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The Right Resistance: Democrat hilarity will turn to horror when House GOP unleashes its power

Fans of Star Wars lore will recognize the quote from the second film in the series (The Empire Strikes Back, also known as Episode Five), when Han Solo’s otherworldly – and fuzzy – companion Chewbacca chuckled after Princess Leia pointedly chided Han as “Laser Brain”, prompting the humorous retort from Solo himself. The quote was also used as the title of a “Family Guy” trilogy parodying the legendary science fiction series, though the original source is more famous today.

The phrase came to mind last week as president senile Joe Biden visibly took delight at the impasse going on up on Capitol Hill as Republicans struggled to elect a Speaker to guide their new majority. It wasn’t the first time Biden’s been caught chortling at serious matters, and it wasn’t a coincidence that cackling vice president Kamala Harris was right there next to him sharing in the untimely and characteristically tasteless hilarity.

Conservatives and Republicans don’t care what Biden – or Harris – thought about the deliberations within their own caucus, knowing the 80-year-old 50-year swamp dweller and his affirmative action second-in-line gal pal would use any tense situation to their supposed political advantage. Everything is political in senile Joe’s and cackling Kamala’s world, and if Republicans are perceived to be in some sort of pain, it tickles their respective funny bones.

The fact is, no one will remember this Speaker kerfuffle years down the line when (or if) Republicans straighten out their self-created strife and govern effectively in the majority, which a series of rules changes – and personnel switches – should allow them to do. But there are others who think the whole Speaker-selection drama somehow will benefit Biden this year – and in 2024.

In a report titled “House chaos could boost Biden in 2023 — and in '24”, Haisten Willis reported last week as the Washington Examiner:

“Biden is likely to try using House Republicans as a foil over the next two years, blaming them for failing to advance his agenda and for the problems he claims that agenda would solve.

“The president used a similar strategy in the midterm elections, keeping the focus off himself and his low approval ratings and on the GOP. That strategy was largely successful, which is evidenced by the razor-thin margins Republicans now face in the House and potentially by the rebellion against McCarthy. The congressional holdup is also preventing the party from pursuing the investigations it long championed on the campaign trail, including over Hunter Biden's business dealings, the origins of COVID-19, and social media censorship.

“As to whether or not voters will still care about the speaker saga during next year's presidential elections, [Brad] Bannon, the Democratic strategist, said they might, especially if the GOP stalemate is a sign of things to come. ‘First impressions count,’ said Bannon. ‘And I don't think it’s going to get any better from here on.’”

Yeah, Brad, laugh it up, fuzzball. In every Democrat’s pipedream Republicans are so busy quarreling with each other that they’re too distracted to notice anything senile Joe and cackling Kamala do – or don’t do – such as the Democrat power couple’s official introduction of their absurd immigration program last week where illegal aliens can access a smart phone app to apply for asylum and magically move to the front of the line as long as they can claim a U.S. based “sponsor”.

Can’t you imagine the black market developing to sell “sponsorships” to human smugglers and Mexican drug cartels this very moment? Bingo (or whatever the Spanish word would be)! Señor Biden and Señora Kamala just decreed that all we have to do is steal an iPhone or an Android and go to this U.S. government website and provide a few details, and we’re in! Forget evading the border patrol! Joe n’ Kamala are there to help keep us upright and clean!

Every time one thinks it couldn’t possibly get any dumber in Democrat-land the liberals introduce some sort of kook-inspired fix for real crises. The broken-down president even paid a smidgen of attention to the goings on at America’s non-existent border with Mexico over the weekend, making his first visit to the region since… well, ever, I believe.

It’s all optics, which was the same for his getting a good laugh about the Republicans’ leadership struggle. Why would Biden claim the spectacle was “embarrassing”, anyway? Embarrassing to whom? To Democrats? The previous House majority’s zombie-like devotion to the dictates of all-powerful Nancy Pelosi was definitely embarrassing, since it appeared as though Democrats don’t have any differences within their caucus and all of them are as economically irresponsible and “woke” as the next one.

From which it could be argued that Democrats are all the same. How will this play out in the next election for them?

