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The Right Resistance: Democrats’ Dobbs fixation aborts hope for a permanent electoral coalition

Will abortion end up sucking the Republican Party’s chances of winning the presidency out of America’s proverbial womb in 2024?

It would certainly seem so if you’ve paid attention to the always deceitful establishment media lately. Yet another big election went the left’s way recently as Democrats took over the majority of seats on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Liberals hooted and hollered as they celebrated and proclaimed general electoral invincibility as long as they bombard young women and the politically illiterate with false claims of Republican intractability on the abortion issue.

The static noise has a lot of conservatives worried about the future in the post Dobbs era and some observers are even implying that GOP politicians should start backtracking on the matter or risk losing their seats to the aggressive opposition. In a piece titled “Republicans scramble for winning message on abortion after Roe SCOTUS ruling”, Seth Laughlin reported at The Washington Times:

“Republicans are rushing back to the drawing board for a winning message on abortion after the post-Roe scoreboard favored Democrats at the ballot box.

“Liberal Judge Janet Protasiewicz’s 11-point drubbing of conservative Daniel Kelly in the Wisconsin state Supreme Court election last week is the latest example of how the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade has strengthened the hand of Democrats. They are running unapologetically on abortion rights messages, raking in gobs of campaign cash with a newly impassioned pro-choice battle cry and winning.

“In the November elections, Democrats flipped seats and won full control of legislative chambers in Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. They did not lose any of the statehouses they already controlled. It was the first time since at least 1934 that the party in power in the White House had pulled off that feat, according to the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, which focuses on state legislative races.”

All of this, and it’s only because Democrats are mad as heck at the originalist Supreme Court, correct?

Yeah, Democrats did much better than forecasted in 2022. There are lots of factors to examine, not just the abortion issue all alone. Democrats predict similar electoral waves whenever there’s a mass shooting and congressional Republicans and senators resist liberals’ frantic gun grabbing proposals. Certain subjects definitely motivate voters, but so does leftist interest group money delivered by the shovel full. The left has been outspending conservatives for a good while now.

Leftist money singles out and targets the dumbest and most easily manipulated among us – usually pampered females found on college campuses or in city centers where the government dependent are penned up by welfare addiction and politicians who threaten to cut off the spigot if they’re not returned to office every campaign.

At the same time, Democrats surmise they can use the abortion issue to bludgeon conservatives and Republicans into abandoning their otherwise deeply held principles and beliefs to perhaps gain an extra point or two in particular races across the country. (For the record, I believe this theory is bunk, but it sounds good on news reports because it can’t really be proved, makes Democrats sound like they’re unbeatable when carrying “pro-choice” signage before them – and because leftists make a lot of noise screeching about how important abortion is to the planet.)

In reality, it’s not Republicans who are terrified when the word “abortion” is spoken. It’s Democrats who are hysterical about the possibility that decent people – a.k.a. everyone who doesn’t identify as a “The View” watcher -- will become more educated on the issue and decide for themselves that mercilessly killing a helpless and innocent unborn baby is not something an advanced society encourages.

Like with most political issues, Democrats bank on the ignorance of the low-information, religiously apathetic and culturally brainwashed crowd remaining angry and agitated over a lie that’s easily disprovable with a few minutes’ worth of internet searches and/or a conversation with someone conversant in Supreme Court jurisprudence and the utter fallacy that was the Roe v. Wade farce. You know, the one with big words such as “viability” and “trimester” and “legitimate government interest” buried in citations and “right to privacy” jargon.

How would abortion lovers take it if voters realized that every single justice who sat on the Roe Court and decision is long dead? Their legacy of dead bodies makes the most heinous of murderous dictators seem pale by comparison.

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that a fifty year old Court decision discussing subjects of medical science just might have advanced a bit in the time since. The same oblivious band that shouts abortions and besieges conservative Supreme Court justices’ homes have probably never even seen an ultrasound examination of a baby in the womb or been educated on the gruesome inhumanity of the abortion procedure itself.

And if they have witnessed one, and they can still stomach what is done in clinics around America, they’re the ones who have to live with themselves knowing the truth.

Meanwhile, many of these same leftist empty souls are on the frontlines of the immigration issue, too, decrying the “inhumane” treatment of aliens in border detention centers or the tactics of U.S. Border Agents who don’t have the time or resources to care for each case individually. “They just come here to work and have a better life”, right? How about all those babies who never got the chance to breathe air much less enjoy the privileges of residing in this country?

To the Republicans who are wavering over the purported electoral drawbacks of being pro-life, I would ask: Which way do you see this issue evolving over time? Will U.S. citizens be more or less drawn to blue states like New York, California and Illinois because they sanction extreme until-the-moment-of-birth termination policies? Does anyone purposely relocate to a locale with liberal laws simply for the possibility of desiring an abortion someday?

Or do they simply hope the poor women will snuff out the surplus population before it’s born?

Republicans definitely need to do a better job of representing the pro-life side of the argument. Contrary to what the media tells us, saving a baby’s life isn’t entirely motivated by a belief in God or a thorough understanding of Biblical teachings. If our society is based on laws protecting lives, why does this concept end when it comes down to developing babies?

Is murder a crime? Some Republicans can’t recognize the contradiction in their own positions.

Last weekend, for example, South Carolina RINO Rep. Nancy Mace appeared on a Sunday morning talk show and suggested Republicans need to talk about abortion and guns (not necessarily gun control, but other means to address the nation’s mass shooting problem). “It’s not about the Second Amendment. There are plenty of things that we could be doing besides offering prayers and silence.”

Sure, Nancy, join the lefties by demeaning prayer. That’s going to help a lot, isn’t it? And there are things that can be done to confront the modern American culture’s sick fixation with murder (by guns or otherwise), but talking about firearms in this context only adds fuel to the left’s drive to scapegoat decent people who’ve owned and used guns responsibly their whole lives. And “talking” about abortion is usually done in the context of granting the government the ability to expand access to the gruesome practice, not the other way around.

It makes logical sense that the facts and the arguments are on the pro-Constitutional rights and pro-life side even if time is not. Last week, for example, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a 6-week “beating heart” abortion ban into law in the Sunshine State. Conservative governors are unapologetically leading on the issue, knowing that moral values and the “right thing to do” is with them and trusting their constituents to stand up to the leftist forces who constantly distort the issue for political advantage.

Regardless of individual candidates’ views on abortion, the subject will undoubtably resurface each time the competitors appear together in a debate setting. Each one will espouse a belief in life beginning at conception but will likely offer a “compromise” at pregnancies due to rape or incest or to save the life of the mother. This appears to be the majority position for those willing to talk about abortion in America, and it will be up to the 2024 primary winner to perfect the wording.

Former president Donald Trump would seemingly have a leg up on the others on abortion since he promised to appoint pro-life oriented justices to the Supreme Court, and kept his word to the letter. Today, because Trump understands politics and the senate confirmation process about as well as anyone, we have Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. The three constituted one-half of the votes to overturn Roe.

Here's thinking that the leftist furor over the Dobbs decision will eventually dampen and more voters will return to traditional concerns over the economy and the direction of the nation. Many states have enacted laws further protecting unborn babies, but many others have gone the other direction, such as Michigan under heinous Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The 2024 election is still a long way away, and sooner or later Democrats must put forward something substantive. When will their luck run out?

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