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The Right Resistance: Democrats’ momentary rage will burn out like a sparkler on the 4th of July

How many people out there want to turn Florida into California?

You’re forgiven for scratching your head at the incredulous notion of morphing one of (if not the most) America’s most prosperous and freedom loving jurisdictions into the dysfunctional woke dystopia that is now the Golden State. Apparently, there are Democrat consultants out west – or somewhere – who think there’s a hankering among the Sunshine State’s population for criminals running rampant, visible piles of feces (along with their accompanying bouquet) and spent drug needles from the dominant homeless culture on city sidewalks as well as a political elite that’s so out of touch that it’s turning former liberals (Elon Musk, et al) into Republican-touting common sense pushers.

Yet California Governor Gavin Newsom made headlines earlier this week for running an ad in Florida, all-but beckoning Floridians who may be fed up with the good life under competent political leaders to move to the west coast to experience the other side of the coin, including crooked Soros-funded prosecutors who refuse to apply the law against violent felons and an illegal alien populace that’s seemingly welcomed and pampered by those in the seats of power and state bureaucracy.

Florida’s uber-popular Governor Ron DeSantis must’ve gotten a good chuckle out of Newsom’s desperate lobbying effort, one that was so overly contrived and absurd as to be unintentionally humorous. In the spot, Newsom claimed Florida was banning books, making it harder to vote, censoring speech in the classroom and criminalizing women and doctors – so y’all should pack up and relocate 3000 miles to see what “freedom” by ruling class fiat really feels like!

Where would Newsom get the idea to spend money on anti-DeSantis TV advertisements in the latter’s own backyard? Didn’t someone suddenly ask him, “Governor Newsom, are there any signs that your governing performance may not be as well received as you believe it is?”

“You mean other than the citizen generated recall last year?”

Nevertheless, leftists and Democrats proved, once again, that they don’t get it. Assuming that anyone actually paid attention to Newsom pleading his case and decided to move to California, it would only mean the remaining citizens of Florida would be more conservative and proportionally smarter with fewer liberals, aggressive transgenders, LBGTQIA+++ activists, “climate change” nutcases and government grifters than before!

If I didn’t know better, I’d say Newsom was put up to the gesture by some Republican billionaire who wanted to rid Florida of its small percentage of idiots, whiners and losers. Who knows? It took about three decades to completely ruin the most beautiful and geographically diverse state in the country (California), why not try and reverse the outward migration patterns there by appealing to smiling, happy Floridians?

The fact is, the political issues folks are talking about today might not even survive as news items until the November elections roll around, yet Democrats appear convinced that abortion, gun control and the lack of Republican cooperation on “climate change” mitigation will be at the forefront of Americans’ minds in the voting booth in four months.

In a piece titled “Supreme Court abortion decision won't save Dems, Biden in midterm elections: Here are 5 reasons why”, Republican strategist Colin Reed wrote at Fox News:

“One, the [Dobbs] decision is the latest reminder of President Joe Biden’s status as a relic of the past... [Two,] the left’s most extreme voices are taking center stage – and so are their ideas... Third, the Biden presidency is on the brink of unraveling. His approval rating hit a new low of 38%, according to Real Clear Politics...

“[Fourth] Heading into Independence Day, America is in a rut. An Associated Press survey showed 85% of adults believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, and it’s easy to see why... and, The fifth and final factor: the Biden presidency has not been a boon to the economy (or frankly much of anything), but it has been a shot in the arm for GOP voter registration numbers…

“The Supreme Court is now in recess until October, and the dust will start to settle from the recent spate of rulings. When it does, the Democratic Party will be heading into a daunting midterm landscape led by a president who has lost more than a few miles per hour off his fastball. The die has been cast, and now the party in charge has little left to do but brace for impact.”

Boom! You can just see it and hear it in your mind, can’t you?

Granted, such predictions aren’t especially hard to make these days, but Reed was correct in all five of his assertions. For every liberal talking head on CNN or MSNBC predicting that this or that current event will steer the tide away from Republicans and back towards Democrats in November, there are three or four solid reality lessons indicating that no such backflow will take place.

