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The Right Resistance: Democrats, phony ‘voting rights’ and the BIGGEST LIE of all

There’s a lot of lying going on up on Capitol Hill these days, which comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with American politicians.

Both parties vigorously point the finger at their opponents, of course, faulting the other for pushing a falsehood so large that it couldn’t possibly be encapsulated into a simple “small lie” category. No, Democrats and Republicans have each adopted “The Big Lie” label as their own. Another day, another freakout in Washington DC. Mychael Schnell reported at The Hill the other day:

“Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) office knocked Democrats over ‘the left’s Big Lie’ — which it pegged as the belief that ‘there is some evil anti-voting conspiracy sweeping America’ — as Democrats look to push for federal voting rights legislation.

“A memo from the minority leader’s office on Sunday predicts that Democrats will ‘try to use fake hysteria to break the Senate and silence millions of Americans’ voices so they can take over elections and ram through their radical agenda,’ likely referring to calls by many Democrats to abolish the filibuster in the Senate to pass voting rights reforms.

“’Leader McConnell and Senate Republicans have repeatedly stood up to the left and their Big Lie that there is some evil anti-voting conspiracy sweeping America,’ the memo added.”

Don’t feel shame if it seems there are so many “Big Lie(s)” going around that it’s impossible to determine who’s telling the “Big truth”. It’s hard to believe that wishy-washy “Murder Turtle” Mitch McConnell is the defender of all things righteous on the “voting rights” subject, but it’s easy to oppose the Democrats’ insane power grabs that keep cropping up. This is an easy one.

The left is pushing a “Big Lie” surrounding the right to vote, and they’re doing it to save their electoral rear ends. Democrats figure if they can’t cheat, they can’t win. Maybe they’re right. President senile Joe Biden went down to Georgia yesterday to beg locals and a microscopic national television audience to buy into the Democrats’ gigantic fib that the election system is trash because Republicans want to keep people from voting. Stupid? The word doesn’t cover it all.

The difference between Trump’s claim of massive election fraud in 2020 and the Democrats’ ongoing hysterics over presumed “vote suppression” is the former possesses a lengthy list of signed and attested affidavits concerning possible irregularities and the latter group has a bunch of politicians hooting and hollering about something that no one has actually observed or been able to prove ever happened.

Trump supporters, such as myself, are willing to concede that not all of the cumulative fraud claims from 2020 are valid and appearances sometimes deceive, but at the very least we’d like a reasonable explanation for the unsolved phenomena. Here are just a few questions that remain unanswered well over a year later: Why were those boxes of ballots hauled out from under the table in Fulton County, Georgia and run through the vote counter when counting had officially been called off for the evening? Why were there x number of ballots with only Joe Biden’s name on them (and nothing else)? Can you explain why such a low number of mail-in ballots were rejected compared with past years? What about the weird findings of the audit in Maricopa County, Arizona?

These are simple questions to answer. Why haven’t they been addressed? There are more, too. How much staff was devoted to tracking down ballots with faulty signatures? Who decided which votes were valid? What kind of training did they have? Were the legislature’s procedures followed to the letter? Why did ballot counting cease in many areas, and why, when the counting started again, did the numbers slant so heavily to Joe Biden?

Is this the Big LIE Democrats are talking about these days? Sounds like Big QUESTIONS to me.

Meanwhile, has any individual come forward and sworn in a legal proceeding that he or she was denied the vote because of reasons x, y or z (race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, national origin, religion, hair color, college football program preference, member of the Republican party, etc.)? If there was such a case, lawyers from the ACLU or Southern Poverty Law Center or NAACP would be all over it, suing the state or local entity for discrimination, and, in Jesse Jackson-like fashion, demand a compensatory “shakedown” payment to be distributed among the plaintiff’s legal representatives.

If there were such assertions, and they were somehow verifiable, Maxine Waters and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would be in front of the first microphone and camera they could find dispensing allegations like cheerleaders tossing home team t-shirts to a homecoming crowd.

Democrats call Trump’s ongoing efforts to show the election was stolen “The Big Lie” because it gives the gullible and uninformed -- a.k.a, the liberal party base and the crows at The View -- the basis for dismissing an argument outright without even thinking about it. If something is not just a lie, but a BIG lie, then maybe we should just ignore everything else, go out to a bar or marijuana shop and get drunk or high to the accepted notion that conservatives who make such claims are full of crap.

