s programs now. “Build Back (More) Better” is about as dead as dead gets in Washington DC, where every wasteful government spending idea enjoys near eternal life.

So many promises unkept and boondoggle appropriations assurances left unfulfilled! Heck, go back a couple years to the Democrat primary debates and listen to all of them -- including senile Joe himself -- pontificating about how “climate change” was the preeminent “existential crisis” in the world, and you’d realize that hardly anybody’s talking about it anymore. Aren’t we a couple years closer to the earth melting down in 2022? What gives, Democrats?

Maybe it’s like restaurant customers seeing all of the Democrats’ policies on the menu as phony and worthless. When faced with that prospect in 2024, no wonder people chose “Not Sure” when presented with the available options.

Trudo’s article indicated that both Warren and Sanders have been behaving like possible 2024 candidates by not ruling out a future run or, in Pocahontas’s case, publishing an op-ed imploring Biden to get moving on the Democrat agenda. No one in the Democrat universe is likely to come right out and admit that they’re itching to push senile Joe to the side, but they all must be thinking it.

Biden won’t have it, at least while he’s still able to maintain an appearance of competency. Remember how senile Joe told old boss Obama recently that he intended to run again in 2024 because he (Biden) “believes he’s the only one who could defeat Donald Trump”? This means while there’s still an ounce of oxygenated blood coursing through Biden’s veins, he’ll be talking and acting like he’s all-in for a Trump-Biden rematch.

Either way, it's pretty clear neither Sanders nor Warren would get far in a 2024 Democrat primary race. Sanders is even older than senile Joe and Americans wouldn’t even consider handing over the reins of power to a man who had to take weeks off from the 2020 campaign trail to recover from a heart attack. Father Time has caught up to “The Bern’s” presidential ambitions. But that’s not to say he couldn’t have a major influence on who gets nominated in senile Joe’s stead.

Warren didn’t inspire anyone in 2020, so what would make 2024 different? Most voters, including a lot of liberals, think she’s a crazy old loon with granny glasses, bugged out eyes and a wild fabricated story about being Native American. Who would see her as the answer to today’s worldly crises?

Democrats may not like the 2024 menu choices, but they’re not about to walk out of the restaurant before eating. Or would they? Perhaps being “not sure” means even liberals are seeing the light on the disastrous impact of “progressive” policies. Time will tell who the Democrats nominate in two years; regardless, the specter of a huge and embarrassing loss haunts them.

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