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The Right Resistance: Democrats ponder canceling the Kamala n’ Joe show after only one season

Think about it, be objective (which as conservatives, is not hard to do -- we see life as it is, not what we want it to be) and tell me, can you think of one good thing that senile president

Joe Biden’s gal pal veep Kamala Harris has done well in her few years on the national political stage?

Don’t rack you brain scraping for an illustration. It’s true that Harris did manage to remain upright during hers and Joe’s inauguration ceremony in January, but if the threshold for doing something right includes simply not screwing up, then most members of the Democrat party meet their daily quotient of good deeds by waking in the morning, getting dressed and brushing their teeth (assuming they do it).

But it’s not a stretch to say that Harris has become a lightning rod of controversy in a party that can’t afford to be knocked off track any more than it already has been. With the president himself coming under fire for allegedly messing himself in front of the Pope, then falling asleep under the intense, fossil fuel powered lights at the recently concluded COP 26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, and then farting long and loudly when chatting with Camilla Parker Bowles about global warming at the same event, there’s enough worry about 2024 to go ‘round.

It's safe to say Democrats don’t want to have to explain away Harris’s foibles in addition to Biden’s. That’s a lot for any political public relations manager to handle at any given moment and comes at a time when liberals are still licking their wounds from the inexplicable loss in the Virginia governor’s race while simultaneously battling to save their “Build Back Better” welfare pipedreams before the country’s citizens become even more agitated about inflation and the awful deterioration of governing competence they’ve endured since Donald Trump left town.

The talk has turned so negative that Democrats are pondering the heretofore unthinkable regarding Biden and Harris -- cutting their losses and getting a new ticket for the next presidential election.

In a piece titled “Biden-successor chatter grows and Harris isn’t scaring off anyone”, Eugene Daniels and Alex Thompson reported at Politico:

“Biden has said publicly and privately that he wants to run [in 2024], and allies expect that will be only more likely if former President Donald Trump decides to challenge him in 2024 since Biden is skeptical of other Democrats’ prospects.

“A person familiar with Biden's conversation about his 2024 plans says ‘he has told people he is running and that ‘we will be prepared.'’ But there has been persistent chatter in Democratic circles that he could decide not to. And talk of successorship has spilled into open view in recent days, with even a close Biden ally, former Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd, speculating about Harris’ positioning in a potential 2024 primary.

“All of it adds a new level of electoral uncertainty that the Democratic Party and Harris in particular face as they remain dependent on Biden’s success and unclear about his future.”

If Democrats truly feel dependent on Joe Biden’s success, no wonder none of them are bullish on the future. As a whole, they were willing to suspend their own impressions and judgment about Biden as long as he was useful in getting what they wanted -- namely, to defeat Donald Trump last November -- but his utility has decreased by the hour ever since then. Senile Joe was the ultimate shell politician, the “nice guy” who could work with anyone and everyone to unite people and bring forth a case of the warm fuzzies for mushy-minded folks who don’t read about current events and believe what the old crows on “The View” say is indicative of how Americans think.

When I clicked on the article’s headline, I wasn’t prepared for its main gist -- namely that some Democrats are speculating about Joe’s next move and that the president himself is supportive of what Harris has done as his next-in-line. Indeed, the White House must’ve directed Jen Psaki to say something nice about poor Kamala in her time of need, which the press secretary did in a Tweet the other day.

The piece makes all the typical arguments about Biden not running for reelection -- that he’ll be too old to finish a second term, and because of the dark and ominous clouds on the 2022 midterm horizon -- it will discourage him from forcing the party to kick his politically lifeless corpse to the side like a spent bottle rocket on the fourth of July. But senile Joe, at least according to the Politico reporters, is supposedly reluctant to cede the nomination ground to someone else because he’s worried it could open the door for Donald Trump.

In other words, Biden thinks he’s the only one who could beat Trump -- again. Who knows? He might be right.

Democrats can wonder all they want about Joe’s future, but inside Biden’s dusty skull, there’s reason to be confident… in one way. The longtime Delaware senator and Barack Obama’s absent-minded bagman has never lost an election. In his subjective mind, Biden believes he’s invincible with the voters, and if he only lies long enough, their gullibility will return and they’ll see the unifying grandfatherly figure they adopted and loved in 2020.

