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The Right Resistance: Democrats’ frustration grows in directionless Joe Biden White House

If you’ve ever been in an engine-powered boat on a body of water and the motor suddenly cut off for no obvious reason, you relate to how the multitude of Democrats associated with senile president Joe Biden and his hapless administration must feel right about now.

To the outside observer, it almost appears as though the president, vice president and their frustrated crew of handlers are stuck in a small craft during a raging storm in the middle of the ocean with no way to begin the journey over (restart the motor?) and with no wind sails to provide backup propulsion. The Biden people are at the mercy of the political currents and the elements and hope is waning that they’ll ever contact shore again.

Biden himself seems unable to either accept or explain his precipitous drop in approval and popularity as suggested by every polling operation regardless of party affiliation. For nearly half a century, the establishment ruling class media portrayed the loud talking Delaware dunce as a good-natured but non-ideological nice guy, a man who could win bipartisan consensus by always being the most well-regarded, back slappin’ bosom pal to every soul in the room. Joe liked everyone and everyone liked Joe. Remember those days? There wasn’t a smidgen of truth to the unwarranted rumors of Joe’s gentle nature and keen likability, but they persisted nonetheless. He’s a Democrat, after all.

In the opening days of June, 2022, however, Joe Biden is anything but sure of himself. It’s like half the time he doesn’t even realize who he is -- or where he is. It’s a bad way to navigate in a set of conditions that can only be described as critical and (politically) life-threatening. What shall he do?

In a piece titled, "Inside a Biden White House adrift", Carol E. Lee, Peter Nicholas, Kristen Welker and Courtney Kube wrote at

“Crises have piled up in ways that have at times made the Biden White House look flat-footed: record inflation, high gas prices, a rise in Covid case numbers — and now a Texas school massacre that is one more horrific reminder that he has been unable to get Congress to pass legislation to curb gun violence. Democratic leaders are at a loss about how he can revive his prospects by November, when midterm elections may cost his party control of Congress...

“Beyond policy, Biden is unhappy about a pattern that has developed inside the West Wing. He makes a clear and succinct statement — only to have aides rush to explain that he actually meant something else. The so-called clean-up campaign, he has told advisers, undermines him and smothers the authenticity that fueled his rise. Worse, it feeds a Republican talking point that he’s not fully in command.”

Authenticity? Is senile Joe serious? Most Democrats hide their true opinions pretty well, but it’s my belief that even the most faithful of liberals long ago recognized that Biden is a substance-less blowhard. Barack Obama could barely hide his contempt for his own vice president, and, to my knowledge, never denied that Joe was added to his ticket specifically because the dolt was a white man who could appeal to the party’s working class (former) base.

Biden was rejected by the Democrat voters in his two previous presidential runs precisely because no one took him seriously. How many times have Americans heard “That’s just Joe being Joe” over the years? Doesn’t the saying strongly imply that “Joe” is an idiot who can’t be taken at face value?

The NBC writers continued, “Biden has vented to aides about not getting credit from Americans or the news media for actions he believes have helped the country, particularly on the economy. Unemployment rates have dropped to below 4 percent — pre-pandemic levels — but polling indicates most Americans believe the economy is in bad shape. Biden grouses that Republicans aren’t getting their share of the blame for legislative gridlock in Congress, while he’s repeatedly faulted for not getting his agenda passed.”

Poor Joe. His ego isn’t being sufficiently stroked for his own comfort. It’s apparently not enough that he was (supposedly) elected president of the United States and because of it he receives taxpayer funded public housing and board and the best public transportation -- on Air Force One -- that anyone with his half-an-intellect could ever expect.

Biden can’t deliver a coherent speech, hasn’t granted an interview in months, doesn’t have any discernible core beliefs, no governing philosophy, tells fibs incessantly, calls everyone who doesn’t agree with him a racist or a liar, repetitively insults his political opposition and never takes responsibility when things go wrong. Joe’s arms must be so tired from passing the buck that at the end of the day he can barely lift his fork off the dinner plate.

No wonder Democrat operatives around him feel like they’re adrift. Are Biden’s people finally realizing there’s something rotten in Democrat-land? Listening to them is like seeing a witch with a huge wart on her nose that she’s lived with her whole life waking up one morning and complaining to the mirror, “Hey, where did that huge wart come from? Maybe I really am a green witch after all.”

