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The Right Resistance: Democrats revive ‘Brandon’ to distract from their real world of failure

It goes without saying that Democrats once treated senile president Joe Biden as though he possessed superhero-like political powers, but these days they’re going out of their way to promote the farce.

On the day that (hopefully) Wyoming voters will mercifully and humanely end the legitimate part of renegade GOP congresswoman Liz Cheney’s political career – and a little more than a week removed from the Biden FBI’s disgraceful and unprecedented raid on the private residence of former President Donald Trump in Florida – we can officially declare that Democrats have finally lost it.

Why now? News emerged last week that Biden’s public relations people started referring to the embattled president as “Dark Brandon”, a mythical super hero figure who gets things done by taking out Al Qaeda terrorists and leading congressional Democrats to pass bloated and wasteful inflation-exacerbating spending bills, all while defeating Republicans with the power of his “dark” glare. If this is truly what it means to be “super”, then Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell should don a clown suit and vie to be Biden’s sinister but incompetent nemesis.

In all fairness, Biden does exhibit special and unique talents to make up lies on the fly and always turn the stomachs of everyone around him. Senile Joe has indeed set new world career marks for most hairdos sniffed, shoulders massaged and children creeped out. The “real” Joe Biden impresses no one, however. Nevertheless, Democrats have to try something to make the dunce look authoritative.

I’m just not convinced that their upstart marketing campaign will change many minds on Joe’s human capacity. In a report titled “‘Dark Brandon’ takes off as left gives Biden an image makeover”, Valerie Richardson reported at The Washington Times:

“The campaign is on to rebrand Mr. Biden as ‘Dark Brandon,’ an all-powerful superhero who steers his legislation successfully through Congress, takes out al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri and shoots lasers from his eyes. The White House has embraced the Brandon reboot. Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates tweeted ‘Dark Brandon is crushing it’ after the Senate passed… the sprawling $740 billion climate, tax and healthcare bill with no Republican votes.

“White House senior adviser Neera Tanden and director of digital strategy Rob Flaherty followed up on it, tweeting an image of Mr. Biden with laser-red eyes. ‘Dark Brandon said ‘here’s the deal’ and then there was a deal,’ tweeted Megan Apper, senior adviser for the State Department’s Bureau of Global Affairs.

“Those pushing the ‘Dark Brandon’ theme have resurrected cartoons depicting a dangerous-looking, laser-eyed Mr. Biden, an image created by Chinese illustrator Yang Quan after the 2020 presidential election.”

How fitting. The Democrats’ re-brand of Biden stems from a Chinese source. One wonders how hard China’s communist leaders laughed at this childish attempt to make the broken-down would-be-care-facility patient appear all-controlling and effective. As Biden would himself say, “No Joke.”

You really have to wonder who came up with this absurd “Dark Brandon” idea. Was it Karine Jean-Pierre? She’s busy displaying her own special capacities for question-avoidance, issue dodging and statistical manipulation. It’s no secret that senile Joe’s people have been going out of their way lately to change their boss’s image, but depicting him as a cartoon superhero with laser weapons for eyes isn’t likely to alter the voting public’s more grounded-in-reality impression that he’s a Geritol swilling moron who needs help putting his coat jacket on.

Put it this way, if you’re a crime victim and you had to depend on “Dark Brandon” to swoop down from the sky to save you from a perpetrator, your odds of survival aren’t good. Instead of giving “Dark Brandon” powers of flight and a long cape, Democrats should show the actual president crawling up through a manhole in the street that leads from a sewer full of rats. Extending the logic, you could even cast son Hunter as “Dark Brandon’s” trusty sidekick, since the younger Biden has demonstrated an uncanny genius to turn no talent into a lucrative multi-million-dollar net worth.

Biden’s handlers seem to have forgotten the reasons why “Let’s Go Brandon!” became so popular in the first place. People in polite company couldn’t actually shout “F--- Joe Biden” (like the crowd at the NASCAR race was chanting within earshot of the NBC reporter who unwittingly coined the phrase), but they could use the substitute saying just about anywhere… except maybe in church and at school.

“Let’s Go Brandon!” rapidly became part of the post-Donald Trump cultural lexicon, oft employed by Biden’s opponents to bond with like-minded realists who viewed Biden not as a superhero, but a corrupted sleazebag politician who seemingly would do and say anything to make himself look better. The mere fact that Democrats are hoping to steal “Brandon” away from its original meaning only signals that Biden’s advisory staff is plagiarizing again.

