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The Right Resistance: Democrats bypass Joe Biden’s age as long as he brings home the $$$

Now that president senile Joe Biden has officially tossed his hat into the proverbial 2024 ring and is all-in for running for a second term, Democrats have stepped up airing their concerns

about the candidate’s age and noticeably diminished ability to carry through with another rigorous campaign to fool American voters into giving him (them) another four years steering the out-of-control federal bureaucracy.

No one questions Democrats’ talent for telling lie after lie to distort the sorry data stemming from most economic indicators, and, let’s face it, Biden’s poll numbers weren’t all that great at the outset of his campaign. Democrats appear buoyed by former President Donald Trump’s still being around to kick and the national electorate is torn over how to handle senile Joe’s irreversible age versus bringing back a man whose agenda left little doubt as to its MAGA focus.

Some Democrats have even offered a solution to the age issue! What to do? In a piece titled “Biden's age is a weakness as he runs for reelection. But he can boast about his record.”, the always good for a chortle Democrat pundit Donna Brazile wrote recently at the USA Today:

“To win, Biden should study the campaign of President Ronald Reagan, another senior citizen who successfully neutralized the age issue...

“Key accomplishments Biden should highlight include signing bills into law to cut health insurance and prescription drug costs, fight climate change, impose a minimum tax on multibillion dollar corporations, crack down on wealthy tax cheats, fund free COVID-19 vaccinations and treatments, send checks to individuals and small businesses to help them cope with the pandemic and invest $1.2 trillion to improve infrastructure.

“Biden is an honest and honorable man with decades of experience in government and a deep knowledge of domestic and foreign policy. He exudes empathy and sincerity. He is a serious man who makes important decisions after careful study and consultation with his advisers and outside experts. In other words, Biden is the polar opposite of Trump.”

Yes, we know, Donna. Donald Trump – and every Republican -- hates old people, children and puppies. He wants no taxes for the rich and if it were up to him/them, the poor could eat bugs and worms and burn newspapers for heat. That sums up Republicans in general, right? Meanwhile, Democrats like Joe Biden champion the little guy and observe the highest standards in personal comportment and never, ever, cross the line or lie.

Basically, what Brazile is arguing for is senile Joe running as senile Joe. But there’s so little that defines Biden and his Democrat voters, so more effort should be put into nailing down exactly what Democrats care about – and what they don’t care about!

The only thing that qualifies as an “accomplishment” to a Democrat is straining the legislative process to the maximum to pass spending bills by any means necessary so as to rain down pork on Democrat corporate constituents, grifters, abortion loving ghouls, anti-American jerks, history benders, morons, union shills, welfare dependent loyalists, deep state yes-men, hidden motive foreign supporters, crooked family members and a smattering of low-information people who actually believe Democrats do good things.

I’m guessing most conservatives know a few folks in the last category, but for the most part, the productive people of this country are too busy working and raising kids to dwell with many in the former groupings. If all liberalism is based on a lie, which I believe it is, then Democrats face a monumental challenge of spinning America’s awful condition today into something coherent to hoodwink the small percentage of convincible people into voting for politicians who basically hate them.

Democrats must be distraught at the current poll numbers – and not just the ones involving the broken-down bucket o’ rusting fleshy bolts residing in the White House. Observers concentrate on Biden’s age – as they should – but the real underlying problem is Democrat voters don’t care about anything other than winning and maintaining power. The same can be said, to some extent, of establishment Republicans, but even the GOP elites appear to agree that there’s institutional rot in the highest echelons of the current government.

To ease the pain of certain liberals, I’ve compiled a list of what Democrats care – and don’t care about. They’re comforting words for those Democrats worried about Joe Biden’s advanced age, lack of visibility in public (speeches or interviews), unwillingness to confront reporters, etc.

In no particular order:

--Democrat voters don’t care about age. Democrats do care about whether the politician is still able to serve in office (meaning said human has a beating heart and is technically alive) and can cast votes for or lend a signature to the Democrat agenda, even if they can’t read the words on a page.