Denial lasts only so long, even if you’re Joe Biden and conditioned to lying to yourself and everyone else. And Joe’s troubles aren’t the same as they were under his predecessor, who truly had the whole Washington establishment swamp class after him.

Whereas Trump was saddled with a bogus Hillary Clinton-inspired “Russian collusion” investigation and a hostile establishment media on an hourly/daily/weekly basis, Biden has only himself to blame for his fallen-through-the-floor approval ratings. The bumbling fools around him certainly don’t help his cause, but someone has to take the fall for all of the policy failures.

As would be expected for a collection of Democrat politicians with neither a spine nor a soul, Biden’s enablers and knee-jerk defenders insinuate that his current malaise is mostly due to “inheriting” a country in dreadful shape, a hopeless position from which no chief executive could escape regardless of capability and a steely spine character unbreakable by trials and tribulations. Ronald Reagan inherited a mess in 1981. So did Donald Trump in 2017. Democrats make the messes, but they don’t become heir to them.

I’ve said it often in the past, but this lame “it wasn’t me” pretext not only doesn’t pass the proverbial laugh test, it won’t get by anyone with an ounce of civics knowledge and access to daily news reports (unless they’re CNN and/or MSNBC watchers, where everything that’s gone wrong since senile Joe took his oath of office was Donald Trump’s doing) of the serious hurt that inflation is inflicting on average Americans.

What did Joe inherit? An economy shut down largely through the actions of blue state politicians, but was in very good condition overall -- at least in red states like Florida where conservative governors like Ron DeSantis fought back against the Anthony “Fuzzball” Faucis of the bureaucracy and allowed their citizens to work and children to go to school in person.

Joe also had to deal with inflamed racial tensions that were mostly attributable to Democrat demagoguery and his own “Trump’s a racist”, “This isn’t who we are”, and “I’ll restore the soul of this nation” hyperbolic rhetoric. None of it was real.

Besides, Biden stumbled into a pretty fair hand. The pre-pandemic unemployment was low; economic growth was stable and improved over Trump’s predecessor; wages were rising at the lower earning levels; United States energy production was its strongest ever and promised to get even better with the eventual completion of the Keystone XL pipeline; there was peace abroad where America’s interests were well represented in trade negotiations and relations with foreign governments; the southern border was under control, and there was an aura of competence in the White House.

Oh yeah, America’s city streets were safer than they are now thanks to a president who complimented and praised the police rather than pampered and excused the miscreants, rioters, looters, statue desecraters and America haters. Which would you prefer?

Once Biden replaced Trump, everything went to crap. Pardon the crude description, but is there a better way to synopsize it? What, besides controlling his polling numbers, would senile Joe have done differently if his administration’s boat engine hadn’t stalled? Somewhat admirably, Republicans have been nearly united against Biden’s agenda, but they did cave to establishment pressure and helped Democrats pass the infrastructure bill.

If the current president’s major programs haven’t passed it’s because of members of his own party standing in the way, not the Republican opposition. Needless to say, Senator Joe Manchin probably won’t be seeing any invites from the White House to come over and share a milkshake with the Oval Office dweller.

The NBC article also indicated that Ron Klain may be leaving (after the midterms) as White House Chief of Staff, and among those mentioned as possible successors are Anita Dunn and Susan Rice. Biden apparently feels comfortable with Dunn giving him advice, including his recent emphasis on tying Republicans to Trump’s MAGA agenda. There’s a surefire winner!

There’s no easy solution to senile Joe Biden’s drifting dilemma, but one definite improvement would be for the half century DC swamp dweller to stop insisting that he’s a healer and someone everyone believes is telling the truth and naturally gets along with. Decent people recognize a sales job when they see one and Joe Biden doesn’t even have a product to sell. He’s a crooked man with a crooked family and a supporting cast of compromised political cutthroats bent on transforming America.

What’s there to like? Cut the engine…

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Those writers missed a lot of reasons for Joe's ratings to be in the dumpster. They completely overlooked (or ignored) the Afghanistan debacle, the millions of worldwide migrants being dumped in American cities, the importation of lethal drugs, murderers, child molesters, rapists, and gang members, crime in the inner cities, and the fact that nearly every word he utters is a lie. What I can't figure out is why some 25-30% of the voters still believe in him.


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Jun 03, 2022


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