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The Right Resistance: ‘Divine Wind’ Democrats’ political suicide mission can only end badly

A lot has been written about how it must be hard being West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin these days. A similar amount of compassion has been devoted to Arizona Senator Kyrsten

Sinema’s public struggles, including the occasion where nutcase illegal immigration “activists” followed her into a school restroom and continued to take video footage of her (presumably) emptying her bladder behind a stall door.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this, was it? Earlier this year when everyone was still talking about and obsessing over the 2020 election, Democrats managed to narrowly win a couple Georgia senate races -- both runoffs because neither Republican incumbent managed to get 50 percent plus one in November -- and the political world practically exploded with anticipation over the liberal party’s soon-to-be complete domination of Congress.

Instead of Republicans maintaining a two or four seat U.S. Senate majority, the chamber would be deadlocked at 50-50 and Joe Biden’s gal pal veep, Kamala Harris, would tip the balance in the left’s favor by breaking ties.

Liberal pundits barely hid their glee at the prospect of Democrats being enabled to pass their wildest dreams with little resistance from the Donald Trump-led Republicans. There was always the matter of the senate filibuster, and the Democrat majorities in both the House and Senate were so insignificant as to be worrisome -- but they’d still find a way to band together and get it done, right?

Ten months later, Democrats are bogged down. And instead of coming together, their foaming-at-the-mouth rabid supporters are singling out the few naysayers in the party and conducting witch hunts of their own. Leftist “activists” are making life arduous for Manchin and Sinema. Last week, the West Virginian couldn’t even get out of his own parking structure because the persecution was so intense.

“Far-left climate activists harassed Sen. Joe Manchin III … over his reluctance to endorse President Biden’s multitrillion-dollar social welfare bill. Activists from the Sunrise Movement, a progressive advocacy working to combat climate change, confronted the West Virginia Democrat as he attempted to leave for the Capitol. Video of the incident, posted online by the group, shows activists blockading Mr. Manchin‘s Maserati.

“’We want to live,’ the activists shouted while preventing Mr. Manchin from leaving a parking garage.

“The protesters also shouted ‘Fight for us’ and ‘F—- Joe Manchin’ as the senator struggled to maneuver his vehicle. Eventually, after security officers intervened, Mr. Manchin abandoned his car and walked to the Capitol. He was followed by a screaming mass of the activists, who demanded he support the bill…”

What, you mean Joe Manchin drives a Maserati? No wonder he’s so adamant about preserving fossil fuels! The world will have clearly changed the day that exotic cars go electric, won’t it? Let’s hope Manchin is successful in making sure such a travesty never happens.

But the larger issue here is the behavior of the “activists”. Is it more likely that they’ll get what they’re ultimately after -- in this case, Manchin’s vote in favor of the Democrats’ welfare monstrosity boondoggle -- by harassing him at his home (or wherever he happened to be at the time)? I mean, this isn’t the Beatles we’re discussing here. Screaming girls and various other forms of noxious misbehaving sixties groupies seemingly went out with the Bouffant hairdo and tie-dyed shirts, didn’t it?

Who’s paying these people to act like this? It’s hard to fathom that the “climate” worrywarts are doing this of their own volition, showing up at very specific places at very specific times and raising a ruckus while they record every moment on their phone devices so they can post it instantaneously and generate social media comments from other kooks and weirdos who care about this sort of thing.

When we were teenagers, our parents calmly explained that we’d be much more likely to be listened to when we stopped throwing childish temper tantrums or waging momentary hunger strikes and proceeded to talk out the issues and learn how to argue persuasively for our point of view. “I’m not listening to you until you quit screaming!” What these “activists” need isn’t a big slice of federal pork to deal with “climate change” as much as they could use a dozen or so counseling sessions with Ms. Manners.

If all else fails, bring back paddling and corporal punishment. How about a little respect and dignity, lefties?

But the left has no interest in decorum. The “activists” realize their time is running short to get Uncle Sam to finance the pipedreams conjured up in some faculty lounge or in a George Soros funded advocacy organization’s conference room. Turning up the heat on Manchin and Sinema equals the last vestiges of desperation for these people. They sense their power is slipping away, the war’s all-but lost and they’re willing to act out and try to save themselves.

