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The Right Resistance: Democrats wonder why they suck, conservatives provide the analysis

There’s a scene in the 2004 wine-themed buddy movie classic Sideways where one of the film’s two main characters, Miles Raymond, stares at his reflection in the bathroom mirror and says to himself and himself alone, “You are such a (bleeping) loser. You make me so (bleeping) sick!

One can only imagine Democrats following Miles’s example these days, as the liberal party members’ soul searching is just getting started, and we haven’t even reached November 8 yet, the day to conduct nationwide federal midterm elections (and a heck of a lot of crucial statewide balloting as well). Regular readers of this column understand that the Republican Party is predicted to do very well next week, and the blood-letting in Democrat-land must be at near high-ebb as they contemplate handing power over to the guys and gals who aren’t nuts – and who Democrats are fond of calling, “deniers”.

The Sideways character, Miles, had just blown an opportunity to express his feelings for a woman he was interested in and was lamenting his lack of courage to his reflection. As a result, he felt pretty low about his lack of nerve.

Democrats, on the other hand, don’t lack courage at all. They’re shameless and unafraid, meaning they’ll do and say practically anything to try and get voters to hate on Republicans, including making false and unsubstantiated claims about a U.S. Senate candidate in Georgia (another “accuser” came out of nowhere last week claiming Herschel Walker paid for an abortion for her three decades ago) and a number of national Democrat figures, including Nancy Pelosi and senile president Joe Biden, are lying through their teeth concerning Republicans and Social Security.

Miles in Sideways had only to convince himself that he was a “(bleeping) loser”. Democrats must somehow pull a fast one over tens of millions of frustrated American voters next Tuesday in hopes of hanging on to some semblance of legislative relevancy. The margins for error are dwindling and liberals can’t seem to locate the magic formula for pulling the wool over the eyes of Constitution-revering regular people one more time.

Are Democrats really that bad? In a piece titled “Democrats Debate Themselves: Why Do We Suck?”, liberal political writer John F. Harris wrote last week at Politico Magazine:

“There are two, closely related reasons why the soul-searching this year started early, even as there remains a decent (though some polls suggest dwindling) chance it won’t be needed.

“One, candidates and progressive commentators are describing 2022 as the most important midterm election in generations. Someday, perhaps, we will have an election in which people say, ‘You know, this one is actually not that big a deal — there’s little at stake either way.’ Still, this year — with Donald Trump’s past, present and future still looming over all American politics — does genuinely qualify as consequential. Which means the after-election ruminations will similarly be among the most consequential.

“Two, Democrats are genuinely confronting a political moment that for most defies comprehension. As Nancy Pelosi put it in an interview with the New York Times, explaining her against-the-current optimism: ‘Part of it is, I can’t believe anybody would vote for these people.’”

Hmmm. Upon reading Pelosi’s quote, one wonders whether she, like the movie character Miles, was staring into a mirror asking herself how anybody would vote for these (Democrat) people. Democrats are what they are, and let’s face it, a huge number of them have been on Capitol Hill for so long that no one recalls what life was like before they (insert standard Democrat’s name here) started haunting the hallowed halls of Congress, but the would-be incoming “crop” of newcomer leftists, kooks and malcontents has to be the worst ever.

Much was said and written about Pennsylvania Democrat U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman’s lone debate appearance last week against polished Republican TV doctor Mehmet Oz, with commenters from both sides chiming in that the tall bald man’s debate “performance” was the worst they’d ever seen, bar none. Despite the Democrat’s complete inability to string together coherent sentences or come close to answering the gist of the moderator’s questions, Fetterman’s issue positions are so far out in left field that they might have left the stadium.

How’s that for a baseball reference at World Series time?

Oz, on the other hand, is an accomplished physician as well as a former television personality, and he looked like a genius compared to his opponent. Oz deserves his chance in the senate simply because he has knowledge and common sense, neither of which Fetterman comes close to possessing. The Democrat’s stroke aside, Fetterman would be one of the worst candidates on record even if he weren’t brain insufficient.

How about Georgia? Two-year senator Rafael Warnock “won” his seat in a January 5 (yes, the day before the big capital protest) 2021 run-off against an appointed Republican senator who wasn’t exactly the most articulate and principled of politicians. To me, in allowing for Warnock to win, it seemed that Georgians were merely rebelling against the notion of sending an establishment Republican back to Washington at that time, not opting for a smooth-talking Democrat pastor with a long list of ethical questions.

