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The Right Resistance: Democrats’ Hunter Biden issue pales compared with Kamala Harris drag

It’s old news by now, but presidential prodigal son Hunter Biden was indicted last week on federal gun charges. When the juicy tidbit was released, pundits from both sides of the

political spectrum exploded in excitement, with most speculating on how this latest episode in the fantastically crooked life of president senile Joe Biden’s only living son could/would impact the 80-year-old’s reelection effort.

It goes without restating that senile Joe’s been under a lot of pressure lately. With the economy stuttering (at best), Biden’s public appearances under relentless scrutiny for any potential verbal screw-up, the United Auto Workers’ strike, a multitude of inquiries into his family’s legal troubles (again, most of them involving Hunter’s own sleazy foreign deal escapades), and the never-ending fixation on his age, mental condition and ability to walk without falling, much less serve in the Oval Office until early in his 86th year -- the truth challenged old goat must be quite stressed out.

No need to pile on with the House’s impeachment inquiry. Joe’s dirty laundry is about to be shown to the world!

And now Hunter’s being paraded before the public as a firearms felon. It’s got to be embarrassing for the old coot, even if he only understands about half of what’s being told to him. No wonder the man needs so many vacations.

Poor ol’ senile Joe faces one more daunting obstacle, that being whether or not to keep awful cackling loser Kamala Harris on his 2024 ticket should he carry through with his pledge to remain in the race for president. Harris’s approval ratings are horrible – worse even than senile Joe’s – and she’s generally regarded as a big drag on his already strained electability.

Should he do the politically expedient thing and drop cackling Kamala from the campaign? Not so fast, say liberal black women. They say do it, Joe, and you’ll regret it. In an article titled “‘The View’ co-host Sunny Hostin predicts Biden will lose Black vote if he dumps Harris”, Valerie Richardson reported at The Washington Times:

“Vice President Kamala Harris is increasingly viewed as a drag on the 2024 Democratic presidential ticket, but ‘The View’ co-host Sunny Hostin cautioned that President Biden drops her at his peril.

“’Ninety-one percent of African Americans voted for Biden and will continue to vote for Biden if Kamala is his running mate,’ said Ms. Hostin, who is Black. ‘I would be very careful, President Biden, about getting rid of Kamala Harris because we will not support you.’ The warning came with the should-she-stay-or-should-she-go conversation heating up the left, fueled by Mr. Biden’s advanced age and Ms. Harris’ shaky approval ratings and job performance…

“Co-host Joy Behar, who is White, said ‘I don’t want to White-‘splain, you might be underestimating the Black community voter,’ to which Ms. Hostin replied, ‘I don’t think I am.’ Co-host Whoopi Goldberg, who is Black, called the speculation pointless. ‘She is not going anywhere. Let’s start with that,’ Ms. Goldberg said. ‘This is a lot of hypothetical B.S. meant to make your mind explode.’”

Far be it from me, but I agree with both Sunny Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg on this one. Who said folks can’t grow?

I agree with Hostin that Biden would surrender part of the black vote if he ditched Harris – the black female vote, which is probably the most dedicated identity politics bloc in America. Some black men would also take an anti-Kamala Biden move as an insult, but I don’t think it would be a wholesale migration among the group.

I also agree with Whoopi Goldberg that Harris isn’t going anywhere. Joe Biden’s fortunes are now tied to Kamala Harris, for better or more likely for worse, the same as they were the moment he confined himself to a certain type of human being during his 2020 campaign. As the old saying goes, senile Joe made his bed… and now he must lie in it.

At the same time, none of this is news to Joe Biden. The Delawarean moron has made a career out of hitching his rickety cart to the Democrats’ racist “civil rights” wagon, meaning he could never possibly be elected to any office from his state or nationally without kowtowing to the party’s most dependable demographic group. Joe might’ve gotten away with palling around with segregationists during his early days in the Senate, but the “woke” Democrat base looks down on such half-century-old associations these days.

Ever since Jesse Jackson began campaigning for president and running his mouth about his Rainbow Coalition and all that shakedown stuff from prominent African-American attorneys in the 80’s, Democrats have been held captive to the whims of certain minority voter blocs. How blacks could’ve seen national liberals like Teddy Kennedy and Joe Biden as their friends is beyond me. These elitists simply showered goodies down on the gimme-gimme crowd and crowed a lot about Affirmative Action to keep blacks firmly anchored on the Democrat plantation.