Bannon’s insinuation that the Republicans’ entertaining disagreements and minor mudslinging will have any effect on senile Joe’s electability in 2024 is indeed laugh provoking. If the back-and-forth between the pro-McCarthy forces and the 20 or so holdouts went on for months – or a year – to the point where it became a political issue in the upcoming presidential primary race – for both parties -- I could see it having some impact. But the Republican House spending a few days resolving some pretty important rules questions before they got down to business won’t matter a darn if they’re able to take their newfound comity and turn it into real results.

We’ll care a lot more about how this Congress finishes than how it started. Anyone disagree?

As Jenny Beth Martin pointed out in her Tea Party Patriots Action newsletter last week, even if the Republicans had elected a Speaker in the first hour and got busy churning out legislation like so many Model T’s on a Henry Ford assembly line, the bills would either be ignored by Chucky Schumer in the senate and/or significantly modified and watered down. By the time anything from this Congress gets to Joe Biden’s desk for a signature, the original concept will have been ripped apart and manipulated so as to be meaningless.

Martin wrote, “For those of you who have been part of the tea party movement for the last 12 years, you know that usually the only time meaningful laws are passed are when the debt ceiling is reached or the end of the fiscal year happens (or the end of the arbitrary deadline for a continuing resolution is reached). So, it is highly unlikely that much meaningful legislation will pass into law until later this year as we get closer to the September 30 fiscal year deadline.”

Martin’s was an important reality check for those who surmised it was politically devasting for the GOP that the Speaker election was delayed. Keep the big picture in mind – and the ultimate goals. All Americans benefit from having a House of Representatives that runs on regular order and keeps debate out in the open, not behind the closed doors of the Speaker’s chamber. It doesn’t matter whether the Speaker is a Democrat (Pelosi) or a Republican if none of the elected representatives are able to influence the bills as they go through the process.

And let’s not ignore or forget the vital role that Congress plays in overseeing the executive branch. From what it sounds like, the Biden Administration is gearing up to regulate the economy to death, burdening farmers, ranchers and business owners – and you and me – with new regulations that will cost everyone dearly.

Many of the administration’s new rules will be put in place to combat the phantom menace of “climate change” – pseudo science concocted to give government more power over… everything.

Dave Boyer’s report in The Washington Times (titled “Biden plans a regulation spree expected to exceed Obama’s red-tape bonanza”) outlines the regulatory orgy that’s about to sweep over Americans, the power of the federal bureaucracy unleashed on the citizenry. These bureaucrats are neither elected nor held accountable for the tremendous damage they inflict on productive people (a.k.a. those who don’t vote Democrat). Congress is desperately needed to do its job and rein-in the regulators before it’s too late.

As we’ve seen in the past, we can’t rely on the courts to stop the craziness. Congress dropping the ball over the course of decades has allowed men like Joe Biden to send in the federal regulatory shock forces to issue dictates that are virtually unappealable. This is government at its worst.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can giggle all they like about the supposed turmoil and rancor in the Republican Party. The drama we saw last week in the House chamber was little more than a family disagreement around the Christmas dinner table, and the participants will be better off for having hashed over the matter so openly and thoroughly.

“Laugh it up, fuzzball” Joe. You won’t find it so funny months from now.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
11 gen 2023

Mi piace

Unleashes its power? I'll believe it when I see it. The GOP has been a miserable failure for decades--including when they deserted President Trump and handed Biden the White House. We cannot trust them at all.

Mi piace

These 20 conservatives are Heroes, standing firm for faith, family and freedom!

Mi piace

10 gen 2023

Far from being embarrassing, there are some on the Left who admired what the Republican holdouts were doing. The reason is because, on the Left, activists wanted The Squad to use similar leverage against Pelosi to force votes on left-wing priorities. Of course, that didn't happen...The Squad is part of the Establishment now. So it was great for Republicans to show that it can be done. If anyone is embarrassed, it would be Kevin McCarthy, who needed 15 ballots to win. My expectations for McCarthy are very low. He's gonna let us down for sure. I don't believe that he sees himself at war with Little Joe Biden. McCarthy has given too much respect to someone who is the illegitimate…

Mi piace
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