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The Right Resistance: Democrats’ House is so broken that even the base is abandoning the party

“Where shall I go? What shall I do? “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn… (walks away and fades into the fog) “I can’t let him go, I can’t. There must be some way to get him back…” -- Concluding scene from Gone With The Wind, where Scarlett O’Hara begs Rhett Butler not to leave her.

It’s a memorable scene from possibly the most iconic Hollywood production of all time, and the legendary classic is now well over 80 years old and still shown regularly despite its non-woke subject matter and heavy racial undertones. There’s a similar sort of begging to stay going on up on Capitol Hill these days, though it’s doubtful the acting is as dramatic as Vivien Leigh’s and Clark Gable’s all those decades ago. And it’s similarly implausible that any Democrat can cry on cue as well as the multiple academy award winning British actress, though they’re certainly practiced at the endeavor when in front of TV cameras. Then again, Chucky Schumer can turn tears on and off easier than a backyard spigot in springtime. Too bad the powers that be don’t hand out golden statues for phony despondency -- Chucky would win every year! House Democrats are all-but on their knees beseeching their colleagues not to retire and henceforth leave the survivors alone to face the prospect of governance under someone other than the stern but loving guidance of soon to be 82-year-old Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 28 Democrats have formally declared that this year will be their last in Congress. With the future not looking so bright for the party’s electoral prospects this fall, some liberal members have taken to begging the others to stay and fight and not make a tough election landscape look darn near impossible to maintain the current narrow party majority. (Note: Nancy Pelosi announced she’s running for reelection! Democrats rejoice!) It's common knowledge that life isn’t much fun in the House minority, and the Democrat holdovers recognize that newly victorious Republicans won’t look kindly on the remaining remnants of the dispatched totalitarian leadership in the lower chamber. No wonder Democrats are getting desperate. No public displays of weeping as of yet, but how long can they maintain some semblance of calm decorum in the face of such coming calamity? The main reason why the House Democrats’ outlook appears so bleak is senile president and party leader Joe Biden’s job approval numbers. Biden has looked lost lately -- even more so than usual. He’s thrashing about like a beached whale in shallow water, trying desperately to locate a comfortable depth to swim away and return to a world where he and his party’s policies are appreciated… and where Republicans know their place and keep quiet, like the old days. Recent polls showed Biden losing Independent voter support in huge numbers, but the most troubling aspect of fresh public sampling revealed a noticeable erosion of feeling in the Democrat base, too. It probably can’t get any worse for the Biden side. Political analyst Josh Kraushaar wrote at National Journal the other day:

The new NBC News poll paints a dismal picture of the president’s predicament. Biden’s overall 43 percent job approval is bad enough. But look at the crosstabs and the numbers are even worse.

“Biden’s 40 percent job approval among the youngest voters (age 18-34)—down 16 points since NBC’s April survey—is remarkably low, given the progressive sensibilities of that voting bloc. He’s only winning over 64 percent of African-American voters, one of the most Democratic constituencies in the country. He’s now underwater with Hispanic voters (48 percent approval), continuing his struggles with a group that was once expected to be an essential part of the Democratic coalition. The once-gaping gender gap has shrunk, with Biden only garnering 51 percent support among women…

“At this point... Biden has dug himself into such a deep political hole that his options for a comeback are limited—and mostly out of his control. The administration’s preferred path is to go after the agenda-less Republicans, in hopes of making the midterm election a choice between parties, not a referendum. But at this point, being the opposition party without an agenda is a better place to be than the governing party facing a mutiny within the ranks.”

Mutiny -- that’s a good word, isn’t it? Usually associated with the navy, mutiny means, “revolt or rebellion against constituted authority, especially by sailors against their officers”; or, “rebellion against any authority.”

That’s exactly what’s happening in the Democrat grassroots today, and highlights the dilemma the liberal party faces when putting all its proverbial eggs in the same demographic baskets instead of governing as an issue based, ideologically principled organization.

Last week, Biden famously asked, “What does the GOP stand for?” It now looks like Democrats’ main voter groups are wondering the same thing about their own party. When younger voters’, Hispanics’ and African-Americans’ backing of senile Joe is on the way down at the same time, there’s really no way to tailor a message or legislative portfolio to win back all three groups at the same time.

