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The Right Resistance: Democrats bemoan the hopeless yet irreplaceable Joe Biden

Be honest. Do you feel a little sorry for president senile Joe Biden these days?

For those, like myself, who’d heretofore utterly dismissed the possibility that any sympathy could be found in a rational soul for the man who is leading the Democrat charge to destroy America at a breakneck pace, I offer you an observation: Like a mentally challenged child whose caretakers propped him up to believe that he’s special and able to thrive in a world where he couldn’t otherwise compete his entire life, Joe Biden isn’t capable of understanding what he’s doing to himself.


Does this make him clinically insane? Is Biden therefore not guilty by reason of insanity and, instead of being relentlessly chastised for hard-headedness and stubbornness, he should be coddled, patted on the head, given a cup of ice cream and allowed to do whatever he feels like because he’ll throw a fit if he doesn’t get his way?


Biden’s getting grief from all sides these days, and the pace of griping about his unfitness to serve as the Democrat Party’s presidential nominee only intensified after the Special Counsel’s report – and his hastily put-together embarrassing press event last week – leading to rumors that his replacement could be imminent.


But not so fast, you might say. There are numerous obstacles in the way of such a delusion coming to fruition, including common sense itself. In an opinion piece titled “The Republican Fantasy that Democrats Will Replace Joe Biden”, Republican establishment commentator Rich Lowry wrote at Politico recently:


“Let’s assume, … for the sake of argument that Biden is willing to go along with a plan that would involve his dropping out and Democrats holding an open convention after he’s been racking up delegates against token opposition for months.


“Who would the alternative be… As for Michelle Obama, she is highly popular among Democrats, a major cultural figure and a talented communicator. Outside the question of whether she’d want to do it (no, no and no), she has never run for anything, and it’s quite possible that she’s not actually a skilled political candidate…


“It’d certainly be interesting if Joe Biden were about to be swapped out for Michelle Obama in a premeditated plan to wrongfoot Republicans and coast to victory. In reality, Democrats, figuratively and literally, are stumbling ahead with the guy they’ve got.”


Having never been in their position – at least not within my lifetime – I can’t really speak to what Democrats are feeling right now. Sure, Donald Trump’s poll numbers were frequently in the dumps, but there were always the memories of the 2016 election to fall back on knowing that the forecasts of the major establishment media pundits were glaringly wrong before, and besides, it defied good sense that Americans would reject a good/great leader because of something immutable like his temperament, or that citizens would put up with a system that allowed mass cheating to influence an election result.


Everyone learned a lot in 2020. Are we getting a do-over now, or is senile Joe actually as bad as he seems? Why would Democrats be nuts enough to hope to replace their incumbent president’s reelection bid this far into the process, with no clear heir apparent in sight?


If you’re a Democrat – or simply hate Donald Trump and count yourself among the (probably) shrinking group of people who swore they would/could never, ever, ever in a zillion years (or longer) vote for the lifelong real estate developer, tabloid celebrity and reality TV star-turned first-time politician-turned president of the United States – what can you possibly do now?


Or, put more succinctly, how can you hope to bump Joe Biden to the side and replace him with someone who has somewhat more than a pulse and can put two sentences together at one sitting in addition to functioning as chief policy setter of the (former?) leading nation of the free world?


It’s a dilemma, isn’t it? Of course, there are those who talk as though they can just put Gavin Newsom or Michelle Obama or Gretch Whitmer in ol’ bankrupt brain senile Joe’s place as though it wouldn’t cause a major upheaval in someone’s liberal party. In addition to the multitude of things that were revealed by Biden’s impromptu news confrontation a week ago – you know, that he’s the same memory challenged (or more likely, lying) jackass that he’s always been and his personal arrogance and hubris substitutes for gravitas – it was more than clear that senile Joe will not be going anywhere soon of his own volition.


He didn’t exactly mumble the words, but Biden could’ve easily uttered something like, “You have my word as a Biden, that if anyone comes a knockin’ at the White House door lookin’ for me to get into the limo and head off into the sunset (more like sunrise, since his Delaware beach home is to the east of Washington) will have to deal with me n’ Hunter and Dr. Jill. We were all boxers once and we’ve kicked many a butt out behind the gym or something like that. I ain’t gonna be taken alive, and if you wait long enough, I’ll forget what I just said.”


