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The Right Resistance: Democrats’ latest drive to vote, vote, vote on gun grabbing will backfire

Upon returning from a presidential trip to the Far East the other night, a very tired looking Joe Biden stepped to the microphone in the White House’s Roosevelt Room to deliver remarks on the school shooting that had taken place earlier that day in Texas.

With First Lady Jill Biden adorned in black and standing by his side, the president uttered appropriate remarks for the tragic occasion, perfunctorily mentioning how innocent children had been snuffed out before they’d even had a chance at life and there were now many, many parents who would never again be able to cuddle with their kids because of a senseless act of violence. Biden’s opening comments were heartfelt and intended to draw empathetic reactions from Americans. Who wouldn’t feel horrible for what had just happened?

But Biden’s mental dam broke and he instinctively launched into a tirade of frustration over a lack of national action on gun control, specifically the failure of Congress to stand up to the “gun lobby” that, according to Democrats, has Republicans in such a trance of inertia that they won’t even consider federal controls (shackles?) that would allegedly put a stop to many of these seemingly random fits of killing.

That’s it. To Democrats, “action” equates to “doing something” to solve a problem that can’t be fully addressed by men and women in suits and pantsuits in the federal legislature. Democrats are a party of action, alright. They do “stuff” to chip in their two cents in every instance. For gun crimes, this means snatching privately owned firearms out of the hands of people, effectively leaving them defenseless against criminals.

We’ve heard it all before. If I didn’t know better, I would almost say senile Joe and his party members’ ears perk up whenever there’s a report of a shooting, especially a particularly egregious one that engenders such outrage from normal people that it could conceivably crack the door open to more firearms restrictions on American citizens. Slightly below the less-than-convincing hyperbole is a tingling feeling among the leftist reactionary set that is becoming harder and harder to disguise.

At any rate, the clamor for “action” was heard up on Capitol Hill, where Majority Leader Chucky Schumer was besieged with requests to bring “reform” proposals to the floor.

Apparently, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Alexander Bolton reported at The Hill:

“Senate Democrats say a major floor debate on gun control is inevitable after a mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, left at least 19 children and two adults dead, only 10 days after another massacre killed 10 people at a supermarket in Buffalo.

“The second high-profile killing spree in the span of just more than a week means that Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) will be under heavy pressure to bring a gun-control measure to the floor before the July 4 recess, risking a partisan brawl that could be tough on vulnerable Democrats up for re-election in swing states this fall.

“’We need to vote. We need to hold every member of the Senate accountable. Every one of us should be put on the record,’ said Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), the chairman of Judiciary’s Constitution Subcommittee, who held a series of hearings last year to address gun violence.”

There is no humor in this situation, but the urgency of the Democrats’ demands to vote, vote, vote reminded me a little of the song “Rock Around the Clock” by 1950’s pioneering rock group Bill Haley and His Comets. Simply substitute “vote” for “rock” and you’ll see what I mean:

“One, two, three o'clock, four o'clock, (vote!)

Five, six, seven o'clock, eight o'clock, (vote!)

Nine, ten, eleven o'clock, twelve o'clock, (vote!)

(Democrats are) gonna (vote!) around the clock tonight…

“…We're gonna (vote!) around the clock tonight

We're gonna (vote!), (vote!), (vote!), 'til broad daylight

(Democrats are) gonna (vote!), gonna (vote!), around the clock tonight”

Ah, were it only that simple for the simpleton vote obsessed Democrats. The reactionaries still must contend with the filibuster tradition, which requires sixty yes votes to advance legislation on the senate floor. Bolton’s article indicated that the House already passed two gun grabbing bills, so there’s something in written form just waiting for upper chamber liberals to bring up to vote, vote, vote on, but the problem is that you’d have to get West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin -- and ten Republicans -- to go along with the proposals.

That’s just not happening no matter how many times whiny Chucky Schumer calendars a topic of interest. The nasally New York windbag could stand on his head until his ears were turnin’ red and it wouldn’t make a difference, nor would holding his breath until the brink of death and jumping up and down on one foot or singing “9999 Bottles of beer on the wall” the entire way through.

Even tossing Senator Susan Collins into the mix and possibly adding RINOs Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney as well, you’re still talking about needing to shake down a half dozen or so non-spineless Republicans to get anything moving. Lindsey Graham has shown some willingness to sell out in the past, but if the South Carolina senator were to commit constitutional treason against the liberty-loving conservative core of his state, he might as well barricade himself behind the walls of Fort Sumter and vow to not be taken alive.

