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The Right Resistance: Democrats’ fixation on Trump will pay dividends for Republicans in 2022

Ask the average Democrat (if there is such a member of the animal kingdom anymore) one question: Would you rather “get” Donald Trump, or be assured of fielding an effective set of candidates in this year’s federal midterm elections and, a credible, competitive presidential ticket in 2024?

Don’t be surprised if the “average” liberal you query pauses for a seemingly interminable moment while contemplating scenarios on all sides of the issue and finally mumbles something to the effect of: “Both”. Based on mountains of evidence from the past seven years of Trump’s political career, it’s clear his enemies in both parties feel that the man as well as his movement can be extinguished like a fire that’s suddenly deprived of oxygen and fuel. This paranoid delusion persists despite Trump’s survival and revival from witch hunts and deep state surveillance and tracking that would have felled a lesser human being.

Frankly speaking, it would take a complete twisting of the available facts to bring Trump down on anything other than another partisan indictment of some long past event, the subject having been so thoroughly investigated and, in some cases, litigated (impeachment, twice) that practically nothing could stick to the outsider 45th president that the public (at least the skeptical of government half of it) would buy.

That’s not to say Trump enjoys total immunity from realistic political censure should he cross over the sanity line and declare something completely out of character for him and impossible to believe. If, for example, he turned “establishment” and suddenly became best chums with Mitt Romney and Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, the protective political shield around him would melt away like a snow cone on a globally warmed summer day. But this isn’t likely to happen, and neither would the Democrats recovering from the severe and deep electoral abyss that they find themselves in this year. The January 6 Committee is going nowhere, doddering senile president Joe keeps doing things like falling over on a bike while on vacation and the people who count – the voters – consistently encounter inflation and sorry economic conditions that haven’t been encountered since the days of Jimmy Carter.

All signs point to a drubbing of near-historic proportions for Democrats in four and a half months, and no amount of deal making and Donald Trump “getting” is going to save them. The dye is cast, yet Democrats can’t go beyond their suicidal instinctive desire to make sure that Trump goes down with them. They’re sacrificing everything, too.

In a piece titled, “The Democrats’ Trump Obsession Will Do Them In”, David Catron wrote at The American Spectator:

“[N]one of these people [Catron quotes Democrats Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama] actually mention Donald Trump or the GOP, yet it could hardly be more obvious which ‘forces’ they are talking about. Nor are the Clintons and Obama the only people who [have] been talking like this. Former Bush speechwriter turned MSNBC talking head Matthew Dowd recently tweeted, ‘Conservative republican judge Luttig didn’t just say Trump was a clear and present danger to our democracy, Luttig said Trump’s allies and supporters are a clear and present danger as well. Powerful and true.’ This stuff isn’t merely false, it’s crazy. Not even quislings like Dowd really believe this balderdash.

“The Democrats want to convince the public that Trump and the GOP present a danger to the republic because, after controlling the White House and Congress for 18 months, they have turned the nation’s economy, immigration system, and foreign policy into a trio of blazing dumpster fires. Instead of doing their jobs, the Democrats have pursued the Bad Orange Man with a vehemence that Captain Ahab would find excessive. Even worse, they have also vilified the 74.2 million Americans who voted for Trump. That is dangerous to democracy. The Democrats simply don’t deserve the trust of the voters who are about to fire them.”

Trump derangement syndrome, which is newer and much more lethal version of what was, twenty years ago, “Bush derangement syndrome”, has never been cured in Democrat circles. Further, there is no treatment for the disease which afflicts the weak and culturally compromised, uninformed, uneducated (in the facts), over-educated (at “woke” universities and faculty lounges), privileged elites and the truly evil (like billionaire Nazi-sympathizer George Soros).

We don’t hear it quite as much these days, but Hollywood appears to have toned its intense Trump hatred down at least a little bit. The glitterati’s outward cheerleading for Democrats has subsided a tad as it’s generally not too popular to be caught talking up the good points of big government and environmentalism when gasoline prices have exceeded five bucks a gallon nationally and only stand to go higher.

