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The Right Resistance: Democrat mafia family taking applications for Biden campaign manager

If you’ve followed the 2024 presidential race news lately, it’s been rather quiet on the Democrat nomination front.

Sure, there’ve been stories focusing on – for the millionth time – senile president Joe Biden’s age and the fact he’s exhibited signs of advanced deterioration at virtually every new public appearance. Other observers have commented on how senile Joe’s scandals could catch up to him next year, which, if he runs, would be too late to correct. Last week it was revealed that nine more boxes of questionable Biden documents were found in Boston – and those allegedly came from the Penn/Biden Center in DC, where the first trove of classified information was discovered (but not reported) before last year’s federal midterm elections.

Meanwhile, the new Republican majority House committees have barely begun delving into the volumes of sleaze, malfeasance and outright corruption in the Biden family as well as the Democrat administration that prosecutes and imprisons red, white and blue-clad curious characters but hesitates to go after real criminals or get serious about the flow of lethal drugs entering the country via the porous southern border. And yes, the FBI wants a new building, too.

Amidst all of these distractions is the question of whether senile Joe and his merry band of leftist handlers will try and prop the old goat up for another couple years so as to secure the keys to the White House until practically the end of the decade. Speculation is rampant that the behind-the-scenes debate includes talk about replacing Kamala Harris on the 2024 Dem ticket, but no one will learn anything until senile Joe officially gives the go-ahead himself.

“Doctor” Jill Biden recently told CNN that she is gently nudging her hubby – probably literally – to run again. But who will lead the campaign? What will his or her qualifications be? Democrats search for the answers. In a story titled “Biden zeroing in on candidates to be his 2024 campaign manager”, Amie Parnes reported at The Hill:

“While the president has yet to formally announce he’s running for a second term, he is widely expected to do so and the chatter in Democratic circles over who might lead his campaign apparatus is another sign of an impending Biden run.

“Jenn Ridder, who served as national states director for Biden’s 2020 bid, is said to be a leading contender for the campaign manager job, sources tell The Hill. Sam Cornale, the executive director of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), has also been discussed as a leading candidate, the sources say, adding that it’s an ongoing, exhaustive process and there are other candidates in the mix for that position and other top roles.

“One source familiar with the selection process said both Ridder and Cornale are among candidates being considered for senior staff. Other candidates for senior staff include: Emma Brown who served as Sen. Mark Kelly’s campaign manager last year, Addisu Demissie who ran Sen. Cory Booker’s 2020 presidential campaign, Quentin Fulks who was Sen. Raphael Warnock’s campaign manager, and Julie Chavez Rodriguez, a White House senior adviser who was deputy campaign manager for Biden’s 2020 campaign.”

I know, I know, who really cares who Biden taps to lead his campaign. Without knowing any of these people, I’d willingly bet money that they’re longtime Democrat apparatchiks with ties to the Obama and Clinton dynasties and would be more than happy to drop everything they’re doing currently to dive right in and help senile Joe win a second term.

Parnes’ story further indicated that Biden’s team hopes to fill their senior positions by next month, so there must be lots of arm twisting and personal lobbying taking place in the backrooms of the White House and the Executive Office Building, with everyone wholly convinced that senile Joe could never resist trying to extend his reign and forever cement the Biden legacy as the dumbest and most incompetent human being ever to become president – and then get another four years to follow up his frightful first act.

If you ever want a truly terrifying mental exercise, try envisioning what historians will write about this period of American history a hundred or two hundred years from now. Peruse a history textbook these days and you’ll likely find a lot more “woke” material than when you grew up -- arguments about how the Civil War was caused by slavery and slavery alone and nothing ever happened to anyone that didn’t involve some tortured connection to racism and sexism.

And there’s probably also some semi-relevant stuff that most folks forget once their teacher moves on to a new unit. Anyone recall, for example, what the Teapot Dome scandal was all about? If there’s any objectivity in future depictions of the current politics, Biden’s corruption will merit an entire new chapter.

But regardless of who ultimately is selected to run Biden’s campaign, there will be a few prerequisites demanded of said person. In no particular order, that professional swamp dweller must:

--One, be prepared to explain how Biden’s age is a benefit and not a hindrance to his performance. Expect the Biden campaign brains to emphasize the depth of Biden’s experience over the course of a half-century-plus in American politics. They’ll gush about his “working with” eight different presidents in his official capacity as senator and vice president. They’ll brag about his having met countless world leaders and his “credibility” as a conciliator on the planet.

No mention of his brain surgeries or questionable academic and legislative record will see the light of day. Senile Joe will be shown ad nauseum as a loving grandfather, faithful friend and “bipartisan” leader who can work both sides of the aisle to “get things done”. Why do you think he recently gave in on the Republican-backed DC crime bill? It’s all a big sell-job to make Biden look fair and middle of the road to gullible low information voters.

Biden’s campaign head also better have Trump-like skills to manipulate the message. If not, the Republican nominee will have a field day portraying Biden as a grumpy, forgetful, cognitively slipping man who will be 86-years-old if/when he finishes his term. Plus, if Kamala Harris is once again senile Joe’s choice for affirmative action placeholder number one, expect age to be part of every political conversation. There’s no getting around it.

--Two, be able to unite the Democrat establishment old guard while satiating the radical demands of the new vintage Democrats. Despite all of Biden’s so-called “accomplishments”, one senses that the extreme leftwing of the party isn’t happy with senile Joe. They won’t say it publicly, but what has the man really done for them?

Last year when debate raged in Congress over Biden’s “Build Back (More) Better” economic agenda, the left wing implored senile Joe to be more forceful in pressuring wayward senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to one, support his big government “woke” initiatives and tax hikes, and two, to ditch the filibuster tradition so as to pave the way for votes on the Nancy Pelosi-led House’s parade of America ruining legislation.

Who knows, maybe Biden really intended to get tough with Manchin and Sinema and simply forgot to discipline them at the key moment. But if Biden’s 2024 campaign themes aren’t sufficiently “progressive” and tailored towards the “woke” culture war that most Democrats now want to wage, watch out. Former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, one of the few remaining principled liberals in America, left the party rather than put up with its new direction.

Bernie Sanders will be watching – and he won’t hold back, either.

--Finally, the new campaign manager should be primed to contest the election if Trump or the GOP nominee wins. If this comes to pass, all the Democrats’ blather about the “Big Lie” and the January 6 tourism riot as an “insurrection” will be tossed aside as Biden presides over a nationwide leftist uprising that will make 2016’s look tame by comparison.

Thanks in large part to Biden’s own demonizing of regular conservative Republicans as “MAGA semi-fascists” for advocating for basic civil liberties for all citizens, freedom of speech, traditional views on gender and a limited government agenda, Democrat voters now see every GOPer as a potentially dangerous cretin who must be squelched.

Look at the way Democrats depicted then 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse as a murderous rightwing Nazi for trying to stop leftwing miscreants from burning down Kenosha, Wisconsin. Nothing is sacred to the violence tolerating Democrats – and they’ll stop at nothing to create the kind of havoc that will tear the country apart after the election.

Joe Biden’s campaign manager must be prepared to do all these things for senile Joe. Like members of a mafia family, once they’re in, there’s no getting out. And this will take place regardless of who the Democrat nominee ends up being.

Nearly all signs point to a reelection run for senile Joe Biden, and the fact he’s looking to have his senior campaign team in place in a few weeks is one more indication that he won’t be talked out of it. Biden’s campaign manager must be polished at spin and lying, just like the top guy himself. The fate of the republic is at hand. Will conservatives meet the challenge?

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