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The Right Resistance: Dems are not only the pro-death party, they’re the anti-marriage party too

In the aftermath of last week’s federal midterm elections, it occurred to me that post-results analysts and “experts” devoted an awful lot of time and energy to trying to figure out why voters did what they did, and the types of voters who constituted the core of both parties.

The samples weren’t scientific, of course, and there’s no way to tell for sure why voters chose Republicans or Democrats without sampling each person on an individual basis. You know, this is similar to the party committees sending out those “surveys” and asking about what issues are important to you, etc. Should you respond to such inquiries without a check, however, chances are the letter openers deposit your answers in the round file along with all others who took the time to fill out the questionnaire without ponying up what the establishmentarians are really after.

But when it comes to dividing voters by demographics, the numbers become a little clearer. Democrats, for example, did much better than Republicans last week among women who weren’t married – not just white women, black women, Hispanic women, etc., but women who hadn’t said “I do” before an official magistrate. Now why is that?

In a story titled “Exit Polls Reveal Which Key Group Propelled Democrats During 2022 Midterms”, Jack Phillips reported at The Epoch Times:

“Sixty-eight percent of unmarried women voted for Democrats in House midterm elections compared to 31 percent who favored Republicans, according to exit polls. About 52 percent of unmarried men favored Republicans as compared with 45 percent who favored Democrats, exit polls published by CNN show.

“For married men, 59 percent supported Republicans compared to the 39 percent who supported a Democrat. And 56 percent of married women supported a GOP candidate, compared with 42 percent who supported Democrats. In all, 59 percent of unmarried voters supported Democrats as compared with the 39 percent who supported Republicans, the data shows. About 58 percent of married voters backed Republicans, compared to 41 percent for Democrats…

“[From Colin Carroll of the Washington Examiner:] ‘The good news for the Democrats is that the number of unmarried women is growing every year. From the earliest census up through 1950, roughly 80 percent of households were led by a married couple,’ he noted. By 2000, that percentage had fallen to 52 percent, and by 2010, for the first time in the nation’s history, most households did not include a married couple. Marriage has only continued to decline since then.’”

Who needs a husband when you’ve got the government fulfilling his half of the wage earning?

These lopsided figures jumped out at me. Why would party preference be influenced by one’s willingness to get a marriage license, stand before a preacher (or magistrate or ship captain, judge or anyone so authorized by law to conduct such a ceremony) and recite a series of vows to a legal spouse? Of course, these days, I wonder if the survey took into account same-sex couples or other “alternative” marriage types.

Being married entails taking on important obligations, so it makes sense that responsible couples prefer Republicans. The only duties Democrats care about are those they task bureaucrats with administering as the result of party-line spending votes – and signing up the U.S. Treasury to cover more debt. There’s no such thing as individual responsibility in Democrat-land, where the collective’s so-called “rights” trump any single person’s freedoms and liberties.

But beyond the obvious, why would married men and women prefer Republicans over Democrats? There are many, many reasons. Married people are more stable. Married people are less selfish. Married people see the long term and plan for the next decade. Married people aren’t entitled. Married people plan for retirement together. Married people have perspective that unmarried people don’t, because life is about more than what time to meet up with single friends. Married people are jointly responsible for children, pets, bank accounts, car payments, elder care, mortgages and home owners’ association fees.

Generally speaking, married people are happier because they are loved and cared for. And they’re mostly not out seeking emotional satisfaction from others that they don’t even know. It’s hard to snuggle up to a government bureaucrat at night, though some of the “civil servants” might actually like it if you did.

Some unmarried people also care about such things, but those are probably the unmarried individuals who voted for Republicans. Democrat unmarried people are more dependent on “help” from others and the government. They’ll draw closer with an opened hand and complain when their benefits aren’t automatically increased or renewed. They seek out Democrats.

Of course, again generally speaking, most young people aren’t married, nor do they want to risk doing it these days because, as alluded to above, marriage implies responsibility. And shirkers are naturally attracted to the Democrat party.

