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The Right Resistance: Democrats’ plan to stave off electoral disaster results in punch to the mouth

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Boxer Mike Tyson famously replied when asked by a reporter about how he was prepared to deal with opponent Evander Holyfield’s fight plan for an upcoming bout that Holyfield eventually won.

Nobody’s ever looked to notorious human being abuser Mike Tyson for ingenious pearls of wisdom on good and clean living, yet the legendary bruiser was correct about one thing -- you can always scheme for contingencies but sometimes life intervenes and the best laid plans need to be tossed out the window. Such is often the case in American politics, where the game is never over and the players seemingly play on forever. Many, myself included, have suggested that the Democrat congressional majorities are living on borrowed time at present. The days, weeks and months go by, nothing gets done legislatively and Senate Majority Leader Chucky Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi regularly appear before the establishment media to boast about what’s coming next. They, together with senile president Joe Biden, speak as though they possess an unlimited popular mandate to pass their whims unto the American public. No such power exists. Numerous signs indicate the top Democrats are nervous about their precarious position. They don’t ever admit it, despite frequent poll announcements that regularly reveal the public’s bad mood. This week, Speaker Pelosi indicated Democrats have a plan to retain their majorities. Will reality punch them in the mouth? Seth McLaughlin reported at The Washington Times:

“Democrats won’t give up their majority in the House without a fight and they have a three-prong strategy to upset what they say is an overconfident Republican Party in this year’s midterm elections.

“The plan entails spelling out how their accomplishments are helping voters, casting the GOP as obstructionists obsessed with former President Donald Trump and his stolen election claims, and doubling down on efforts to combat the coronavirus with expectations the pandemic yields before voting kicks off...

“Democrats are projecting confidence. They say elections are about contrasts and the contrasts between the two parties are stark. The message, according to party insiders, is powerful: Mr. Biden dug the nation out of a mess he inherited from Mr. Trump, who divided the nation and spawned an insurrection against democracy as he exited the White House on Jan. 6, 2021.”

Wow, heavy stuff, huh? One can only imagine how the Democrat honchos came up with this three-part strategy. More than likely a group of them were all sitting around a rickety wooden table at a liberal dive bar in Washington DC during one of the recent snow storms playing beer pong, with the losers having to gulp down a brew and then provide a suggestion on how to reverse the horrible trend lines in the latest public opinion surveys.

“Okay, I got one. We’ll tell the voters that we’ve really accomplished a lot since Joe’s been in the White House. We’ll ‘kick it up a notch’ in messaging, just as chef Emeril said to do.”

“Awesome. Then we’ll tie everything the Republicans do to that orange devil Trump! Works every time, doesn’t it? I heard someone told Terry McAuliffe to keep saying it just before the election in Virginia last November. Trump this, Trump that. McAuliffe won, didn’t he?”

“No, but the voters down there are dumb white supremacist racists. Except for Ralph Northam.”

“The third part of the plan is, we’ll dump more money into the COVID thing and we’ll blanket the airwaves with Dr. Fauci and Rochelle Walensky -- to let the people understand that we conquered the bug and everything’s cool now.”

More than likely, the Democrats’ actual plan wasn’t conceived in a bar. Instead, highly paid consultants and the powers that be at party headquarters came up with it themselves over coffee with Pelosi, Schumer and Biden chief of staff Ron Klain adding input. In reality, this new campaign is just warmed-over politician speak with a fancy new title, assuming there is one on their three-pronged notebook full of figures.

It’s always hilarious when Democrats insinuate that Biden is failing because he just hasn’t communicated how great things are out there in the fruited plain, isn’t it? The ordinary folks who see gas prices over fifty percent higher since senile Joe took office shouldn’t be the least bit concerned that a large part of the family budget is being consumed at the pump and inside the grocery store, right? Heck, even a recent visit to Costco exhibited the nation’s supply issues for us personally.

We were in search of a prime rib roast for a special occasion. Upon perusing the meat case, there weren’t any prime rib slabs to be found, which is unusual, so we inquired whether there were more in back. “I put out six just a little while ago. They’re all gone. Local stores can’t get ‘em, so they come here. Even the military commissaries come over looking to buy stuff from us. It’s crazy.”

