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The Right Resistance: Democrats appoint Kamala Harris special envoy to the enraged and uninformed

Democrats are targeting young adults again, and this time, their perversity should stimulate more than just moral outrage.

I’m speaking of the White House announcement last week that none other than communications and intellectually challenged substance-less fool vice president cackling Kamala Harris is about to hit the road on a bus tour, stopping many times along the route to preach leftism and generate fear in college students across the country.

Polls revealing a lag in enthusiasm for Harris’s boss (you know, president senile Joe Biden) has the Democrat higher-ups in a tizzy about low voter percentages and the number of votes they’d theoretically need from each bloc to win elections, so the liberal brain trust devised a plan to stimulate anger among the hopelessly entitled and pathetic university attendees, who are without a doubt the worst informed in the entire U, S of A!

If you happen to live in or near a college town, Kamala may pay y’all a visit sometime soon. In an article titled, “Kamala Harris setting out on monthlong bus tour to mobilize young voters: Report”, Julia Johnson reported recently at the Washington Examiner:

“The ‘Fight for our Freedoms College Tour,’ headlined by Harris, will begin at Virginia's Hampton University on Sept. 14. Some of the states she will visit are key battlegrounds in next year's electoral contest, such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Virginia, per ABC News. In a statement, Harris said, ‘This generation is critical to the urgent issues that are at stake right now for our future.’

“’It is young leaders throughout America who know what the solutions look like and are organizing in their communities to make them a reality,’ the vice president continued. ‘My message to students is clear: We are counting on you, we need you, you are everything.’ However, the tour won't be confined to four-year college campuses. Harris plans to visit various types of schools, including community and technical colleges, apprenticeship programs, and historically black colleges and universities. She is an alumna of the famous HBCU Howard University...

“Harris has become something of a liaison between their reelection campaign and young and minority voters, while Biden is doing most of the legwork when it comes to manufacturing and labor unions. Harris maintains the lowest vice presidential net favorability rating in history, per a recent NBC News poll.”

Um, forget about that last part. Young and ignorant people see Kamala as a goddess of “woke” to look up to, don’t they? She’s the first female V.P., right? Harris is diversity, equity and inclusion all in one, an embodiment of Obama’s dream of “Hope and Change” as well as a symbol of the transforming of America. She’ll fight for a federal takeover of higher education (like it hasn’t happened already), “climate change”, “voting rights” and do everything in her limited powers to ignore the southern border (like she hasn’t done that already, too).

Kamala was actually telling the truth when she told the youth that they’re “everything” to the Democrats. Without the apathetic, oblivious and unenlightened on Democrats’ side, how could the party possibly ever win? You can’t fool ‘em all the time, so make a pitch to those who’ve never done anything in their lives and the odds are much greater that they’ll be receptive to it.

Kamala’s effectively being kicked out the door, stationed on a rolling propaganda machine and tasked with lying to lots and lots of young people to get Democrat votes. But why her? Some of you might be getting tired of my frequent citations of the ‘90s historic epic movie “Braveheart”, but with apologies to the overly sensitive, the film’s story provides so many analogous situations to the political scenarios we’re experiencing today (okay, there’s no direct correlation, but the reference is effective), it helps to visualize the point.

In the plot, the heinous and evil murderous but diabolically clever King Edward (the Longshanks) seeks to send an envoy to meet with the Scottish rebel William Wallace (played capably by Mel Gibson) to try and buy him off – to bribe him with land and titles and silver coins so the insurgent will cease with his invasions of England and quit defeating England’s cities and armies in the process.

On screen, the king, muttering to the empty room, runs through a list of potential representatives to appoint, including possibly himself, eliminating each one in turn. The monarch ultimately settles on his son’s wife, the princess, reasoning that a young and beautiful woman’s calming influence may bring the desired results. Translation: to tame the beast, trust a negotiator who won’t offend the enemy and could even soothe him.

Is the Democrats’ strategy of sending air-brain veep Kamala Harris to brainwash the college kids so unlike the scene described above? There’s a host of signs that the Biden re-election campaign is in trouble, the hapless Democrat duo of senile Joe/cackling Kamala is turning off Democrats by the truckload, and the pair appears to be particularly struggling with the demographic they’ll need the most to maintain any prayer of returning to their current cushy positions inside the White House and Old Executive Office Building.