As always with re-branding efforts, will this scheme have staying power, or is this another loser like the “new” Coke was? Will there be billboards featuring the redone Biden character? Are Americans prepared to toss aside decades of Joe Biden opinions in favor of viewing the near 80-year-old as strong and capable? Where was “Dark Brandon” when senile Joe was stumbling up the stairs of Air Force One or falling off his stationary bike at the beach or looking at his watch when the Afghanistan withdrawal casualties came home? Does “Dark Brandon” have new and improved speaking powers too? Besides, shouldn’t portraying senile Joe Biden as non-white also be interpreted as a racist slight? Why doesn’t “Dark Brandon” shoot his lasers during a Pride parade and direct them at anyone who’s opposed to permitting transgender “women” to take part in women’s sports? Can the Democrat superhero alter the impression that his fellow party members are race-hustlers who want to impose Critical Race Theory on public schools?

Was “Dark Brandon” similarly responsible for the inflation rate falling from 9.1 percent to 8.5 percent last month, or was it the FED’s interest rate hikes starting to take effect? Gasoline prices dipped a bit too, but they’re still much, much higher than they were when Donald Trump transferred power last year. If anything, the administration’s re-introduction of the “Brandon” theme will lead to refreshing conservatives’ memories and we’ll probably start seeing “Let’s Go Brandon” t-shirts, memes and bumper stickers again. How stupid do Democrats have to be to describe their president in these terms when the whole world associates “Brandon” with a completely separate connotation?

All humor aside, this campaign marks a distinct U-turn in Democrats’ recent negative characterizations of senile Joe’s dwindling political skills as well as perhaps a changing of attitudes among the liberal faithful. Based on the way Democrats have touted Biden’s “win streak” of late, most of the talk about replacing the bumbling dolt at the top of the party ticket in 2024 has basically disappeared. Not too long ago, when the news was all bad, Democrat after Democrat was asked for their opinion on whether the visibly faltering president should run for reelection, with the majority of folks either refusing to answer or floating the standard “I’m concentrating on my own reelection, and I’ll address the subject of 2024 when the time arrives.”

We’ve gone from these evasive responses to championing “Dark Brandon” the stupid liberal superhero with lasers for eyes. The noticeable switch just proves that all Democrats truly care about is getting their chunk of the federal spending pie, and as long as senile Joe delivers it, they’re fine with him. Don’t forget that Democrats were frustrated by the lack of movement on Build Back (More) Better as well as their “voting rights” push that died under the senate’s filibuster power.

Remember that it wasn’t just Republicans who dropped the possibility of removing Biden through the 25th Amendment. Leftist Democrats were putting intense pressure on the Biden Administration to produce something of consequence since the nearly $2 trillion COVID “relief” bill was passed last year. Senile Joe was lambasted in the media because he couldn’t convince Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to end their opposition to ditching the filibuster.

Times have changed, apparently, and Democrats are smiling again – and it’s not just because “Dark Brandon” has been conjured up to resurrect the president’s brand. As I predicted, voters seemingly lost interest in Biden’s rationale for inflation, high gas and food prices and negative economic growth. We haven’t heard much about “Putin’s price hike” lately and there’s been very little elaboration from the White House on the now half-year-old war in Ukraine.

Instead, they’d rather trumpet Biden’s policy “wins” and distract from the disaster along the southern border, the buses full of illegal aliens arriving daily in Washington and New York City and then make jokes about Joe Biden being a superhero.

As a side note, has anyone noticed that Biden’s slight bump in popularity with Democrats has coincided with his multiple positive COVID tests and his self-imposed isolation? Having Joe confined to the president’s living quarters seemed to agree with Democrats. Don’t be surprised if Biden keeps testing positive in order to further shield him from public appearances. This, along with “Dark Brandon”, just might take the heat off of senile Joe to step aside before the 2024 presidential campaign.

Democrats won’t be able to get away with using phony distractions like “Dark Brandon” as we go further into the fall campaign season. Voters won’t buy the administration’s spin campaign and the Biden family can only outrun their corruption for so long. Dark days are coming for senile Joe alright – and not even his laser shooting eyes can save Democrats in November.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
17 de ago. de 2022



Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
17 de ago. de 2022


17 de ago. de 2022

"Dark Brandon" is a villain, not a superhero. Prefixing his name with "dark" essentially means that he is evil. Which is true. Anybody follow comic books about 10 years ago? Marvel had come out with the "Dark Avengers." This was a villain team masquerading as heroes. While they fancied themselves good guys, they typically killed the people they were after, much like villains would (hence the name, Dark Avengers, because they weren't like the true Avengers). That's what I think of with "Dark Brandon." This is foolishness, though, and pathetic because Little Joe Biden doesn't give a hoot about anybody but himself. He only wanted to be President because he's a career politician and it was the only thing left…

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