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The Right Resistance: Democrats aren’t progressives; under Joe Biden, they’re intolerant elitists

Did you ever believe it would get this ugly?

I’m not necessarily just referring to the divisions in our country today. Anyone who was alive through the Vietnam War years, the tumultuous Cold War and disco seventies, Ronald Reagan’s glorious two terms in the White House, George H.W. Bush’s Gulf War and Bill Clinton’s “I did not have sex with that woman” impeachment process recognizes that over time, the visible cracks in post-WW II American unity widened into gaping political fissures that are now proving impossible to bridge, much less cross.

9/11/01 and its aftermath provided a brief respite from the back-biting and internal partisan sniping, but even being attacked by radical Islamic terrorists didn’t produce a lasting national sense of comity. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan added fuel to the fire, then Barack Obama came on scene to push his race hustling “Hands up, don’t shoot!” phony tradition-trampling agenda. Donald Trump tried to Make America Great Again, but Democrats seemed to prefer our nation just the way it had devolved.

At one time, common culture served as a rallying point, with conservatives and liberals alike standing and saluting the flag before professional sports games, school events and symphony concerts. No longer. They still play the anthem in some of those instances, but “wokeness” has now invaded to the extent that “alternative”, ethnic-pleasing themes are mixed in with the traditional ones. How many people, for example, know the words to the “Black National Anthem”?

As divided as people are over politics and culture these days, it’s safe to say few regular observers saw the current separations in the Democrat party coming. Last week brought shocking news coverage of leftist agitators literally following Arizona Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema into a restroom -- and the scum didn’t leave her alone when she entered a stall, either. So much for civility in discourse -- you’re not even permitted personal privacy if the wacko left decides you’re against them.

Particularly ugly was senile president Joe Biden’s reaction to the incident. He basically shrugged it off and indicated it was wrong to chase an elected official into a private place, but also that such unpleasantness goes with the territory -- for those without Secret Service protection, that is.

Couldn’t Joe have said something more forceful? His comments came just days after he’d chastised the U.S. Border Patrol for trying to enforce the law against Haitian illegal immigrant invaders. For a man who’s prided himself -- and sold it to the voting public -- on being a bridge-builder, a healer and a soothing voice amidst a raging storm, where’s the unity, Joe?

“Biden's lackadaisical response to activist harassment of members of his own party raises fresh questions about how committed he is to changing the tone in Washington. Biden chided protesters [last] week who kayaked up to West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin's Potomac River-moored houseboat and male and female activists who filmed Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in a bathroom at Arizona State University, where she guest lectures. The president said their invasive strategies against his own party members, who are pivotal votes delaying his $3.5 trillion social welfare and climate spending package, were not ‘appropriate’ but that similar intrusions happen ‘to everybody.’ ...

“White House press secretary Jen Psaki defended Biden's ‘process’ comments hours later. Psaki underscored the president's support of ‘the freedom to protest, to speak out, and to criticize’ as ‘fundamental to our democracy.’ But while she repeated that the Sinema incident on Sunday in particular was ‘inappropriate and unacceptable,’ her condemnation was limited.

“’They shouldn't breach the classroom and make the students feel like their privacy, their intellectually stimulating classroom, and their time as students in college is being broached upon,’ Psaki said when needled on whether she would ask them not to do it again.”

My, what a stern condemnation from Joe n’ Jen! In the old days, Democrats typically treated such outlandish encroachments as, “An attack on one Democrat is the same as an attack on all of us” followed by the equivalent of a verbal beat-down and permanent banishment from trendy Democrat functions. Now, however, it’s apparently okay to take part in the “process” as long as the Democrat being targeted is one who stands apart from the rest… in the wrong direction.

Sinema and Joe Manchin aren’t exactly “moderate” and certainly not conservative. If you examined their campaign platforms (here’s Manchin’s campaign website, and here is Sinema’s), you’d see they don’t sound all that different than most Democrats do, with perfunctory pitches for fighting for good paying union jobs, guaranteed healthcare for pre-existing health conditions and generally supporting federal backing of big entitlement programs.