The gentleman did get a few more roasts to choose from. Lucky us.

Perhaps Democrats could initiate a public relations campaign where they station propagandists at stores like Costco and Walmart. When a consumer can’t find what he or she is looking for, the secret agent could chime in, “Did you hear that the unemployment rate is down under four percent now -- back to the Trump days before the pandemic -- and that 6 million jobs have been created since Joe Biden has been president? Everything is peachy keen. It’s morning in America again, just like when Ronald Reagan was supreme leader.”

The Democrats’ plan to tie Republicans to Donald Trump also has been tried -- and didn’t work. Many commentators have debated whether Trump himself should keep insisting that the 2020 election was stolen -- since it only reminds voters off a not-so-pleasant moment from the recent past, and in doing so, makes Trump appear to be a sore loser.

Democrats, on the other hand, can’t get enough of Trump. They seem to think that revisiting the post-election period of recounts and court rulings in late 2020 will continue to bear electoral fruit for them, because American voters are stupid and can’t make up their own minds about what happened in those fateful two months between Election Day and January 6.

This too will almost certainly backfire on them, because as senile Joe’s approval ratings continue to sink, voters’ thoughts of Trump will only get sunnier. While it’s true that the #NeverTrumpers won’t change their opinions -- they’d rather suffer the incompetence and mental slipping Joe Biden than put up with the former president’s bluntness -- the persuadable people will recognize that Trump was a good president with successful policies.

“Trump, Trump, Trump” might actually be a winning idea -- for Republicans. The more Democrats rely on turning Trump into a bogeyman, the better he’s going to look to Americans. They’ll recall that inflation was under control when Trump was in the White House. They’ll remember that Trump cared about keeping energy costs affordable rather than wasting tax money on “climate change” fixes that aren’t needed and don’t do anything productive.

It’s been an awful long, cold winter. Those digging out from last weekend’s frigid super storm probably aren’t in the mood to hear about the dreadful effects of a supposedly warming planet. Sending Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez out to warn of the coming calamity isn’t a great proposal.

Meanwhile, Trump’s insistence on elections integrity is a winner at the ballot box, too. Voter ID is overwhelmingly popular, as are other measures to ensure valid elections. Citizens are tired of being called racists by Democrats, and some, including Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas, aren’t about to sit there and take it any longer.

The final part of the Democrats’ plan -- doubling down on efforts to combat the coronavirus with expectations the pandemic yields before voting kicks off -- is doomed to flop, too. Americans are sick and tired of being lectured to by the “health” authorities on COVID. The Biden administration’s singular focus on vaccines and employer mandates and mask orders are all being resisted at the grassroots level.

Parents are standing up to mask mandates for their school aged kids. A huge convoy of trucks is traveling across Canada to protest vaccine mandates. Everyone knows by now that Dr. Anthony Fauci is a bureaucrat and a political hack for the Democrats. The CDC can’t get its story straight. The list of gripes goes on and on.

Democrats’ plan to tell Americans that they’ve battled and won against COVID is just plain absurd. Sooner or later people will look back and see the trillions the government spent to battle the Chinese Communist Party (or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus and legitimately question whether any of the money was well spent. The vaccines don’t work as intended. People are still getting sick. If they test positive, they’re treated like a pariah. Treatments are improving but not promoted. Life must return to normal, but the Biden people won’t allow it to.

Americans are proverbially punching back against the Democrats’ attempts to paint a smiling face on the ugly portrait of horrific government in this country. No amount of planning and messaging will turn senile Joe Biden into a winner; and Democrats should secure moving help now for when they’re kicked out of office in November.

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The National Debt just passed THIRTY TRILLION DOLLARS last Thursday (03 February, 2022) and now the Federal Reserve is threatening to raise interest rates to combat Bidenflation! Now we'll have to borrow even more to make the ever rising interest payments on that debt! What could possibly go WRONG?! 😱


When November rolls around, I guess we'll find out just how stupid the American people are or are not. Or, we'll find out just how well oiled the election rigging machine is.

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