Is throwing oneself in front of Joe Manchin’s Maserati their hill to die on? Can’t you just see a documentary someday where these idiots give the last full measure of devotion to save the planet from warming a tenth of a degree (which it isn’t doing -- warming -- by the way)?

It’s almost akin to a kamikaze mission, isn’t it? From a reader came this observation: “The Washington Democrats have become like Japan in WW II. The war has turned, and it looks like the (real) ‘Americans’ will be advancing towards the homeland (Capitol) in 2022. So, they are starting their Kamikaze act. They know they are going to get their [butt] kicked, so they are flying planes into the country’s traditions, mores and institutions to destroy them before the ‘Americans’ take over next year.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

As I predicted, the GOP’s victory in Virginia and its near shocking upset in New Jersey have not poured cold water on the Democrats’ red-hot drive to push through their agenda. On the contrary, the setbacks have fueled the kamikaze furor, instilling a now-or-never mindset that won’t be squelched by anything short of their proverbial flying buckets of bolts slamming into America’s institutions… or crashing into the ocean after being shot down.

One can almost envision Joe Biden’s legacy as a kamikaze plane about to take off, even if his administration technically has three years of life left. The enfeebled chief executive has said it himself, that his presidency hinges on being able to pass the “Build Back Better” bill, and party betrayers like Manchin and Sinema are sabotaging the effort.

Nancy Pelosi’s arming her plane as well, knowing full well that Democrats will lose the “war” and be turned out of office a year from now. What good will a washed-up 82-year-old hag be to these leftist goons if she can’t bring home the (organic, soy meatless) bacon? San Fran Nan will be forced to give way to the new Minority Leader of the House, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez -- or how about Cori Bush?

You may recall from history that kamikazes didn’t succeed in stopping the United States Navy from its goal of reaching the Japanese homeland. Every single one of the Japanese “Divine Wind” pilots perished, and took their badly needed aircraft down with them. In Japanese culture it was dishonorable to surrender, so the last sacrifices of its pilots made sense. The same all-or-nothing attitude was present all throughout the U.S.’s Pacific campaign.

Today’s Democrat activists apparently aren’t as devoted to their cause as the Japanese pilots were in the mid 1940’s. They shout “I want to live” and “F--- Joe Manchin” at the senator and clearly avoid any excessive confrontations that might bring them bodily harm. They’re wusses, picking on two government officials in moments of relative vulnerability instead of doing the much harder work of convincing normal people to accept their causes with votes and successfully elected candidates.

They’re more like those childish teenage tantrums I referred to above. Sit down, calm down, lower your voices and put your energy towards something that will bear fruit. Don’t make a donkey out of yourself and only increase the resolve of your targets to oppose you.

This isn’t courage; it’s stupidity. The only thing Democrats -- and their zombie-like wacko “activist” base -- gains is coverage on the news and contempt by the people who make the difference, namely American citizen voters of proper age and registration.

There can only be so much that “moderate” Democrat senators can take before they tell their party to go pound sand and stop caucusing with them. Manchin in particular has been rumored to be considering a party switch (to Independent). Odds are he’d never do such a thing, but then again, there’s only so many times your Maserati can be trampled on before you snap.

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'..... our parents calmly explained .......'

That is the big difference. These coddled, spoiled, childlike, 'woke' millennials are parented by elders, themselves coddled, spoiled, and indoctrinated former millennials. The blind leading the blind.

'....... people who make the difference, namely American citizen voters of proper age and registration, AND GENDER (two choices.)'


"If all else fails, bring back paddling and corporal punishment."

There was a time when decent people (or cops) would beat the crap out of these kinds of people and eventually these things stopped. No need for lawyers, jails, judges, jurors, etc. costing society who knows how much money. These things became rare, and yet it was deemed a good idea to pass laws, or interpret existing laws, that disallow any kind of physical response, regardless of how provacative and contunuous of a harrassing is put on a person, or YOU go to jail. The left knows this, and now has license to harrass someone to no end, knowing that leftist, or even left leaning, judges and DA's will view…

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