One couldn’t help thinking that senile Joe’s righteous indignation against an inanimate object -- a handgun or rifle -- was a tad over-the-top. I don’t recall him getting nearly as wrathful over the SUV that black segregationist Darrell E. Brooks used to mow down and kill six people at the Waukesha (Wisconsin) Christmas parade last November. Among those whose lives were terminated were an eight-year-old child (seventeen kids were wounded) and four members of the “Dancing Grannies”. Twenty-eight people were admitted to the hospital in total. Who knows, maybe SUV manufacturers have a bigger and more powerful lobby than the gun makers do. Just saying.

The truth is, Democrat politicians never wait until the facts are out before making grandiose statements about the “need” to take away gun rights from citizens who earned them through birth or naturalized citizenship in this nation. Imagine, for example, saying two weeks ago -- before some other leftist nutcase shot up a supermarket in Buffalo -- that Congress needed to do something NOW about the over 300 million (or is it more?) firearms possessed by individuals and families in the United States.

As he always does, in his speech, Biden played to the emotions of the easily perturbed but only temporarily irritated outrage mob by suggesting that mass shootings don’t occur in any other countries (which just isn’t true -- check out this list of school massacres). Anytime you have a gathering of vulnerable innocents, it practically screams “Come shoot up this place” to a kook predisposed to doing something rash and headline enticing. If he’s bent on ending it all and taking a bunch of other human beings down with him, as seemed to be the case in Texas, the perpetrator selects the easiest target around. We saw it at Sandy Hook in 2012 and again on Tuesday.

Taking away every so-called “assault” rifle in the country wouldn’t end the mass shootings and it certainly wouldn’t end the carnage. Democrats can vote, vote, vote ‘til the cows come home and all they will have done was waste precious legislative time that otherwise could’ve been used to do something productive, like devise a way to arm and train teacher volunteers or to provide funding for security in every single school in the country.

Would it be expensive? Heck yeah, but one of the legitimate government purposes is to protect citizens in preventable circumstances. It’s a police power, no? And where would we get the money? How about recalling the $40 billion that our concerned Congress people just packaged for Ukraine to buy guns and ammunition to fight Russians? Or divert some of the unspent money from the COVID “relief” bill that’s laying around in a government agency closet somewhere. Congress tosses out stacks of dollars like t-shirts to a wild crowd at a country music concert, so why can’t they get it right? There has to be something that can be done to get schools the resources they need to make sure that the next Adam Lanza or Salvador Ramos doesn’t succeed -- at least on a scale that drives Democrats to want to trash the Constitution -- again.

The inexplicable delay in police response the other day further highlights the need to have in-school defenses ready at a moment’s notice.

Democrats feel they have to act quickly before the public’s pathetically short attention span turns back to worries over gas prices, inflation and the liberals’ callous disregard for family budgets in pursuit of “climate change” fixes that will never work under the current state of technology.

Judging by his sinking poll numbers, senile Joe didn’t draw blood (apologies for the imagery) with his “we must stamp out white supremacy” nonsense in Buffalo earlier this month. And Democrats never can predict when the next public relations opportunity will present itself to stir up a hornet’s nest and generate another movement to pass gun controls that don’t address the real problem -- and will never work. But they don’t care… it’s “doing something”, isn’t it?

No matter how hard they try to push the economy issue off the table, Democrats can’t escape the inevitable. All the hooting and hollering over gun restrictions won’t occupy Americans’ mindset long enough to make a difference in November when the real day of reckoning arrives. Liberals don’t have the numbers nor the moral high ground. It’s all just vote, vote, vote -- for nothing.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
27 may 2022

Biden and the democrats back on a gun control issues, since the tragic school shooting in Texas, yet, people who do break the laws, purchase guns buy lying on State and Federal applications, go Scott free, without any repercussions, even thou a ton of laws were broken.such as the presidents son Hunter Biden, or maybe even more democrats who have the laws sweep under the carpet, and this includes the Secret Service, the DOJ, and even the president with his "pay to play financial gains".Time for change is right, it starts with the mid terms,and ends with impeachments, jail time, mandatory restitution for money gained from adversaries under illegal means,

Me gusta
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