The label “progressive” would fit them nicely. There’s no attempt by either one of them to argue for limited government or a retro social agenda. And there’s certainly no plea for something counter-revolutionary, such as religious freedom. How 1950’s!

According to the dictionary, “progressive” is defined as, “Moving forward; advancing, or, Proceeding in steps; continuing steadily by increments, or, Open to or favoring new ideas, policies, or methods.”

Democrats seem happy to have ditched their longtime description as “liberals” and substituted “progressives” as the accepted term, but they don’t like “new ideas” that run counter to those of “old” socialist program formulators like Bernie Sanders.

Therefore, Democrats aren’t really progressives. They’re not even liberals (the classic interpretation of the word). They’re more like intolerant elitists who treat their voters and members like serfs beneath the landed gentry, expecting each one of them to toe the line and go along with the craziest whims of their most “out there” party decisionmakers. If this weren’t the case, then why wasn’t there more outrage from Biden, Psaki, and the rest of the more noteworthy Democrat voices in Congress after two of their comrades were singled out by loony crackpots and accosted?

What happened to “we’ll make them pay”, Joe?

Biden himself seems trapped under a heavy object, unable to censure anyone within the socialist contingent while failing to protect the “moderates” he so often claimed as his own for most of his pre-executive branch career. It takes a lot for Democrats not to defend their own. Think back to a few years ago when then Senator Al Franken was brought before the public for photos of groping a sleeping fellow celebrity on a government sponsored tour.

It was only after several more women came forward to detail Franken’s propensity for wandering digits that he truly faced a storm of “Oh, my word! He’s a cad!”. The same or similar story was repeated this year with then New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. It’s curious to note how both Franken and Cuomo, after they’d resigned, instituted their own public relations campaigns to make a comeback in favorability.

But aside from all this, where is the “unity” that Biden promised to bring if he were elected? Did the man not promise to “restore the soul of this nation” and frequently employ the meaningless platitude, “That’s not who we are” against former president Trump? If Joe won’t make an example out of these latest instances, who exactly are we?

On issue after issue, senile Joe exploits divisions, not encourages a coming together. He publicly shames Americans who choose not to accept the COVID vaccine, even though it’s more or less been established that individuals who’ve already lived through the sickness have equal to or even greater immunity than those who’ve merely been poked twice. (Phizer executives admitted, it; thank you Project Veritas!)

The senile president even made his own “booster” shot a public spectacle. If Joe had described the rationale for the stunt, it might’ve sounded like this: “It was cool. I got to roll up my sleeve in front of the whole world and expose my 78-year-old guns -- pardon the expression -- while getting the tiny little pin prick. I didn’t even say ‘Ouch!’ though I kind of felt like yelling it. Dang, that shot hurt like a bite from Major, my dutiful pooch! I should know, but if you don’t believe me, ask my Secret Service detail.”

Would it have hurt Biden to come right out and admit that the miscreants who’ve been besieging Manchin and Sinema are in the wrong? Or would it hurt Biden to defend his own federal employees (border agents) when they’re just doing their jobs? Or is it too potentially harmful to a man who’s had fifty years’ practice in political damage control to put himself on the record?

Are you surprised that it’s gotten this ugly?

Or is it that Biden realizes that all the blather he’s blubbered over the years about “unity” was really a means to get himself elected so he could turn America into a socialist dystopia where people are completely dependent on government for things like childcare and universal health insurance. The “soul of the nation” includes all basic necessities, too -- except for affordable energy, that is.

Joe Biden is no unifier, and he’s more than happy to allow dissenters to suffer, even if they happen to be dutiful federal employees or his fellow Democrats. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin are discovering that with friends like Joe Biden, who needs enemies? Is this the “soul of the nation” Biden talked about in his 2020 campaign?

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"Are you surprised that it’s gotten this ugly?"

No. In fact, I expect it to get worse.

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We know what these Democrats are. The question is what are Republicans these days?

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