And they called Ronald Reagan a racist. Conservatives just rolled their eyes, but the oft repeated notion that limited government advocates were somehow against equality of laws made its way into the political mainstream. But at the same time that was happening, white Democrats became hostages to the voting preferences of the race pushers themselves.

In Joe Biden’s particular case, he blundered in the latter stages of the 2020 Democrat primary race by promising his running mate, assuming he won, would be a woman. There’d been all the hubbub in the party debates about Michael Bloomberg and his questionable treatment of women employees. Fellow candidate Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren had achieved her biggest debate moments by pounding the diminutive New Yorker over the controversy.

Ultra-leftist Bernie Sanders goaded Biden, too, until finally, senile Joe sought to shore up the single woman’s vote by applying Affirmative Action to gender, too. Rather than leaving the running mate issue up to the usual cavalcade of speculation going into the summer convention (reminder, this was just as the hype over COVID was getting started), Biden jumped at the chance to pacify liberal women everywhere by eliminating all men from consideration to be his V.P.

Plus, Biden himself had promised Rep. Jim Clyburn (of South Carolina) that he’d give sufficient patronage attention to blacks if Clyburn’s endorsement helped senile Joe win the Palmetto State’s primary. The die was cast!

That was strike one.

Shortly after senile Joe swore he’d pick an XX chromosome human to run with him, the locked down nation plunged into mass social chaos in the aftermath of the George Floyd incident. From coast-to-coast, phony woke warriors such as LeBron James and Kamala Harris fanned the flames of discontent by hating on all cops (black or white) and social justice purveyors demanded that police be defunded or disbanded.

The wildly-out-of-context emphasis on white cops purposely targeting black suspects further enhanced the focus on race. Senile Joe was backed into a corner to the point where he could realistically choose only a black woman for his veep-to-be. I don’t think Biden officially narrowed it down this way, but it was the worst kept secret in the country that he was looking solely at minority females to vet. The problem being there weren’t a lot of black women who were renowned to the national political audience. Some of the names being bandied about (then Rep., now L.A. Mayor Karen Bass?) were virtual unknowns. It would be like introducing Sarah Palin all over again, this time in Democrat wolves’ clothing and covered in racist rhetoric.

That was strike two.

As soon as the field of potential veeps was slimmed to a handful of candidates, Kamala Harris’s name came shining through. She was a senator from a big blue state, was young enough to contrast Biden’s advanced age, was somewhat visually attractive (unlike some of the others) and could be easily packaged to the Democrat electorate as the one-in-waiting to shatter not only the glass ceiling, but the minority woman glass ceiling too (was it double paned?)!

So, Harris got the call from Biden. From that moment on, Democrats were stuck with her!

Strike Three, you’re out!!! Needless to say, Democrat-land’s been crashing downhill ever since. Relying on memory here, but I don’t recall Harris doing anything noteworthy during the campaign itself other than badly losing the VP debate to the much more experienced, intelligent and credible Mike Pence. She largely stood to the side – or maybe just hung out in Joe Biden’s basement with him – and let the media slice and dice Donald Trump to political death over COVID and his administration’s response to the “woke” unrest of the previous summer.

Strangely enough, cackling Kamala’s reputation hasn’t been rehabilitated ever since. Harris was placed in charge of leading the Biden administration’s border “response”, but she’s been invisible on the issue. There was her infamous “Well, I’ve never been to Europe” answer to NBC’s Lester Holt during an interview, which must’ve sent the Democrats’ handlers into a tizzy.

Harris was also appointed to lead the administration’s push for a “Voting Rights” federal takeover of elections, where the Californian failed miserably – again. Kamala has become such an embarrassment to Democrats that not even former Speaker Nancy Pelosi publicly defends her.

With California governor Gavin Newsom reiterating, strongly, again, that he won’t be a candidate in 2024, Democrats must be losing hope of ever prying Harris away from senile Joe Biden. To make it worse, Newsom himself said cackling Kamala should be seen as the next-in-line. This news will make Sunny Hostin and black women happy, but very well could cost them the election next year.

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"the truth challenged old goat must be quite stressed out."

I doubt it. He probably has no comprehension of what is happening. His handlers? Now that's a different story. They must be quite stressed out. The legacy media will do their best to cover for them, claiming that Biden is a shoo-in in 2024 over any Republican and especially Trump, but they know better. The Democrat party is caught between the proverbial rock and hard place. That's why we can expect them to double down on election theft. Unless Republicans wise up, the 2024 election will be far dirtier than 2020. As Al Jolson once said in the first talking picture, "you ain't seen nothing yet."

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