This year Warnock is challenged by Georgia football legend Herschel Walker, a man who bucks the black Democrat trend by coming out strong for conservative values. The Democrats’ attempts to personally smear Walker as a hypocrite on abortion – and for being flat out dumb – follows a very typical pattern for candidates they fear. It goes without saying that Herschel’s conservative viewpoint has contributed to his lifelong success. He wasn’t handed anything – he earned it.

But even the most cursory examination of the losers Democrats offer this year won’t help answer their main question posed by Harris: “Why do we suck?”

There are too many reasons to list here, but a few will do to get the discussion started. First and foremost, Democrats are suck-y “losers” and they “make us sick” because they’re out of touch. Their obsession with and overreliance on abortion as an election issue is case number one. Democrats first went gaga over the leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion (the Dobbs decision) that would send Roe v. Wade to the dustbin of history, and then they completely lost it when the high Court actually went through with Justice Samuel Alito’s unimpeachable logic.

Leftists always go to extremes. We’re used to it. It doesn’t take much jogging of the memory to recall the horrible summer of 2020 when pent-up anger over inane government-mandated COVID lockdowns resulted in nationwide rioting after the George Floyd incident. The left’s storm troops couldn’t wait to get out, smash windows, pull down statues and burn a lot of stuff.

When abortion came under scrutiny this year, they reasoned that Americans would react the same way to a perceived injustice – and then take out their fury at the ballot box. There’s only one problem: patriots don’t love intra-womb infanticide nearly as much as Democrats surmise they did. Abortion gets the hags at “The View” all riled up, but the wage earners of the nation are much more worried about inflation, crime and millions of illegal aliens invading the land.

Second, Democrats can’t seem to grasp the concept that Donald Trump isn’t what conservatives love, it’s his MAGA (Make America Great Again) ideas and agenda. Sure, most MAGA backers are also Trump fans but there are an awful lot of conservatives who would be thrilled to keep Trump’s movement but leave it in the hands of someone else, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Or Arizona’s governor-to-be Kari Lake.

Democrats suck because they hate Trump so much that they’ve lost their ability to separate personality from policy. As senile Joe Biden amply demonstrated with the Nazi-imagery in his awe-inducing Philadelphia speech, Democrats think every liberty-lover would throw themselves off a building to have Trump in power again. Not true.

Conservatives disagree somewhat on who would be the best man or woman to carry the MAGA banner forward – or if someone other than Trump could even handle it – but Democrats don’t make such distinctions. They’d rather just hyperventilate and assign labels. And spread fear.

Third, as Harris alluded to in his piece, Democrats smell bad because they’ve allowed “woke-ness” to take over their party platform. The transgender thing has gotten way out of hand solely because Democrats played into the LGBTQIA++++ lobby’s scare tactics and social pressure to change thousands of years’ worth of tradition – and common sense – to have people believe men can be women and women can be men just by saying so.

Then Democrats started spreading the filth to young children and schools and parents reacted. “Woke” corporations like Disney hedged their bets with the freaks and got rejected on a mass scale. In case you haven’t noticed, they suck too! Democrats don’t see the writing on the wall, and that’s why they’ll continue to lose… because they’ve already “lost it.”

Lastly (there are more but you must stop somewhere), Democrats “suck” because they’re elitists and couldn’t care less about the plight of the common citizen. Liberals innately believe that tossing out subsidies to people who don’t work for them – or need them – represents compassion for the poor. Democrats ditched work requirements and time limits for welfare benefits and the results were predictable – namely, more people lounging on the public dole.

The Democrat ruling class didn’t care about citizens’ complaints regarding COVID restrictions, vaccine mandates and mask requirements. They prop up “climate change” because they actually think they’re saving the planet. They argue that America is a racist country, and its people should apologize for its past.

There will certainly be a lot of inward analysis after next week’s elections, and the work Democrats have already done will provide them with a head start. But all the brain-picking in the world won’t mask the fact Democrats are an intellectually and morally bankrupt party, and it will take more than just years’ worth of therapy to cure them of what ails them.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Nov 05, 2022


I'm not an American and I've never lived in or even visited the USA. However, I am 80 years old and, to my knowledge, President Trump was the first ever American President to ask questions about what was happening in my country. Also, by signing the Protect Act, he has saved the lives of thousands of young children around the world. That's all quite apart from what he's done for the Historically Black Colleges and on the USA's southern border. He's a man in a million!!!!

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