So, Democrats are not just the pro-death (abortion, crime, illegal immigration/fentanyl) party, they’re also the anti-marriage party. No wonder Democrat liberals are pushing for so many policies that practically reward couples for not tying the proverbial knot, or punishing those that do. I personally know of a young 20-something who qualified for substantial financial aid for graduate school, but only because she wasn’t married. If she were, all the “free” stuff would’ve been greatly reduced.

How backwards is that?

Who’s a Democrat and who’s a Republican? Here’s my shot at pinning down Democrat voters. In no particular order:

We all know the Democrat party is home to a bucketload of voting blocs, some tied to race, gender (or non-binary “it” people), religion (liberal non-denominational Christians who pick and choose their Bible teachings like a painting crew assaults an all-you-can-eat buffet at lunchtime -- and liberal Jewish sects), Hollywood actors and actresses who figure they must “speak out” on causes or never work again, limousine liberals with guilty consciences who think being liberal equates to helping poor people, Union heads who crave government power to broker their labor rules, young voters who’ve never had a real job, college graduates who can’t support themselves or pay back their student debt, environmentalist “green” people who shackle themselves to bulldozers because they believe that trees have names and feelings.

Then there’s liberal men who aren’t sure about their sexuality and figure they can assuage their guilt by voting Democrat, liberal men who are openly homosexual and vote Democrat because Democrats are willing to trash anything that has to do with traditional values or moralistic practices, biological females who wish they were males, biological males who wish they were females, confused adults who join the military seeking their sex-change operations being paid for by the stupid government.

Or how about socialists, anarchists who don’t give a flyin’ hoot about anything, anti-establishment culture haters who want to see America burn, loner types who don’t know better than to inhabit social media all day and get ticked off at folks who post pictures of happy families and children, beach bums, moochers, beggars, thieves, muggers, single-issue pot legalization stoners, bong loaders, heroin shooters, drug dealers, police haters, vagrants, free lovers and those who despise Chick-fil-A for its pro-family orientation and polite staff.

And then there are the Democrat admirers who couldn’t care less about politics but vote Democrat because they’re paid in doughnuts or coupons to Starbucks, peer-pressure wimps who vote for Democrats because somebody told them to, welfare queens, teens like David Hogg who think they know more than people who’ve actually had to deal with life’s problems, “Martha” from that annoying Medicare benefits commercial, healthcare grifters, lifelong semi-conservative people who vote Democrat because they always have and always will, dumb folks who favor Democrats because they like big bald men who can’t string sentences together, Satanists who love abortion, interest groups who advocate for open borders, drug traffickers, unrepentant drug addicts, American citizens working for Mexican drug cartels, former and current convicts and criminals, human traffickers who figure Democrats are soft on crime, gun grabbers who honestly believe we’ll reduce crime and violence by government gun confiscation, dreamers, gimme-gimme lazy drifters, deadbeats, lunatics, liars and pathological psychotics.

Plus, there’s journalists who use terms like “the Big Lie” or “false claims that the election was stolen” or “this election means saving democracy” or old idiots who should have drool buckets positioned under their chins saying they’ll “restore the soul of the nation”, or misguided fools who introduce themselves and proceed to list their preferred pronouns. Or educators who think “Drag Queen Story Hour” is quaint, “inclusive” and promotes “your true self”.

Question: What if your “true self” involves being married to and attracted to your life partner of the opposite sex and liking firearms, backyard barbecues, a good steak and taking pride in your work? Oh yeah, that’s married people, and they mostly vote Republican!

Democrats are also the preferred party of those couch-sitting women who have nothing better to do than tune in to “The View” everyday and make themselves susceptible to the influences of Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg – and any other host that the show features at current. “The View” isn’t completely without merit, they did have a session with Senator Ted Cruz recently, but mostly they stick to guests and topics that appeal to Democrats.

And there are some decent people who vote for Democrats, too. We can’t understand why they do, but for this much smaller subset of married or unmarried folks, let’s chock it up to an “agree to disagree” detente.

Politics isn’t something that people need only think about one day every year, or two years, or four years. Voting for candidates affects every person’s life and folks should take it seriously. Democrats depend on keeping the population as ignorant and dependent as possible, which explains why non-married citizens prefer Democrats by sizable margins.

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