Everyone knows Democrats depend on the most easily influenced and least informed among us – college aged newbies – to grant them a huge majority of their votes so as to cancel out the voting preferences of small business owners, entrepreneurs and responsible retirement-age folks who worked their entire lives to invest in their dreams and save so as to live through the tough times.

College kids, on the other hand, have little or no experience in the real world, are either still under the financial succor of their parents or taking out massive federally-subsidized loans so as to pay tuition to “woke” university X and have enough left over to dwell in the subsidized housing – and then spend the excess of their loan check for alcohol, weed, leftist club dues and, of course, a phone that connects them to every other brainless moron addicted to social media.

This age group has some young and promising members who recognize that an overbearing government is a hindrance to their own success rather than acting as a free ride, but such youthful foresight is rare and shouted down by the numerically superior leftist idiots whenever it surfaces. If you don’t believe it, look at swimmer Riley Gaines’s attempt to make the case for female-only girls sports. This is the Kamala Harris generation, folks!

In case it wasn’t clear before, Kamala and senile Joe constitute the presidential preference for the violent leftist scum that promotes “Trans rights” and favors granting under-aged misguided kids the ability to mutilate themselves without having to inform their parents. Or, it just as well could be for advocating allowing inappropriate sexual reading material to public school kids, or even gathering together to push Critical Race Theory to be taught to young and impression-ables.

Kamala and crowd cheered on the leftist-inspired riots after the George Floyd incident three years ago, and with the willing cooperation of the establishment media, fanned the flames of a narrative that cops are all racists out to subdue unarmed black people. Never mind the fact that reality and statistical data didn’t support the organizers’ causes – that’s so irrelevant!

Of course, there’s abortion “rights” to protect in addition. The Kamala group of mostly young and female (two X chromosomes people) were outraged when the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, a decision that 99 percent of them had probably never read, much less understood what it meant. These activist tools were stupid enough to fall for the lie that the Court had just “outlawed abortion” and were used as campaign fodder by leftists to stimulate votes for Democrats.

Leftists depend on the least informed voting-age humans coming out in force to choose Democrats for high office. Most of these barely post-puberty individuals have probably never paid taxes, and if they have, don’t fully understand where their money goes to. They don’t have mortgages, payrolls, obligations or children to pay for. But they do amass credit card bills!

Don’t be surprised if Kamala, on her bus venture, begins advocating lowering the voting age to 16 so as to give most high schoolers the chance to choose leftist politicians to advance the most destructive of missions they’re completely unaware of. Do you think the average sixteen-year-old – or even college student – favors spending American dollars to fight Vladimir Putin? Do these kids know how destructive windmills and solar panels are to the environment? Will Kamala Harris educate them before signing them up to vote?

On a deeper psychological level, aren’t the Biden people just harnessing Kamala’s relative youth and vigor rather than tasking ancient doddering dinosaur senile Joe to make the case himself? Why wouldn’t they send Nancy Pelosi to the college towns in her place? Or Maxine Waters? Will Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez join the entourage with the rest of the “Squad” kooks to emphasize the ticket’s “we need you” message?

One sympathizes with the plight of the Democrats going into the 2024 election. They’ve got an age-befuddled top of the ticket who isn’t attractive to their most crucial voting demographic. Plus, they also have to find something Kamala Harris can do that probably won’t generate too many headlines while getting her away from the Capital where she could do much more damage to their political prospects.

It’s a perplexing dilemma that Democrats are struggling to resolve – how to paper over their most glaring image obstacles and still appeal to their knee-jerk voting constituencies. Is Kamala Harris’s bus tour the solution? Don’t bet on it.

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Sep 12, 2023

I have to chuckle when I hear that the illegitimate VP is gonna visit the colleges. If I was a leftist, I'd be remembering the promise of these clowns to "eliminate" student debt. Then I'd be checking my email to find notices that my payments are due to start next month. I'd be fit to be tied! Can't blame "MAGA Republicans" for this...just needed to put it in a budget and pass it with Dem votes. Not saying it should have been done, but it could have been, rather than the "pen and the phone" approach.

Hope young people take notice that Dems don't want to solve needs to be an issue again for the next election! It wouldn't…

Replying to

The Democrats have a number of constituencies, including people of various colors, women, and LGBTQ+++ types that fail to see that Dems don't want to solve problems. As long as those groups continue to vote for them, believing their promises, they don't need to actually come through with solutions.

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