--Democrat voters don’t care about qualifications. They do care about sex, gender (as in trans-gender), sexual orientation, skin color, national origin, religion (if other than Christian or Jewish) and activism history (if for left wing causes).

--Democrat voters don’t care about ethics. A presidential candidate’s son is so tripped-out on drugs that he leaves his laptop at a repair shop and completely forgets about it. Said computer contains graphic photos of the man-boy’s moral repulsive and prurient transgressions and also holds emails detailing his corrupted business dealings with foreign interests. The candidate is referred to as “The Big Guy”, and a former business partner corroborates, on the record, everything that’s in the computer.

--Democrat voters don’t care about America’s debt problems. If anything, Democrats care about making the national debt larger. All those big numbers!

--Democrat voters don’t care about the concept of deterrence in foreign policy. But they love politicians who would undermine national security by shipping most of our weapons off to a non-NATO-ally to fight a dictator’s army. Said dictator has enough nukes to kills us all. Democrat president says we’ll support Ukraine “As long as it takes.”

--Democrat voters don’t care about civil liberties or free speech. Protest or assembly are still okay as long as said protesters advocate for leftwing causes such as gun bans or abortion. Democrats do care about taking leftist billionaires’ money and running political organizing efforts to elect more Democrats like AOC and brain-dead John Fetterman.

--Democrat voters don’t care about personal safety (self-defense or empowering police) but they sure as heck care about criminals! Leftist prosecutors in many major American cities ignore violent crimes and are vigilant about gun control. They don’t pay attention to the citizens’ anger, but sadistic felons love them!

--Democrat voters don’t care about the right to life. They do care about expanding access to abortionists with a full array of life-ending tools. Heartbeat laws? Abortion limits? Say it isn’t so! And they can’t articulate a position on the issue, either.

--Democrat voters don’t care about women’s rights, or at least those former staffers who come forward with a “Me Too” revelation about the poll leader for the presidential nomination (Tara Reade) or sitting presidents themselves (Monica Lewinsky). But they do value boys who claim to be girls participating in female-only sports. The new civil right of the age!

--Democrat voters don’t care about a vice presidential candidate’s intellect as long as she worked her way up through the party by cohort-ing with prominent Democrats (Willie Brown in CA). Yes, Kamala Harris is half black and has a uterus, so she’s a prime candidate for a high place in the liberal party.

--Democrat voters don’t care about borders or national sovereignty. They do care about attracting more “undocumented” foreigners to come to America so as to eventually become citizens and vote for Democrats. If you can’t vote them out, breed them out! It should be the Democrat credo.

--Democrat voters don’t care about elections integrity, but they care about maintaining the appearance of disenfranchisement! Remember how Democrats claimed the new Georgia voter law was the second coming of Jim Crow? How many claims of voter suppression in 2022? None that I’ve heard about.

--Democrat voters don’t care about American traditions (standing for the flag or reciting the pledge of allegiance). They do care about being “woke” and honoring miscreants and losers like George Floyd.

--Democrat voters don’t care about inflation, personal savings, mortgage rates or unemployment, but they do care about expanding federal giveaway programs.

Heck, there are more things Democrats don’t care about:

--Democrat voters don’t care about religious freedom.

--Democrat voters don’t care about treatment of political prisoners, but won’t stand for imprisoning Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

--Democrat voters don’t care about educational competence (as compared to DEI).

--Democrat voters don’t care about science (other than the science they agree with).

--Democrat voters don’t care about education (but they love teachers unions!).

--Democrat voters don’t care about America.

Judging by the state of the government in America today, Joe Biden seems to care about only one thing – his ability to win the 2024 election. He’s willing to sacrifice the American economy for a pipedream (climate change) and anyone who disagrees with anything he says is an enemy or a “MAGA Republican”. When it comes to Biden, age is the least of our concerns. He’s still more than capable of doing damage. Conservatives had best remember it.

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Got a great laugh for the day by reading the nonsense Donna Brazile espoused. Thanks, Donna, we need jokers to keep things light.

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