It’s also arguable that Biden doesn’t notice what everyone else sees -- that the leftists have completely taken over the Democrat party in Congress and are just waiting for the right opportunity to wrest control of the campaign machinery away from the liberal establishment. The new guard isn’t patient and couldn’t care less about maintaining appearances the way senile Joe’s generation did during the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’. There’s no Bill Clinton-like triangulation in the current president’s abilities.

Longtime Clinton advisor James Carville recently glimpsed the future (of the Democrats) and preached that its candidates must reject “woke” and return to the days when they built an electoral coalition around economic populism and basic common needs. Now, however, Democrats can’t go two sentences without spewing on racism, transgenderism and transforming the country into a backwards dystopia focused on an issue that no one can see -- “climate change” -- and assessing candidates based on what they look like, not on their prospects to win elections.

This is the primary reason why Kamala Harris will never be president. As I asked at the start of this column, has she ever done anything right? Name her signature political issue, one where she’s made a difference…? Or list her victories for her causes… and what are they? Most presidential running mates are vetted for a certain type of expertise, or executive experience, or appeal to the party base.

Harris was none of these. She was a woman, and she was multi-ethic/African-American. Even on that front, Georgia’s Stacey Abrams would’ve probably been a better choice for Biden. Abrams is almost a decade younger than the VP, is more articulate and has an issue specifically associated with her -- voter “suppression.” All Kamala has is a keen name and a goofy personality. And the fact that Barack Obama once called her “by far the best looking Attorney General in the country.”

They’re stuck with her, with little hope of relief. There are other problems as well.

Democrats used to dominate Congress. Now it looks as though they’ll get swept away next year.

One poll earlier this week showed Republicans holding a ten-point lead on the generic congressional ballot. This is an almost unbelievable figure since Democrats traditionally dominate the generic ballot and even in years where they’re down a bit, the number is usually pretty close to parity. In 1994 and 2010, for example -- both Republican landslide victories -- Democrats were in much better shape than they are now. Let’s assume that the Dems’ figure will improve some over the course of the next year and they’re only -5 or so on Election Day 2022.

They’ll still lose 30-40 seats, which will utterly bury senile Joe’s and Kamala’s agenda for the second half of their first term. After getting drubbed in 1994’s vote, sleazy president Bill Clinton said he was “still relevant” and Barack Obama famously declared after 2010 that he still possessed a “pen and a phone”, but times are different now and ol’ broken down Biden is half the political force that either of those two Democrats was.

If Republicans gain significant majorities in both houses of Congress in a year’s time, Biden might was well get a wheelchair and a walker, because he won’t be driving many legislative victories. What’s he going to do, send Harris out to the stump to beg for his agenda?

Democrats are paying the price for their slavish devotion to identity politics and one’s demographic “qualifications” over real-life attributes. Kamala Harris has proven to excel in one way -- she’s a woman and a minority -- but she’s failed miserably everywhere else. If liberals are truly looking for something new in 2024, they’d better find someone who tells it like it is.

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5 Komentar

Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
21 Nov 2021

Even thou we shared the same office and the same checking accounts, had know idea Hunter was involved with this deal, long before the Biden administration came to be, and President Joe Biden pushed green energy credits in his Build Back Better spending plan this year, "Hunter Biden helped grease the wheels for a Chinese business to buy up key rare-earth minerals used in batteries for electric vehicles". The New York Times reported Saturday that Hunter Biden was part owner in an investment firm that was involved in a Chinese conglomerate's $3.8 billion purchase of one of the world's largest cobalt deposits in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Biden's spending package passed the House on Friday night and it plans…


' ......about Biden not running for reelection -- that he’ll be too old to finish a second term....'

SECOND TERM??? Hell, he's too old (and feeble) NOW to finish his FIRST term.

I just pray whichever Republican is running for the House or Senate midterms they treat the American voting public with respect and CAMPAIGN ON THE ISSUES and the radical liberal's agenda and failures to make our lives better and move America forward.

If they make this an abusive, chest pounding, name calling slugfest of an election, they will hurt themselves.

Membalas kepada

They need to do more than simply to campaign on the issues. They have done that before. Once elected, they need to govern on the issues.


James Bryson
James Bryson
18 Nov 2021

Is this the same arrogant, self-saturated Ingraham that read "her version" of a President Trump surrender LONG before any facts about the stolen election were given scrutiny? That Ingraham?

Membalas kepada

Huh? Jeffrey A. Rendall wrote the article.

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