The more they push senile Joe, the more determined he becomes to do it his way. The last people on earth Biden would want to replace him are the Obamas, the couples’ unspoken rivalry motivating his every pure thought. And there aren’t many of those – thoughts, that is.


Biden himself repeatedly claims that the reason he’s running is because of Donald Trump, and that he believes, to his core, that he’s the only one (in either party) who can beat the dangerous, hated leader of the MAGA world. Were he to step down, therefore, senile Joe would not only be ceding the legacy of the Biden name to someone else, he also wouldn’t be in position to intervene on Hunter Biden’s behalf or use the Justice Department as a pawn to inflict as much below-the-belt damage against Trump and his supporters as anyone humanly could.


But here’s thinking that ol’ senile Joe is bothering with another campaign because he would hate losing to Trump less than he would seeing the Obamas return to the scene. If that were the case, no one would ever write about the populist Democrat, Lunch Bucket Joe, AMTRAK everyday good guy, ever again. The Obamas would go back to where they were in the early days of Barack’s political career, travel the circuit strutting and pacing and speaking to transfixed audiences of low-information morons and black women – and Biden would be an afterthought, a misplaced bookmark in a million-page tome on American transformation.


If senile Joe steps down, he loses himself, and since he’s the only one he cares about, that’s absolutely out of the question.


Not only that, but if Democrats surmised that they could employ the 25th Amendment to force senile Joe out, that would open a whole nother can of worms, primarily because Kamala Harris would become president under the Constitution, and we KNOW she’s not going anywhere. As stupid and naturally nonsensical as cackling Kamala might be, she’s coherent enough to realize that she’s got the sweetest gig she could ever hope to have using legal means – so she’s not leaving, either.


Would the Obamas be paying a visit to the Naval Observatory anytime soon to have a “reasoning” session with the vice president? Here’s guessing hag Harris has already posted lookouts in her front yard to offer advanced warning of a possible uninvited Obama visit, the Secret Service personnel ordered to provide her enough time to fuel-up Air Force Two to fly off to California for another fundraiser if it ever took place.


Besides, a 25th Amendment effort to get rid of senile Joe would require Kamala herself to initiate the “he’s too nuts to continue” proceedings and they’d need an additional half of Biden’s cabinet to go along with her scheme. Do you think someone like Pete Buttigieg would risk replacing senile Joe with a bat-guano-crazy affirmative action loon like Kamala Harris? That’d mean the possible loss of a position and stature. It’s not going to happen.


Plus, even if the Biden-removers could convince Kamala to do it – or to have senile Joe leave voluntarily before (or at) this summer’s party convention, there’s no guarantee that there wouldn’t be a massively ugly floor fight between the various factions of the Democrat party for supremacy. Bernie Sanders’ “bros” are still around, even if they’ve mostly thrown-in with Biden for his left-loving presidency.


The ultra-left kooks like “The Squad” wouldn’t give up a prime opportunity to put the few remaining pro-Israel Democrats in their place. The all-race-all-the-time skin-color obsessed Marxists would fall behind Kamala Harris, as would probably the Obamas (if Michelle didn’t want the title herself), Clintons and rest of the party establishment.


Biden himself would come out in favor of his own, hand-picked successor. You can bet such a person wouldn’t match up nicely with whomever the Obamas want – again, unless it’s Kamala Harris.


So what gives? I’ll leave with the words of Ohio Senator J.D. Vance, who weighed in on the growing media buzz surrounding the possible replacement of senile Joe on the 2024 ballot. “The ‘will Biden be replaced on the ballot?’ question is a good proxy for what conservatives believe about our elites. If you think our elites are mostly midwits who are motivated by status anxiety, the Dems are probably stuck with Biden. If you think our elites are evil super geniuses, maybe the Dems can replace Biden with Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom. I know a lot of these people. My vote is for the midwits.’ Vance said.


“’It’s Trump v. Biden for 2024,’ Vance added.”


Though Joe Biden has very few people actually feeling sympathy for him in these troubled weeks and months, it could still be argued that he has time on his side. Any drive to replace him as the Democrat nominee would be very hard to launch and even more difficult to sustain, and senile Joe isn’t about to do the dirty work himself by bowing out. Sooner or later, Democrats are going to regret elevating Biden.

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