Joe Biden had a chat with late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel last week but the puff session didn’t present senile Joe in a very positive light. He looked like an ancient care facility escapee in a tailored suit next to the much younger liberal host. One wonders what Democrat political operative came up with the idea to send Biden into that environment with a standing ovation from the obviously biased audience and glaring music that added no discernible substance to the conversation.

Why didn’t Kimmel ask senile Joe about his shower motivations with his daughter Ashley? This sounds like something Hollywood would be totally into. Who knows, perhaps they’d make a made-for-TV movie about the girl’s diary scribblings and depict Joe as a John Wayne Gacy-like creepy clown.

But no, Democrats would rather sustain their obsessions with Trump. Why else would they insist on talking about the man and his supposed threat to “democracy” years after he appeared on the American political scene? It almost looks as though Democrats such as the Clintons and Obamas sense they wouldn’t be interesting or relevant any longer if they didn’t have Trump to bash.

The same goes for senile Joe, of course. The Biden mouthpieces relentlessly assault Trump’s personality and reaction to the 2020 election so as to distract from the fact the country sunk to the depths of despair once the “Orange Man” and his band of capable policy implementers and effective public relations operation exited the capital.

While it’s not clear whether Trump will even run again, Democrats are “campaigning” as though today were the summer of 2024 and the GOP is united behind the MAGA-revival effort. As Catron pointed out, the Democrats’ angst is directed at Trump’s voters as much as the man himself. The lie that conservative voters are driven solely by hatred, xenophobia, homophobia, transgender phobia, Islamophobia, and whatever-phobia is the only line of argument liberals have for electing them these days.

Anyone else notice Democrats aren’t talking much about imposing new COVID restrictions?

Democrats will similarly try to tie the expected Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade as a direct result of Donald Trump’s presidency because he appointed three of the justices who would make up at least half of the majority. Radicals are attacking Pro-life pregnancy centers and encircling conservative justices’ homes – and making death threats – but liberals swear that Republicans are the ones who constitute a weight on “democracy”.

If not for hypocrisy, Democrats would have nothing at all.

The truth is, even if Democrats did “get” Trump and the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago (or wherever Trump stays during the hot summer months) and dragged his temporarily disgraced figure out of the building to cheering sections of Democrat politicians and consultants, it wouldn’t help them with American voters. Without Trump as the shining face of the Make America Great Again movement, what else would Democrats hold up as a symbol of how awful Republicans really are?

Harken back to seven years ago when Trump’s candidacy was still new and a curiosity and Democrats were actually rooting for him in the Republican primaries. Liberals believed that a Trump victory was so preposterous and unlikely that it would be advantageous for them to have him defeat the mainstream GOP candidates in the race. Trump could be employed as a battering ram – a “plant” – to do their party’s work of destroying the GOP from the inside.

It’s hard to recall now, but there was a time when Democrats much preferred Trump to a so-called “mainstream” Republican like Jeb! Bush or Marco Rubio, candidates who they saw as being much harder to beat in a general election matchup. Democrats anticipated that the Republican primary voters would fall for the same old party establishment lineup of status quo perpetuators and gutless appeasers as they always had.

Remember how Democrats hooted and hollered about how Trump was destroying the Republican party? They’re still doing it to some extent. Every mirror in a Democrat household must be broken because they’re working overtime not to have to look at themselves. Joe Biden has done more damage to the already tarnished Democrat brand than Trump could do in a hundred lifetimes of campaigning, insulting the establishment and whipping up the common folks in the hinterlands.

It's a sad fact that Democrats would much rather “get” Donald Trump than offer a legitimate governing agenda. Everyone has an opinion on Trump already, making it extremely unlikely that the liberals’ non-stop smear campaign will ever bear them electoral fruit. Democrats should be more concerned with their lack of a “bench” or compelling message that motivates responsible citizens to want to elect them.

Democrats’ painful lesson arrives in November. Trump will come out smelling like a rose.

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Jun 24, 2022

Come November the republicans better get out and vote. With Biden flooding states with illegals and Pelosi pushing no IDs required to vote it's looks like the demoscumbags are fixing to cheat and rig the elections again. Go vote in person or your vote goes to a democrat. Mail in ballots are the easiest to fraud so go vote in person if you want a free and fair election.

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