First and foremost, what voters think now, in early July, will most likely not register as important in November, particularly among liberal voters. Democrat followers tend to be more emotional, less informed, less civilly engaged and more prone to fits of hysteria than conservative or Republican voters are.

Democrats tried to rev up the abortion-on-demand outrage machine a couple months ago when the Dobbs majority draft was illegally leaked to the establishment media, which led to nationwide protests among the reactionary mobs, threats to Supreme Court justices, their homes being besieged by multi-colored hair freaks with nose rings and face tattoos and stern warnings from Democrats that the American people really love abortion and therefore it shouldn’t be done away with – or sent back to the states – by the hated Trump-appointed Supreme Court.

The clamor died down. It’s risen again thanks to the Dobbs decision. But will the haters sustain it all summer long, well into the fall? When the freaks belatedly realize that there’re still plenty of abortions being performed in Newsom’s California and other places where Democrats preside, maybe “ordinary” folks will acknowledge that all the histrionics were a tad overdone?

What about gun control? A small collection of RINO Republicans bowed to the “do something” pressure after a pair of particularly awful mass shootings perpetrated by mentally unbalanced miscreants, but now everyone’s back to talking about inflation, the impending recession and gas prices.

In other words, rage only lasts so long. Like a sparkler on Independence Day, it burns bright at the top and keeps its intensity for a couple minutes, but once the hot spot expends its fuel at the bottom, the flame extinguishes itself and dies. All that’s left is the memory of a few moments of Fourth of July revelry together with a little distorted wire stick to deposit in the trash can, the inevitable debris from a celebration that doesn’t last nearly long enough.

Why is this? It’s human nature, together with spin from the moment-by-moment establishment media which is paid well to overreact and hyperventilate with every little twist of fate that appears on the surface to be important to the leftist segment of the public. Who, for example, can remember anything senile president Joe Biden said in his first State of the Union address (only) four months ago? Afterwards, didn’t Democrat pundits swear that Biden had corrected all of his public relations flaws and the real losers were Republicans such as Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert who were, according to them, certain to lose to primary challengers?

Both Greene and Boebert cruised to victories against Republican establishment opposition. Liz Cheney, on the other hand, is almost certain to go down to defeat next month in Wyoming.

Just last week the same reactionary media was giddy about the testimony of 25-year-old eye-catcher Cassidy Hutchison, but will anyone care, much less remember, the woman’s sensational tall tales relayed to the stupid January 6 Committee? Heck no.

But conservatives will certainly recall the heinous treatment the January 6 political prisoners have endured at the hands of the Biden in-Justice Department, along with all the other bogus witch hunts Democrats prosecuted against former president Donald Trump and his administration personnel and allies.

Also fresh in Americans’ minds will be the awful handling they endured under Joe Biden’s COVID mandate enforcers. There are still wayward discarded masks visible in parking lots, and, every time a flight is delayed or cancelled, blame the ridiculous vaccine mandates.

How about inflation? It’s not going down anytime soon. Meanwhile, interest rates are shooting up, crime is burning out of control, an economic recession is on its way and soon unemployment will bare its ugly head as producers feel the pinch. The current foul mood will turn downright surly by the time November rolls around. Given the multitude of tribulations, do you think reasonable folks will be in a hurry to care about whether “pregnant people” have the “right” to kill their unborn babies in red states?

Democrats have no way to stop the bleeding, either. Every time senile Joe Biden steps to the presidential lectern he says something inane and ill-considered. He tastelessly bashes the Supreme Court in front of foreign “leaders” and no one is talking about Vladimir Putin and Ukraine any longer. That’s yet another topic that’s spent its allotment of media fuel.

No amount of TV ads from Gavin Newsom or any other clueless elitist Democrat will convince America’s doubting public that liberals can do the job of governing the country. Conservatives are not losing the culture war and there’s only so much mileage Democrats can gain from radical feminists still ticked off about abortion. The real lesson comes in four months’ time.

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Who, for example, can remember anything senile president Joe Biden said in his first State of the Union address (only) four months ago?

I can't even recall the rousing speech Biden gave on Independence Day earlier this week. Or did he? I do know he sold some of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to our arch enemy China. But I guess most American's won't hear about that, so it won't be an issue in November.

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