But when it comes to Democrats and voter suppression, that’s a different story. Tell the average person that votes were suppressed (not just miscounted) and it conjures up images of a redneck wearing a KKK hood standing adjacent to a voting booth with one of those old-fashioned six-shooter pistols with a long barrel in his hand, tapping the gun against the metal post and wearing a grin that screams, ‘Come on, I dare ya to try and vote,’ or ‘Go ahead, make my day, punk.’

Scare tactics, all. We must force every Democrat to justify ignoring the Constitution in order to federalize state election law and articulate the reasons for doing so.

Why? Conservatives call out their own when the situation arises. Fox News’s Tucker Carlson took much heat from conservatives after the 2020 election because he demanded evidence of “The Kraken” that attorney Sidney Powell promised to produce. Anyone recall the dust-up? It was ugly. Liberals loved it. Joe Biden was still hiding in his COVID bunker at the time, but he was receiving assistance for his cause from Republicans without even trying.

Liberals hated former Attorney General William Barr when the chief federal law enforcement officer recommended getting tough with the Portland and Seattle leftist rioters but loved him when he defied Trump and wouldn’t clarify that there was evidence that the election was in doubt. Barr looked like he was taking revenge on Trump for some reason. It’s a shame that it all ended badly.

Democrats and their horribly mislabeled “voting rights” proposals are the real “Big Lie”. McConnell was right. Liberals realize they can’t win unless the rules are changed -- just like in 2020 under the ruse of COVID protection -- so they’re hoping to codify mail-in balloting and outlaw any simple voter integrity measures such as requiring an ID to vote, disallowing same-day registration and expanding the period for voting to unreasonable lengths.

Conservatives generally believe that voting should be easy but cheating near impossible. Recognizing that same day, in-person balloting is the most foolproof method to guaranteeing elections integrity, many states have limited the number of days available for early voting. But the rules are much more relaxed than they used to be.

Folks who’ve been around for a while know that absentee balloting used to be limited to those who demonstrated that they couldn’t make it to their regular precinct on Election Day. Here in Virginia, for example, early voting is still technically by absentee, where you specify the reason for needing an exception ahead of time. Voters must also produce valid ID and provide a signature.

Judging by the noticeable blue tilt in all but the last election (when Glenn Youngkin won and the GOP took the state assembly majority), liberals never had a problem with the system in the Old Dominion, yet Democrats complain about Georgia’s new voting law, claiming it will bring back “Jim Crow” and active voter suppression. No, it’s not a poll tax. You just can’t serve food and drink to the people in line at the polling place now. Are the new rules really that arduous?

Besides, wasn’t Barack Obama elected twice under the “old” rules that are still in place? How about Bill Clinton, also twice? Didn’t Democrats achieve a filibuster-proof senate majority in 2009 and 2010 so as to pass Obamacare? Were the rules so ineffective in 2018 that the liberal party took control of the House and all-but stopped Donald Trump’s agenda?

Why is change so vital now? Is it because Donald Trump and conservatives cried foul after the 2020 election?

Why was “voting rights” not brought up during Barack Obama’s presidency? Were votes suppressed in the 2008 and 2012 elections, or does the problem only surface when Republicans win? Further, are votes “suppressed” in densely populated urban areas where the Democrat percentage of the vote is 90 percent or higher?

Is there massive voter suppression in Washington DC, too? If so, it must be reverse suppression, where Republicans never win.

There’s little doubt the “Big Lie” involves Democrats telling whoppers about “voter suppression”. Republicans believe in federalism and think, as the Founding Fathers did, that states should be trusted to handle their own local voting conditions. The Democrats’ woke one-size-fits-all federal voting scheme is a naked ploy to maintain power. Don’t be fooled.

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Jan 13, 2022

"The Big Lie" is that Joe Biden won the election fairly. Biden and his allies have asserted, without evidence, that they won legitimately. However, I'd say almost none of the claims Donald Trump (and others) have brought forward were ever rebutted. There's been plenty of evidence that Biden is not the legitimate President. Start with the Arizona audit which found a problem with 50k ballots. Biden only "won" by 10k. An honest person has to conclude that Biden didn't win AZ. The outcome in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia (and some others like Nevada) are also in doubt. Dubious counting of the so-called "mail in votes," post-election, without Republican observers...sounds totally legit! It should tell you something that Biden himself…

Replying to

Not crazy about McCarthy either. Another RINO.


The difference between leftist lies and conservative lies:

When a leftist lies, there is ample evidence to the contrary.

When a conservative lies, it's because a leftist said so.

Replying to

Perfect summation, sir. Thank you. Everything liberals say relies on emotional feelings and content. Conservatives are more grounded in actual facts and figures. Rush was always preaching that.


And there's a whole bunch of lies being told regarding the Jan. 6 Commission as well.

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