Add in women voters and the Democrats’ disease becomes acute and difficult to treat. No wonder the Biden White House has taken to calling people “stupid” and “stupid son of a bitch” (like with Fox News reporters Jacqui Heinrich and Peter Doocy this week). Here’s thinking the administration’s public relations staff will be watching hot microphones around senile Joe a lot closer in the coming months. Biden passes himself off as a “unifier” and a man who could “heal the soul of the nation” but can’t stifle his own stream-of-consciousness comments at the spur of the moment.

Biden has always had a temper and it’s easier than ever to separate him from his carefully crafted “Mr. Congeniality” reputation the party constructed for him. Frankly, his taste “filter” has never been very good. Perhaps his dip in popularity is related to more and more people discovering that ol’ “Lunch Bucket Joe” cusses and makes rude comments just like the rest of the guys on the assembly line. And the media said Trump was prone to inappropriate remarks, right?

Are any of the House Democrat fence sitters going to wait and see how this all turns out? An old saying goes that “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks” and “it’s impossible for a leopard to change its spots”. Therefore, the question becomes, can Joe Biden change his personality? Can he stop committing damaging gaffes that make himself and his party look… stupid?

In his piece, Kraushaar suggested that Biden pushed his legislative agenda too quickly in too large chunks, and that he would’ve done better working with Republicans and going slower to maintain the public’s favor. And that Joe promised too much and didn’t deliver on those vows. It’s an interesting thought, but not totally true. It’s not like the country ever wanted to end “climate change” by dramatically cutting oil exploration leases and cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline.

The failure of Biden’s agenda to move forward is only a small, mostly insignificant part of the reason why his base is abandoning him along with practically all Republicans -- even the #NeverTrumpers and fickle soccer moms of the suburbs -- and about two-thirds of Independent voters as well.

Hispanics don’t care as much about illegal immigration amnesty as the establishment media claims they do. Hispanics -- meaning Cubans, Mexicans, central Americans, Venezuelans, etc. -- recognize the Democrats’ fascination with socialism and worry about the leftward tilt of the country under Biden. They primarily want economic opportunities together with safe communities, law enforcement and fair immigration practices. And non-woke education.

Younger voters have been lied to by Democrats for virtually their whole lives. The pathetic higher education liberal arts agenda has filled their skulls with garbage about “climate change” gender “equity”, woke nonsense about rampant systemic racism and told them it’s all traditional America’s fault. The depression in support for Biden among this group is a natural backlash that sensible people experience when the untruths of the ruling class become evident for all to see. It’s great that the youths are finally distinguishing the Democrats’ sell-job.

Put it this way -- the average young college grad could care less about federal money for electric car charging stations, solar panels and giant windmills, but they do value being able to find a good paying job and affording a house rather than suffering under seven percent annual inflation.

Democrats are indeed retiring in droves and unlike Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind, there’s no way to work a plan to get them back. Senile president Joe Biden’s losing support with his base, so the outlook for Democrat victory in 2022 is bleak, with little hope of turning around before Americans vote in November.

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Jan 28, 2022

I was willing to become a Independent a a few years back because I know from frustrating experience, the R's leadership will screw-up a wet dream...more than once and to many times they have ignored the oppositions agenda, tried to negotiate a peace when firm valuable stance was surely needed...Many of them tried to undermine the Trump campaign and the Deplorables went on a head hunting trip to Put a RINO in a bag and ship them out of the party....The R's have a great platform but the odorous rotting fruit in the barrel spends it's energy ruining the wisdom of the platform and undoing good clear law and fine candidates...Trump was turning that around and the R's let the…


Mike M
Mike M
Jan 27, 2022

I hope that you're right but I'm not holding my breath on it. If they stole the 2020 election from Trump-and only someone who's either a fool or a liar or both would deny that they didn't- then don't believe for a millisecond that they won't try to do it again on a local level.

Mike M
Mike M
Jan 27, 2022
Replying to

I was asked not too long ago if I had faith in our political system. I replied that yes I did. I have complete faith that the liberals are nothing but a bunch of unmitigated Communist hypocrites. And I have faith that ninety-nine percent of the Republicans don't have the brains or the backbone to stand up to them.

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